Endomondo hints at BlackBerry Live announcement via Twitter

After months of conflicting statements, will we finally get Endomondo for BlackBerry 10?

Endomondo for BlackBerry 10, where are you?
By Michelle Haag on 8 May 2013 07:36 pm EDT

For a long time, Endomondo has been a favorite app for BlackBerry users to track duration, distance, speed and calories for just about any outdoor sport they participate in. However, since the release of BlackBerry 10, many of us have been left out in the cold regarding whether or not Endomondo will be supporting our new devices. In fact, it seemed for awhile that even the Endomondo team didn't know if they'd be supporting BlackBerry 10 or not, with conflicting statements from Endomondo Co-Founder Mette Lykke and their Community Manager.

In a press release dated May 1, 2012, Lykke was quoted as saying:

“BlackBerry’s influence remains a worldwide phenomenon, which matches Endomondo’s reach,” said Endomondo Co-Founder Mette Lykke. “With 8 million users around the globe, including many BlackBerry devotees, Endomondo recognizes the value of supplying BlackBerry 10 users with access to the capabilities of the mobile Endomondo Sports Tracker and social fitness network.”

But then February 13, 2013 Community Manager Eva stated in the Endomondo forums:

Hi all, we don’t have any immediate plans about developing a native BlackBerry 10 app. BB10 does have an emulator that allows Android app, unfortunately this doesn’t support Map functionalities which mean our app will not work. But if/when BB10 allows Map functionalities we will look into if we can make our Android app work on BB10.

Understandably, this made a lot of BlackBerry users that had recently updated to new devices upset, as they had invested a lot of time and in some cases money into their Endomondo accounts. The CrackBerry forums have several threads from people looking for Endomondo or alternatives that work as well as Endomondo, however so far there haven't been many great options to choose from. So the update today from Eva in the Endomondo forums is (hopefully!) the one we've been waiting for.

Hi guys,
it's great to see that many of you are passionate about Endomondo and would like to use it on your BB10. Thank you for reaching out and letting us know your ideas. There is a BlackBerry conference in Orlando next week and we think you are going to like some of the news announced there ;) To be continued...
Endomondo team

So, what does it mean? Are we actually going to be getting an Endomondo app next week, or at least an announcement of when we can expect it? We don't really know, but we're sure excited to find out! Are you looking forward to Endomondo for BlackBerry 10? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for the tip @jcarty!

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Endomondo hints at BlackBerry Live announcement via Twitter


Does the current Android player support map now? I really wish no.. it would mean the announcement of a native application..

Posted via CB10

Ya I have no idea what they`re referring too when saying it doesnt support maps. It does right now. I have the waze port, which is a built in GPS turn by turn navigation system with real time updates from the waze community. Fully functional.

They mean it doesn't support the Google map API which they use to track and map on the linked Web account. As soon as BlackBerry open up the API like they said they would then we will see more Google map oriented apps. Im psyched about this one, still use my 9900 for endomondo at the moment.

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Amazing! The one app I miss the most from my old bb! With that my z10 will be complete! I hope its not a port but if it works well i won't complain

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I'm looking forward to this. Was using sports tracker before I used Endomondo. since it's not available in BB10 yet, I had to go back to using sports tracker.

Oh, finally. this is going to be awesome!! slowly the app i use on os7 is coming to bb10. i mean i usually don't mind the lack of app, but bb10 don't having even the older app from os7 really is kinda stopping me from switching to bb10. The top 3 app i use on os 7 were waze,whatsapp,endomono pro.

i used to like endomondo but recently i discovered several bugs, which delete my records from history, or lack of offline maps loading, gps fixes, etc,..i hope in far future there will be real apps for qnx and not just android ports.

i have been using sports tracker since i got my Z10, but now Endomondo maybe coming to the Z10 i will be changing back. i have 4 years of data stored on my endomonde account so cant wait to carry on using it

This could mean a native app This could mean a tweaked android app. This could mean an updated runtime to JB. This could mean Google services.

Or it could mean something none of us ever saw coming that would be ...dare I say...""mind blowing"

P.S BlackBerry if your reading thjis do yourselves a favor and speak plans on the PLAYBOOK.

This is THE app I've been waiting for to get a Q10 to replace my 9810. Looking forward to get a good news next week.

It took until today just to make an announcement that they're going to make an announcement about something next week?

Get Fitness Tracker instead. Great app, and instead of screwing around making announcements about announcements, the developer already made it.

Posted via CB10

Not well said at all, what about us users who have years of data in endomondo that can't quite easily switch to another tracker? Also sports tracker is inferior to endomondo and the website is designed by a teenager on an HTML5 acid trip!

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I understand your frustration, but unfortunately there is no real alternative to Endomondo. Runtastic has many nice ideas & features, but it lacks audio coach & crashes frequently. To be honest - I wished I could dump Endomondo due to the unbelievably bad support from them, but ATM that's simply not possible if you want a reliable & working solution.

I need this and I need this badly!

I have the Ride to Conquer Cancer next month and would prefer not to have to bring my 9810 along with my Z10.

Sports Tracker update has helped stability, but I rather use Endomondo!

I don't even use the app, but it's good to see more and more developers get on board. If anything, this piece of news has me pumped for next week, makes me wonder what else we have in store...

Posted via CB10

To be honest Sportstracker Is a pretty decent alternative that is natively built. I'm kind if disappointed that you don't point them out. They had an app right from the very beginning for BB10. I think instead of looking to bring Endomondo you guys should support the developers who put the effort in to bring us an app already. Anyway good news nonetheless but still should at least give a shout out to the apps that do the same thing already on BlackBerry world.

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Yep, I'm using Sports Tracker now as well. Endomondo's initial response and subsequent silence to the huge number of requests for a BB10 version was finally enough for me. I closed my Endomondo account last week.

Posted via CB10

I did buy the app and because Endomondo did not want to make an app for BB10 I will have to see what the feel of the new Endomondo app is then I will make my decision on the one I will keep. But you are right Sports Tracker was there from day one and that is a gold star for them.

Thank you Michelle!

My wife has been bugging me to find ways to burn calories. Hopefully this is what she meant. :)

The fact that Endomondo said on their own forums that they had no plans to develope for BB10, then sat back and listened to hundreds of us voice our displeasure without so much of a hint of a response, only to turn around and announce that something is possibly coming, is to say the least frustrating and annoying. That being said, if there is something coming, I'd sure like to hear something more definite that vague hints.

Missed Endomondo when I upgraded to the Z10. This is great news. Keep the quality Apps coming and Blackberry will be back stronger than ever. Can't wait.

I have missed this app since I switched to BB10. I sure hope it will land in BlackBerry world soon so I can start mapping my dog walks again.

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I really hope it's native. I use point all the time but their ported al sucks. Everything is so small.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

I'm using Sports Tracker on the Z10. It works very well. Not sure I will go back to Endomondo. They would have to deliver something much better.

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I do hope it comes to BB10. I sorely miss this, and Adidas MiCoach! I wish both companies would invest the time into creating a native app. I would surely buy them if they were available at cost on the BB10 platform.

Yes. It has a builtin audio coach function (less configurable than on Runtastic, but actually working), it has more features available for free in their basic app, & the best of all: It doesn't crash on every second use (which you won't even notice with Runtastic as the audio coach is not working anyway).

I would love to dump Endomondo, but as long as Runtastic is not going native, they are far, far away from becoming serious competition. Unfortunately.

Great news. I had it on my BB 9780 and used if on a regular basis. I was very disappointed when I got my Z10 and it wasn't supported. I tried Sports tracker but it's not a good so I deleted it.

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Good, I can go back to running looking like Rob cop again. Polar GPS and watch on one arm, Nike band on the other wrist with my Fitbit Flex, my phone strapped on my only remaining bare upper arm. Graphs and data! I will be swimming in data! Yessss! *nerdgasm*

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This may be too little, too late.

Endomondo was my go to app for tracking exercise. Stayed with them when there were issues until they updated and everything worked smoothly; bought a Zephyr HRM because it worked with their app; rejoiced when MFP linked up with Endomondo. It seemed like Endomondo was supporting BlackBerry with their early comments, but then they vacillated and gave uncertain communications concerning their intent and commitment to the BB10 platform. Disappointing.

So I tried side loading their program, but it didn't work. Bummer.

Then I began casting about for alternatives and I found Sports Tracker.

Sports Tracker wasn't perfect - in fact it was terrible, but they were there and kept responding, kept trying. Now they've released a version that is more stable, but is still below expectations. Yet, they're still here, plugging away. With that kind of determination, I have little doubt that they are going to have a stellar app - and very soon.

And now here comes Endomondo, winking and being coy like some former girlfriend who's just realized that she misses you. Yeah, she used to have all of the moves and we worked really great together, but I'm still remembering her parting words.

So, for me, this is Sports Tracker's game to lose. She may not be as pretty or as sexy as Endomondo was, but when the chips were down, she was there. During change and transition, it's good to have someone committed to your platform.

I won't be changing unless Sports Tracker gives me a reason to leave.

It would behoove other devs to take notice of this. I'm looking at you, MFP.

Posted via CB10

Sick of lazy devs pls build native apps they run so much better than any other apps on a mobile platform. But I guess something is better than nothing right?

Posted via CB10

Endomondo show those SportsTracker guys how things should be done. Hoping for quality native C++ app.

Posted via CB10

Unless android 4 runtime is also announced I would prefer a native app.... but I guess we'll have to wait and see

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Other Android developers have dealt with the lack of support for the Maps API in the runtime, by using other, more open APIs. It means that the app won't be able to be ported without changes, but in some cases the changes will be minimal. The dev blog has an excellent place about this. Basically, the maps issue probably means a slightly different code base, but still much less effort than developing a native app.

Still I'm hoping that the app will be native. It doesn't have to be, but I like to see what good developers from other platforms will come up with for a UI after taking a look at both the BB10 design guidelines and Cascades.

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It's about f-ing time. I loved the app so much I purchased the pro version. Too bad RBC STILL hasn't stepped up to the plate.

Please, please let me have my Endomondo app back! I have missed it on my otherwise totally wonderful BB Z10.

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I picked up a Suunto Ambit watch while Endomondo was figuring out their plans. It my new favorite toy. While Endomondo's return to BlackBerry is great news I'm not sure if I'll be back.

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Meh, giving up on these apps and still trying to bug Fitocracy to make a BB10 app... I needed a gps app for when I was away a couple of weeks ago, so I downloaded Sports Tracker, but it kinda crashed a lot. I don't know if I need it that badly. Like Fito satisfies my need for a social fitness based anything.

Was missing this app, and the way they handled it was a disgrace. I've moved on and took my money to better things. No need for endomondo now.

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this is a great app. i used to use it on my 9930. cant wait to go running with the app on my z10. doing insanity for now. Specially now since its nice out

Absolutely ecstatic! Sports tracker is basically unusable for me on a Rogers Q10. The GPS hooks up maybe 20% of a route. Endo was rock solid on my 9900. Now I forgot to change my Endo account menail address from my rogers.blackberry.net address and dropped my BIS plan when taking on the Q10. Now I can't reach my account :(

Like a lot of people here, I have years of data on my Endomondo account but have been forced to use Sports Tracker since moving onto the Z10.

If the Endomondo app is available for the Z10 then I'll certainly move back to it and fortunately I can export all my activities from Sports Tracker into Endomondo so I won't lose any data.

To be fair Sports Tracker is OK but Endomondo is better and has all my history!!

Posted via CB10

It's all good if they roll out an app for BB10, but look at their twitter, facebook profiles. BB10 users are pissed off at Endomondo!

cant wait ,as for the peeps sticking up for sports tracker I take it it works flawlessly for you ,I never get an accurate reading ever ,I lose gps regularly and according to other threads its quite common ,this has never happened on adidas,runtastic,or endomondo

"...this has never happened on addidas, runtastic, or endomondo."

You're kidding, right? I had many issues with Endomondo, early on. They did fix it, but it took time. I have no doubt that Sports Tracker will also fix their issues, given a little time.

Runtastic and Track my Run/ Track my Fitness - have both been clear from the start they were working on an app for BB10. No confusion just major delays and issues - mostly with unavailable or broken APIs needed for a full fledged app. While most of the blame lays squarley with BBRY, Endomondo has squandered any brand loyalty I had for them. Missing from your article is how after they made the announcement of no BB10 app they dissapeared and refused to respond at al all in their forums to the issue. Very poor form.

Yaaaaaaaay! Not that Sports Tracker is horrible but Endomondo is just much better so YAAAAAAAAAAY! We got another to crack under our BB10 pressure.

The power of CB. It took all of us complaining to them b4 the got their act together to come up with an app. I am still not happy until I have the app on my phone.

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10

They certainly need a lesson in public relations. BB followers have been raging on their forums for months with not a peep out of them.

It had better be really good news and a solid effort, or they are going to get lynched.

I got 5 kg extra wait bcaz this app is not on BB10....so plz get it on BB10 and let us be healthy...i want this app...!!


Sports Tracker has been filling in for me as well but the biggest problem is that it doesn't have API hooks for linking to MyFitnessPal, FitBit, Tictrac, etc... so I am doing as others mentioned by dragging an older device on my runs or exporting/importing gsx files to endo. I too am excited to get the app working on BB10.