Endomondo now available for BlackBerry 10

By Michelle Haag on 14 May 2013 05:48 pm EDT

We'd heard last week that Endomondo might have some news for us during BlackBerry Live, and though I haven't seen an official announcement, Endomondo is now available for BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World. Endomondo is ideal for running, cycling, walking and any other distance-based activity. You can head on over and download it from the link below.

At this time, the Endomondo app is an android port, but for those of us that were waiting for it, it's good news regardless. I know a lot of you don't like the ports, but go ahead and give it a download anyhow and let's show those developers that we want their apps! As we've already seen, if companies see the demand for their apps, they will put the time into making a native app for BlackBerry. We just saw that happen with Songza, and I'm sure we'll see it again with other apps.

For more information / download Endomondo Sports Tracker for BlackBerry 10

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Endomondo now available for BlackBerry 10


No heart rate monitor support. This android version either does not support bluetooth serial port profile or its just the Z10 that doesn't support bluetooth serial port profile.

Yes I'm glad to see more apps!

I don't understand why endomondo needs access to my Shared Files and Contacts. I wish I could use it without granted it access to those.

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Someone told me that instagram hinted at a BlackBerry 10 App on twitter. It says "Stay tuned for an exciting announcement at BlackBerry live this week! "

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Do you have a link? You would think they would announce something as big as Instagram on the first day, get it out there..

Can this day get any better.

I'm out of battery on my z10, can't handle the content overload. Gotta get home!

Nice to see. But do u really think devs make a native App, when the port was downloaded a thousand of times? I think it depends on the company and dev team.

Do you think they'll bother with giving us anything if no-one downloaded this? Why would they provide the 1000s of people with a version they know won't give their customers the full, rich and sweet experience that is BB10?

I see the point. But I'm seeing all the comments in BB World and nothing happend. eBay is crap, amazon kindle too. Like many others. Nice to see these Apps, but please in a good shape. Not laggy, not buggy and not as a bad port or better native.

And that's why I said, it depends on the company and not how often it was downloaded

Try it first before letting it bother you!

Legitimate gripes are one thing, but there are numerous satisfactory Android ports in BB World.
Yes, bad ones too; but not like every native app is wonderful as a rule either.

And Michelle is right: support the apps you want. Hopefully more devs follow the example of Songza and a few others once they see how popular they are on the relatively brand new BB10 platform.

Bah, I just posted in the Apps forum after finding it, didn't realise it was on the front page!

Glad to see it, now just need to test it!

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Loaded it up and it seems snappy. I was able to see all my previous history from pre-Z10 days.

Os 10.1 and Endomondo in one day....wow!

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The same thing happens to me at 3.02 miles. 3 times in a row. Goodbye sports tracker

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T

I was using Sports Tracker the other day and discovered you actually have to wait for it to catch up. I stood still for a good two minutes before it registered my full run and had me as stopped.

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Slow on the initial load until you approve app access policies, then super fast! For the "Port-Haters" out there, this one proves them wrong. Here's hoping a native app comes eventually, but the only android related issues I've had are the sideloaded apps that aren't tweeked for the OS.

Android port or not, this makes me happy! Since upgrading to my Z10 the only 2 regrets I have are the lack of Endomondo and MyFitnessPal!

Big big big news! I thought I was going to go crazy trying to find a fitness app I liked. I'm going to tweet them a special "thanks" for releasing this after their support kept stating they weren't going to support BB 10

How long before the Pro version? desperately wanting to try out my Polar "Bluetooth Smart" device and need heartbeat access.

Posted by CB10 app on Zed 10

The pro version is part of the subscription. So if you are Endomondo premium 1.67$ a month when paying for the year then app becomes pro version.

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I've been an Endomondo fan and user for a couple of years, but I refuse to grant access to an app that asks for device identifying information, shared files and contacts, when all it SHOULD need is GPS and Internet. My choice to use or not, but really, what is the justification for these access rights for this app?

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Right with you Dan. Looks like Endo will support HRmonitoring. Have to click on one of the other monitors, time or distance or calories. This app will only let you look at 2 or 3 variables at a time. I'm sure when they go native OR when Android JB is available we will have more options.

That said I still have not been able to use BT serial port profiles for any BT device on the Z10 on any OS version. So I'm not sure an SPP heart rate monitor (see Zephyr) will work here. ANT blue tooth might however.

This app is crying for being native! Let's hope we get an even greater surprise not too far in the near future.

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Awesome!!! I love this app, it arrived just in time for this summer!! Thank you!

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funny how they keep saying they have no plan no plan for release on blackberry and all of a sudden boom without and notice they were bringing their app to bb10

Excellent. Port or not it's good to have. Will test on my bike ride to work tonight

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Once they fix the Random reboot problem, THEN I'll switch back to BB, till then I wouldn't buy these devices with a serious flaw. They say it might even be hardware and not software which is worst!

Who says that ffs, I know over a dozen people who, like me, bought the Z10 on release day and none have experienced any random reboots. Sorry but I call Troll Bulls**t.

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Lucky you then but before you insult, you should read the Z10 threads. The are hundreds of people having this problem if not millions. It's also a known issue by BlackBerry which I found when I went to their support website.

Hooray! So happy for this, I've been logging my run for 3 yes now with end endomondo, and missed it so much since getting the z10. I don't care if it's a port. It works, and when a native build is released then I'll upgrade to it. I'm not going to complain.

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What if I don't want to share my results and I don't want to compete, I just want to do it for myself? yes, I can't use this app which is stupid. Thanks

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This is great news and I've downloaded it. Now here's my issue. I'd previously registered my account with a rogers.blackberry.net email address. When I got the Q10 (last week) I was at a billing cycle turnover. Since the 10 uses active sync, I dropped the BIS and along with that rogers.blackberry.net address evaporated so now I cannot login to my Endomondo account. Is there any way to contact someone who might be able to help a poor soul reconnect with his old training log?

I have seen a native sports tracking app for BB10 and as far as I know it will be soon available. In about 2 weeks!

I was a heavy Endomondo user on my 9810. Waited for this and it's a good start. I used the paid 'pro' version and would pay again. ... I want ALL the features... Where is my 'buy' button?


I've been waiting for ages for this. Now I can continue with my fitness analysis.

Another quality app for BlackBerry!

Well done guys keep it coming.

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Finally the one app I was waiting for. There's a notification in the Hub every time I open the open though, don't know why.

Now I just need my company to support BB10 and I can switch from the Z10 to the Q10

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Well I've tried this port on my Q10 and it won't pick up the GPS. I had a similar issue with Sports-Tracker, wrote them and the developer worked up a beta w/in 24 hours. He sent me the bar, I installed it and now S-T tracks perfectly. I've written Endo now too, will they follow suite?

I want to respond to myself and say I reinstalled Endo and it took a minute, but did get a good GPS lock and tracked my ride today perfectly. I also want to thank whoever in the Endo team it was that got my request to migrate my account settings from my defunct blackberry.net email address to the one i requested. I am not at all worried about the app being a port, so long as I get the functionality I'm used to I'm happy. It appears that the upload to the server is automatic now. Can it be set to not upload during the event and them processed once i get home to a place with wifi?

ok loving this app but heart rate support needed to enjoy right get tired of looking at mio alpha to see how im doing. takes away from the mental part of running.