Engadget Reflects Upon Ten Years of BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Dec 2009 05:21 pm EST

Ten Years of BlackBerry

I love the end of December. It always brings about some good articles and posts looking back at the year and years gone by. Over at Engadget.com, Chris Ziegler posted up a great piece today looking back at Ten Years of BlackBerry. 2009 really was a milestone year for Research in Motion, so if you're not familiar with any of the history behind that device you're holding in your hand it's definitely worth jumping over and taking a read through. It's going to be exciting to see what RIM does in the next ten years!

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Engadget Reflects Upon Ten Years of BlackBerry


Was a really great article and quite a trip down memory lane. It's gonna be exciting to see what RIM has in store.

A lot of people say RIM is done for but clearly, this is a road that has been traveled before through their history. It's just become more obvious and more out there because now more then ever, people are paying attention to RIM and their BlackBerry brand.

While I don't think they are out of the game by any means they need to pull up their socks as in the past and pull off that magic that made me want a BlackBerry in the first place. Just, revise it. ;)

I agree with Bla1ze. It was well written and a good read. People don't realize how young all of our current smartphones are...Blackberrys, WinMo, hell, even the iPhone.
People who say RIM is done for are extremely naive. RIM is known for, like the article says, innovating and still paying homage to tradition.
It's going to be an interesting 2010 for RIM, that's for sure :)

What a pleasure to read this! Superbly written, and very informative. I knew early devices had scroll wheels, but that was about it.

Finally an article worth reading from Engadget. Shows how far Blackberry came and conquered. A rocky road to success......

More BlackBerry Knowledge!
I loved it....crazy to see what ten years in technology evolution has brought us. From an ugly block with a green display to one of the largest and vibrant touchscreen displays in the undustry. Way to go RIM, keep em' coming!

I got involved with technology professionally about 18 years ago. I remember looking at the CERN website in Netscape 1.0 and wondering what the point was.

Years later, I had a Nokia Communicator that I used to telnet into backbone routers - over dialup.

How far we've come. I almost can't believe that so much technological progress happened within 10 years.

but I would have loved it more if kevin would have wrote this, since his passion for all things blackberry puts a special touch on all things crackberry.com has become :)

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Thanks for the history lesson I know the guys at RIM are now gonna keep coming up with new and fascinating new BB units,my first love in this line of beauties the Curve8330.Im due for renewal on Dec 2010 I'm just wondering what new units will be available by then. CrackBerry.com have you ever been able to figure out which is the best BB ever?

I actually enjoyed reading this. The Storm has been my first foray into the BlackBerry brand, and it's been enough for me to have the desire to stick around with RIM. It's always good to get a little history lesson.

That was a great read for someone like me who's totally into tech and gadgets. I'm a recent BB convert (picked up a Tour in November) from WinMo and I can honestly say that my BB is never out of my hands when I'm out. Here's to the next 10 years.

Worked for a company that used the RIM 900 pagers. They were rechargable bricks with an unlit LCD screen, and came with a belt pouch - they were so heavy they didn't make a belt clip. The company selling the service at the time was RAM Mobile Data. They promised us something smaller at the time we signed up, and eventually showed us the 950. Compared to the 900, this was an incredible device - one AA battery, scroll wheel (the 900 had cursor keys) and even a lighted screen! Little did we know, this was to become the Blackberry phenomenon of the future.

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