Energy Theme for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2009 09:34 am EDT

Our friend Wayne from WJD Designs is back with another original theme for the BlackBerry Storm (that's Storm2 ready) called ENERGY. If you jump over to the CrackBerry forums you can read Wayne's thought process behind this latest design:

After working on and running some themes on the market (even my own) I see that sometimes all the pretty animations are very cool but not good for performance... So I wanted to make a theme that I can use along with my customers that featured a great visual display with performance that lets me still use all my favorite applications...

So I would love to present "ENERGY" - an electrically charged theme that takes a balance of bold colors that will shoot through your cerebellum and make you say "OOooOO" From the blue pinstripe on the title bar to the chrome border around the custom made icons you will love every part of this theme...


  • Multiple On Screen Shortcuts
  • Custom Easy To Read Signal and Battery Meters
  • Wifi Information Ready for Storm 2
  • Custom Icons
  • Right Mix of Colors
  • Hidden Today Feature
  • 12 on Screen Icons (Fully Customizable)
  • "Precision Zen" Type Front Icon Structure
  • Font Easy on the Eyes
  • WJD Designs Theme

Energy sells for $3.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. Right now it's only available for the BlackBerry Storm, but Wayne plans to roll it out for more device models shortly.

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Reader comments

Energy Theme for the BlackBerry Storm


But I'm done putting themes on my storm, they always slow down my phone so00o0o BAD. I wonder if the S2 will suffer from the same problem?

No animations = Better Performance
This was made to not slow your phone down :)
Plus Storm2 has double the Flash Memory so it will handle multiple things quicker!

But this works well on Storm1 - I have a lot of customers running this theme that are happy with it...

Well answered my own question. Bought the theme because it said 5.0 compatable and it does glitch when rotated to landscape on the home screen. Meh

of course you have to go in and fix the glitch with .323 ... He says its 5.0 compatible, because it is. It works fine on .230 so either downgrade your os or go through the fix for the glitch on .323 . your choice. (other option is wait 6 months for 5.0 to be official)

Hey, Captain Obvious, I don't need you to tell me what to do. When it says it 5.0 compatable that means it runs without glitch or should say so up front. I know what to do to fix it. That wasn't the point. Says ready for Storm 2 with WiFi indicator, but again it is not. It has a bug and should say so.

it works good on my "5.0" 230? wait and upgrade to a more "stable" leak or downgrade to a more "stable" leak...

I guarantee that this theme will work for the official 5.0 and if any case I am wrong (which I wont be) I update all my themes and back my company with great customer support...

So, bring it on ;)

Your childish response is fairly pathetic overall, but how is it that your are disputing the fact that it is ready for wifi with the storm 2? Are you currently using a storm 2 and unable to see the indicator? I have been using this theme for days and have no issues. I am on the newest OS and chose to do the simple lanscape fix. Wayne has supplied not only the original theme wallpaper, but an additional one to boot. IMO quit your whining and enjoy an extremely fast, well laid out and overall rockin theme.

but the presentation was better then the product. However it was one of the best theme advertisements I have ever seen.

sorry to hear that..wish I could make everyone happy.. the promo video had no hidden things... it works as seen... what made you not happy with it jw?

Besides the music being annoying, the theme didn't do to much for me and from what I know, probably not all that stable.

before taking this persons comment seriously i would recommend searching his name to see the comments he has made. He purposely finds themes made by WJD Designs and posts negative comments about them (some before the theme was even posted) as a fellow theme designer i hate to see people like this hopping all over specific theme builders so tmp please prove my point and slander some of my themes too woot. Dumb.

I hate to comment back to him because then im on his level of kid like behavior and that's what he wants... I want to say Thank YOU to AHaz because people do need to know how bad this guy is to a great community and I will be seeking strong actions to eliminate im and his threat to the whole community and their products...

By the way, I am using this theme right now and like it a lot. The 5.0 glitch was just a misunderstanding and the result of my having a bad day. I always lock my screen rotation anyway, so this was a non-issue for me. No disrespect intended, looking forward to the Official release of 5.0 probably any day and with that your promise to fix the glitch. :)