Enhanced Gmail Plugin For BlackBerry Now Available!

By Bla1ze on 22 Aug 2009 09:51 am EDT
Enhanced Gmail Plugin For BlackBerry Now Available!

*UPDATE* - It's been pointed out at this time the Storm 2 has this feature built right in so users will not even have to download the app to use it, that version is at but, it's not know at this time if that will be standard across future devices as of yet.

We've been hearing for a while now that RIM was working on a plugin for Gmail users that was going to bring a bunch of additional features when it came to handling Gmail on your BlackBerry. Finally, it is now available for all users to download--if you can get the link working right, RIM seems to be having issues with the links issued via BIS accounts, but have an alternate page as well. The new plug includes some great new features for Gmail users such as:

  • Add and remove labels and stars on email messages
  • Report spam email messages
  • Perform local and remote searches
  • Archive email messages
  • View related email messages as a single conversation (threaded view)

Synchronization only happens from your BlackBerry to your Google Mail account, meaning some changes made through your Google Mail account won’t sync to your BlackBerry(One way synch). In order to get the download link if you already have a gmail account set up on your BlackBerry you will need to delete and re-add your account and a PIN message will be sent to you with the link. The enhanced plugin is available for all device 4.5 OS+ and the official BlackBerry forums has a great getting started guide available. Visit blackberry.com/gmail from your BlackBerry's web browser to download.

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Enhanced Gmail Plugin For BlackBerry Now Available!


I downloaded the plugin, couldnt get it to work, deleted it, and now I dont receive any of my emails from gmail? What is going on? I even deleted my gmail account off my phone and re-added it. Anyone have this problem? Please help, this is a huge problem :(

is there any way to delete and then be able to subsequently add back all the messages you already have on you phone?

i would really hate to lose all the messages to install this plugin

^^^Make sure you do a backup in DM before deleting the account...once you have re-done the gmail account then just do a restore.

all my messages came back when i re added the account.

do i have to use the icon for the specific email address to utilize the gmail functionality? it seems like it doesn't show up in the messages app.

that for me, is kind of useless.

It sure looks like you have to use the specific Gmail icon in order to use the new functions. It is, for me as well, useless since I use my Messages folder for all of my email accounts.

The remote search function works through the combined message folder (which is how i use my BB as well). This was the primary reason for me getting the app anyway (i have over 10k messages on my gmail account and only a couple hundred are actually on my BB)

I thought the whole point of this Gmail Plug-In was to so we could get two-way sync? Now it does everything but???

I agree. I used it for about 20 minutes, and it's kinda slow... and it makes me use a completely different icon to use. I use my main inbox for EVERYTHING (Facebook, IMs, Emails, PINS, SMS, etc) and now I would have to use the other icon just for that? No thx :(

In order to use the new functionality, you have to access it via the icon for your gmail. You won't notice a difference from the Messages app.

Given that, not all that interesting for me.

From Blackberry's site, "Note: Google Mail enhanced features are only available within the Enhanced Google Mail plug-in and are not available when viewing Google Mail messages in the Messages application on the BlackBerry smartphone"

I just lost interest too.

Thanks for the comments. Glad I didn't jump on this one.

We might as well use google's app along with the current pushmail. I actually uninstalled the gmail app from google a while ago because I wasn't using it.

This only works IF I use the Gmail icon? Yeah, not nearly as excited now & probably not even going to install it. I like LESS icons, not more.

I agree with the Less icons side of it. I like my default theme with 8 icons showing. My Storm is running a hybrid so I've got the active Clock icons, Sounds(well this was already there), and Manage Connections icons, and I have it set to 8 slots when in the minimized home screen. I prefer being able to access anything I want to from this screen without having to press the menu key.

It isn't a hassle to have to use the menu key, but I just think it's more efficient. Requiring the gmail icon on the screen creates a redundancy with Messages. I now have 7 available slots. In my case, Options was displaced from the 8th slot so I would have to press Menu, then select options, rather than just pressing options. I got around it by adjusting my convenience key to do one of the other icon's jobs.

I've gone into far more detail than I should have, as I'm sure you "get it". Yes, it's a little pet-peevy, but it's just the way that some of us prefer it: a nice clean, quick interface without a lot of fluff or extra actions. That's part of the reason I don't like the iPhone. It looks incredibly cluttered. It makes up for it with a super-slick UI, but its just so ...busy.

Yup me too I am out. I use a Today theme so I need to be able to access my messages through the default message folder. In addition I keep ALL of my messages, emails, IMS, pins, calls, missed call . . . in this messages folder. This means I only have one place to look for what happened in my day at a specific time.

If I have to access this function through a separate icon then I might as well use the gmail app since it offers more features.

Sorry RIM, I know you spent a lot of money on this, but merge it into the messages folder and make it TWO-WAY and maybe we can talk.

Seriously why is it not two-way sync?

Installed, tried, removed. I will stick to the GMAIL app because of the lack of two way sync, max of 4 messages in threaded conversation view, and clunky feel overall.

Nice try RIM, definitely a step in the right direction, although a bit late in the game since the only thing the GMAIL app doesn't support is HTML; plus it gives you the standard GMAIL interface.

So unimpressive. If RIM really wants to do something, how about a real IMAP client. Is that so difficult? Or at least a two-way sync. Geez

Same trouble with HTML in the messages app... ginormous fonts after you reply or continue a conversation... hopefully this will be fixed soon.

HTML incoming looks great...sig images even came through from my work email. But after a reply and then a re-reply the fonts get messed up.

I use the Gmail app from Google to manage my gmail inbox, but I read all my message through the Messages application. I'm going to see if this will replace Googles Gmail App.

Not integrating it with the Messages app is really annoying though.

I gave it a try and already removed it. It sucks. I wish they would just bring HTML to the Gmail app already.

I am slightly confused as well. Does delete my account mean remove it from BIS? Then install the plug-in then add it back? At any rate don't think I will be trying this. I was expecting a new Gmail APP that successfully PUSHED my gmail. The app already has two way synchronization wonder why they didn't just work on the app itself rather than just a plug in. I love my blackberry, but honestly, I just do not get RIM sometimes and what they are thinking about. It's like what Kevin noted on in Podcast 40...they give you what you think you need. How about what the people who are making you rich as h*ll WANT! And that's a new Gmail App with all this functionality added to the plugin as well as instantaneous PUSH!

Deleting now.
I don't star or filter much... and when I do its done on the client side to sort incoming messages.

Sigh. High hopes dashed.

all my test emails were only coming in the messages folder and didn't show up in the @gmail folder at all.

Well, there's an hour of my life I'll never get back. Installed it, but it doesn't seem to work with Google Apps accounts, unless I'm doing something wrong. I added it, deleted it, deleted my email account on BIS, re-added it, nothing works. Whenever I'd click the new Gmail icon, it would tell me I need to associate an email address in BIS for it to work. I already did that, thank you very much. Lame app. You know, all Google/RIM need to do is support IMAP IDLE, and it would solve all of these stupid issues.

I used it with my google apps account and it worked fine. I did have to delete then add my account in BIS, and then I did a resend service books and that seemed to do it.

Excitedly I installed this and now I'm bummed. As others have stated this will only work using the gmail icon and will not work with combined messages. I hide all of my separate mailboxes as I too think less is better.

Let's hope for an update that fixes this issue soon.

Burned time to install it. Then added my mail back. Realized HTML was still messy in either the messages folder or the new Gmail folder... so I deleted. Then had to restore messages, etc. etc.

And my gmail was my default... so I lost my calendar and had to resync that, change the settings, etc. etc.

Note to self - before loading anything like this again (I should have learned from the Sensobi disaster) do a full backup just before the install.

downloaded now deleting , don't work in messaging folder,lost
interest and not worth the memory it takes up to not be of any real use the way it works > FAIL

Doesn't seem to work with Google Apps accounts. I have two accounts and it didn't work. Installed and deleted.

After seeing this on Blackberry Rocks about 4:30 this morning I tried to get in to Verizon's BIS - freaked out because it wouldn't let me in - but glad to report that as of now, I was able to get in, re-associate my accounts, I received the messages to download the enhancement and am now up and running.

The enhancement is pretty cool, yes I too would like 2 way sync, but it's a start. I can't stand everything dumping into one icon - so the fact that it's not available from the messages folder wasn't really a big deal for me. I can now label messages (like bills and receipts) and archive them from my Blackberry, which is very cool - before I had to delete them from the handheld and then go in and mess with them from my PC.

Overall, so far so good - could be better, but that's true of just about everything in the beginning.

I re added my gmail account to my blackberry but now my email is not being pushed to my device :S anyone else having troubles?

Sounds like the Gmail mobile app is still superior. With the exception of no html email support.

I also subscribe to the less is more theory with icons on my home screen. I have to agree that this is useless if it doesn't integrate with the messages folder.

I agree, at first glance it seems kind of useless that the added functions do not work in the messaging app, but one thing I do really like, is that now when I send an e-mail either from the BB or the web, it doesnt show up on the BB like a new e-mail. That was always kind of annoying. So I'll keep it installed, but move the separate account icon off the home screen and only go to it if i really need to star something.

I used it shortly and then realized there is no benefit over having the Gmail application by Google. I have that in my downloads folder and use it when I need to search and whatnot. Otherwise, using the general gmail in my main messages folder is how I do it.

I can't believe all the people here who don't like this! I had just turned off my 11th BlackBerry for an iPhone 30-day trial just because BB mail sux so much with Gmail. After installing this and truly testing all the functionality (not guessing at it like most here are doing) I'm giving the iPhone back after the trial is over and staying with a BB. This is a great plugin and it's been a long time coming. My advice...try it before you give up on it based on someone else's opinion.

Have you not read what everyone is stating? Well are all trying to use Google Apps accounts, which are GMail hosted accounts. They simply do not work. We'd love to use this app, if they would have thought of this ahead of time, we would be.

Actually, I'm using it just fine with my Google Apps account and everything about it works EXCEPT two-way sync, which I didn't realize initially and agree is a deal-breaker.

I finally got mine to work as well. I must have originally configured it by specifying the imap server instead of letting the BIS system connect them. Once I did the auto setup it was fine.

I just realized that two-way sync (which was supposed to be a feature) is not. How could they go to the trouble of making such a nice plugin and leaving out two-way sync. It does everything else just fine.

Looks like I'll be sticking to the gmail app. I was excited about this plugin since first hearing about it, and now it's a HUGE let down. No two-way sync???? How does this help improve our gmail experience if there is no two-way sync?

RIM, are you reading this? Please take note then. You need to give the people what they're calling for, not what you THINK they want. Undoubtedly we want the following:

*Two-way sync (this is an essential)

Everything else pails in comparison. That's like being promised a Mercedes, but instead all you get is a horse and buggy.

The only benefit I have seen from installing this is my reboot time on my Bold is now about two minutes, versus the five minutes it used to take. Other than that, this has been useless to me since you have to use the individual email accounts rather than the combined messaging app.

Well I am not going to complain because it fixed my issues between Blackberry and Gmail so I am straight. And the Threaded mail is kind of hot to me on my berry.

anyone notice that once you open your email, the plug in stays open and you cannot quit the plug in, meaning that more resources are used up

If for some reason I want to use the new features I will use the individual Icon, normally I just use the all in one messages. I just put all the individual email icons in a folder along with all my messaging type of apps. Just cool to have the option to use a more integrated gmail view.

Doesn't work for people that hide their individual email in boxes and read their emails through their messages box. These enhanced functions like adding a star to an email only work when you go check your emails through the individual email icons and not through the messages icons even though its from a gmail account. weak.

options > advanced options > applications > menu button > modules >

and remove the 3 net_rim_bb_gmail cod's

At least BB are developing things for people who may need it.

If it is not good for you, dont complain, just dont use it.

i had to remove my existing GMAIL account from my blackberry storm before this app would work. lost all my messages.

I was really hoping that this would allow me to go through the messages inbox and mark things as spam but unfortunately it doesn't look that way. This is my first blackberry and i can see why most of my friends and family go with the iphone instead. The Blackberry is a great business tool and in general a great smartphone but come on RIM get with the program.

no integration for messages folder - boo
no 2 way synch - boo
poor html support - boo

I, too, am very frustrated that this new plug-in hasn't brought us 2-way syncing. It's just pathetic that RIM hasn't implemented this yet. They should not have wasted time on anything else regarding a plug-in for Gmail, without first implementing 2-way syncing. As far as email is concerned, I was better off with a crappy Windows Mobile device and Pocket Outlook. At least it could do the IMAP essentials and basic 2-way syncing. Ugh!

I guess, i will stick with it for a while.
FYI, to try this plug-in, I didn't delete my gmail account in BIS, just resend the service books then I have a message suggested me to download this plug-in

I downloaded the plug in and did all the required deletion of the gmail account from BIS and Reinstalled and I don't see one improvement at all. Where are all of those features they say it is supposed to have?

I deleted it from my BB...I didn't see too much of a difference. Also, my Berry Buzz didn't work properly. Did anyone else have that problem? The LED wasn't functioning properly. After I deleted the plug-in and did a reboot, BerryBuzz worked fine.

G, now you can put a star by specific email, wow. I prefer Blackberry's method of handling email through my BIS instead of using Gmail application- sorry google, you lose- BB is mega-megafast and you're too slow, bulky, and don't even scroll correctly - and the images on my bb messages inbox are great, they don't even show up half the time properly in gmail - i think I can use blackberry search anyway-
This app is redundant...(unless of course you use the uh..stars.. lol)

I didn't even have a Gmail account...so I've created one. After thet read a few comments and lost my interest. Now I have a Gmail account for nothing....ooh well :-)

I agree this is a big waste of time...no added functionality and don't want to add gmail full app...Storm already had too little app memory. they need to go back to the drawing board

the folders are under "filter" in the menu which seems to indicate a total different function like filtering incomming emails, but what do I know? not sure how it works ...i dont see any added benefit..still seems like they could have polished this up before releasing it

As soon as I installed the connector, BOLT browser stopped working. Also, where is two way sync? I thought the biggest reason for this connector was two way sync.

I honestly feel that this connector is completely worthless, considering the availability of the Gmail app.


Im confused. I added this and I don't seem to have an icon like others are saying. When I read the gmail and select the options button then I do see additional gmail options, but no icon (which I really dont' need).

Im not sure I like this. In some ways the stacked email messages are nice, but I can see there be a problem after you get 30 emails in a day from the same person and they are all stacked.

Time will tell. Anyone else having issues/problems?

I own the storm (9530). My question is...if I upgrade to the 9530, will all the apps I purchsed for the 9530 carryover to my new phone. If not, it will not be worth it for me to get a new one if everything I paid for is stuck on my old phone...anyone know the answer to this?

Really was thinking this "enhanced" version was going to be something special, but turns out it is a little more hype than necessary. While the version works great, looks good and all the bells and whistles work, it lacks the ability to do the same functions in the "All" Messages Folder. Really a waste of time to go to a specific email folder just to be able to use the new "enhancements" when many consumers (like myself) have more than one email address sending messages into their BB.

B+ for first attempt, but let's see if they will put the attributes on the Messages Folder as well.

~using Curve 8330, v4.5.0.160

Wow... RIM makes this new software available for free. It s not perfect yet, and my life is exactly the same as it was before I loaded it on my 'berry. WTF?!?! This G-Mail plug-in was supposed to change EVERYTHING - make my teeth whiter, and make chicks really dig me, AND integrate with my Messages app. Just complaining does not seem like enough. I am heading to the roof with an AK-47 and a jumbo pack of slim-jims! I figure I can hold out until RIM gets this f'ing app right! Who's with me?

After battery pull, association of the mail, and a second attempt. I have uninstalled the app, just seemed like fluff.

I've waited for this plugin with great anticipation but was let down by this release. Firstly, like most of you I'm dissapointed by the lack of two way syncing.
Secondly, its slower - noticibly slower when filtering the mail through the different folders. Thirdly, emails sent to myself don't come through! They don't even
appear in the sent mail folder - but do show up in the 'all mail' folder with a tick next to them - how bizzaire. Now the reason I send emails to myself is to view
pdf files - as we all know BB devices don't have native pdf support but one can send a pdf attachment to yourself and the email app will open it. Now that's not
possible anymore. :-( and as for archiving and stars, its not something I view as a must have feature for a BB Gmail experience. So in the end I've decided to
delete it and wait for the better than enhanced gmail plugin.

I use Gmail access app written on J2ME on my Nokia 6265i for about 2 years now.
I'm so happy for BB guys now :)

i deleted my account readded it and nothing changed, my icon didn't change at all or anything. I have 8900 running on 4.6

So is this plugin supposed to make the @gmail icon (not the dedicated gmail app) better?

Or is it meant for the gmail app itself?

The installation process (deleting my gmail, adding it back and installing the plug-in) has essentially disrupted Google Sync with my calendar. New appointments don't sync anymore. I don't know what did it, but I'm pissed.

I've reset my gmail to default email client. I've deleted the Google Sync application and reinstalled it afterwards. No help.

My gmail email folder didn't update when the plug-in was installed.

For me this plug-in is too much hassle. If I had known it would mess up the calendar sync, I would not have installed it.

I removed it and will be trying to figure how to get Google Sync working again.

Well this has already been said many times, but I'll say it again... just in case RIM is actually listening.

This plugin FAILS miserably. Two-way sync was actually more important to me than all the other trivial features they added. And the fact that you can't even access those features from the main messages folder just makes things even worse.

How is it possible that RIM can't get this right?

So I have the same problem as some of you guys... I installed plugin, and emails stopped coming in. I tried to delete and readd the email address, but still no help. My BB keeps asking me to revalidate the email address ... after validation occurs successfully, it will return to not being validated again after 10 minutes (or when I send my service books).

What happened?!?! Anyone know? I am trying to delete plugin and all remnants so that I can get my emails again.

anyone having this problem or know the solution? No matter what I do, my email will validate for a few minutes then go back to being non-validated. I have deleted the email from the handheld, from the online site (AT&T), etc... but always I get this error after a few minutes

I am running .250 and the only other upgrade I did was to bbm 5.0.

don't install this POS!! I need my email working again, ahhh!

For those having the problem I listed above -- If you use Google Labs and have advanced IMAP settings enabled -- make sure you enable "All Mail" label in your labels/filters. Fixed the problem perfectly.

Thanks to Blackberry support on this one. I didn't make the connection of advanced IMAP controls and my issue!!


How about an app that integrated gmail and will auto sync the google calendar with the calander that is created when the gmail account is added. That way I can have another calander set as my default and still have my google calender stay synced.

Kind of like how the facebook app auto syncs with the facebook calendar no matter if it is the default calender or not

I installed the the gmail plug in and now I cant get to me my mail in my phone anymore. I keep trying to add my gmail acount name and password and it says wrong username and password! Then says if I keep getting this error message to contact my email provider! which is gmail like I am going to get a answer from them! I made sure IMAP is switched on and tried backing up my data and even wiped my phone clean and then tried starting from scratch still nothing! I keep getting wrong username and passwrd! I been at this for 5 hours now! Anyone else have problems with this?

Downloaded to my storm and was not getting any mail through so I deleted it and now have to reinstall berrybuzz because the light does not flash for emails anymore :( Tried others fixes but still no worky

WASTE OF TIME FOR STORM OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Downloaded for the gf's Curve and it works great.

the application is terrible and now i have to wait to get home to reinstall the OS again! Error 552!

this pisses me off!

it already does everything in that enhancement list. I don't get it unless you mean it will give you these enhancements while inside bb email? Judging from the other comments, I don't think this is such a big deal. What I would like to see is a way to download attachments and save to the sd card. Sounds simple, but I can't find a way to do it.

I don't mind the second icon all that much (since the gmail app takes up one of my 8 anyway), but the lack of 2-way sync really bothers me. i sit with my email open here at work and read things and would love my storm to just get the updates i do on the desktop side. i might still try this.

Well, for me it is working fine on Gapps. However, some labels (some long ones which I use as subfolders through IMAP) don't show on the plugin...

ANyone having the same problem?

This was a nice enhancement. Hope there’s more coming, like two way sync. But it's a start. Several problems came out of the install:

As I deleted all my emails, all my calendar entries went to “Device Default”. When I synced again, I had double the entries, each in different calendars.

Label updates back to Gmail seem to take time.

Is there any way to scroll faster in the labels? That is a significant nuisance. I would like to type the first letter and get down to the appropriate label faster.

I deleted my Gmail account via BIS, then have been trying to download the plug-in, but the download continues to fail. So, I decided to just skip it and setup my Gmail account again, but I'm having no luck.

I keep trying to add my Gmail acount name and password and it says wrong username and password!

Any ideas???

This may seem to be off topic, but ever since i downloaded the plug-in for Gmail, my FB app began working as I thought it should have, but wasn't.

Ever since the last "launch" of the the current FB version, I didn't see any changes and had to go to the mobile site to view comments...but, now I saw all those comments from the FB app.

Anybody experiencing this? Pure coincidence or are they somehow tied?

And, more or less, I like the new Gmail features on my native BB mail.

My understanding is that the reason two way sync doesn't work, is a problem with Google's IMAP server. That makes sense to me, as you don't need a special plugin for 2-way-sync to work with Yahoo mail, so why would you with gmail. Once Google fix's their imap server, 2-way-sync should work.

If you delete a message in gmail, will it be deleted on your phone in the new enhanced gmail plug-in?

Any thoughts on how to delete this stupid plug-in? I can no longer email myself from gmail and have it show up on my blackberryw which I used to often so I could copy the email and paste into my task or calendar notes for new tasks/appt.s....

Even when I email myself it does not show up on my device.


For me, the new Gmail plug-in is not that useful because:

1. The new features doesn't work on combined mailbox
2. Still, one-way sync only

Can someone please help / tell me how to remove this PlugIn? Installed got it working but like so many before mentioned; Not being able to access ALL of one's email from one specific location is a bummer..I installed said PlugIn for one reason only: Seperate Gmail App would not work on my version ( and I need to be able to query my archived files.

Last but not least, the old GMail App worked (imho) a lot faster that this..!



it blows my mind that anyone would even want this, this is 95% useless and it actually worsens the gmail experience on the blackberry, why would i want ANOTHER app running at all times, ANOTHER icon for gmail, if i was willing to use another icon and have another app running i'd just use the gmail app which provides all of these features and then some, this is literally completely useless, why can't we just have genuine syncing and push, my mobileme account pushes great, and marks as read on the server when i view my emai on my bb, but this "plugin" is insulting and silly.

I just wanted to vote on changing your "95%" useless to 100% useless. After a decade with BBs and on Gmail since its inception, I'm still amazed we can't have two-way sync when it can be done on things like Yahoo Mail.

While the functionality of this plugin is nice, it only works with POP (hence the one-way sync.) I removed the POP gmail account and set it up again using IMAP at which point the plugin complains that there is no gmail account set up. So close, but no cigar.

I just switched to the Gmail (Google Mail in the UK) app today after discovering in both the Enhanced Gmail Plugin and the BIS IMAP set up for Gmail the following:

a) No two way sync (petition here http://bit.ly/2I2oyi)
b) No starring/flagging

However, the Gmail app has its downsides:

a) No push support unless you're on BES
b) No little icon at the top of the screen, like for the built in message app (anybody seen this?)

For me, the dealbreaker was having to 'Mark as read' every email that I look at on the computer on my BB. That just took the biscuit.


Wish this was integrated into the BlackBerry message app. It's not much of a "plugin" if it runs as a separate app.

When I added my emails into my new 9700 the gmail pluggin automatically starts running in the background and I cannot delete it...
Should I install the full program and then try to delete?
If someone could help that would be appreciated I have been reading the forums and trying everything, nothing seems to work.


I could live with this if only it would update the list of labels on my BB. I select "Update Label List" and SAVE but nothing ever happens :-)

I am a new BB bold 9700 user after having worked with an number of older model BB's before. I was used to have a perfectly synched BB with the outlook express emailbox (from my former work). The synch worked two ways, as it is supposed to.

Now I started using my new BB with my personal gmail account and several google app accounts. The sync is not at all two way, as everybody here of course realizes. I downloaded the gmail app now for the time being, but I just want to have the real deal on my BB: two way sync, using the BB's message box.

My question now is: what if IMAP my gmail accounts to outlook express, and subsequently IMAP the outlook accounts to the BB. Could this work?

All help is welcome and much appreciated!

So is anyone having this same problem? Once you have multiple emails in a string, it displays in your inbox as "(2 items)" or "(3 items)" etc., instead of the person's name. So this means I can't quickly look at my inbox and find an email from a specific person. Is there a way to fix this? Please help!