Endomondo challenges BlackBerry users to hit the road

By Ryan Blundell on 14 Jul 2010 11:42 am EDT

The Endomondo Sports Tracker is designed to motivate you and capture your progress. Who wouldn’t love to get some feedback while they exercise or train? You do, and Endomondo knows that. The application enables you to track your details; recording your successes as your feet slam against the pavement. As you move, you can allow the audio coach to tell you what your status is. It’s not only for running or jogging - Using your BlackBerrys built in GPS allows Endomondo Sports Tracker to make note of distance, speed and more, while you are also cycling, skiing or even canoeing. Nearly 20 activities are available, as well as a brief history of your recorded activities.

For more options that include; workout editing, live feedback from friends and family, workout overviews and mapping, you can sign up for a free account at Endomondo.com. You can also participate in their online community and view routes from around the world. Talk about sight seeing.

If you are undecided as to whether or not you should try it out, they have issued a challenge. Between June 30th (uh oh, already started) and July 31st, Endomondo invites you to get out there and burn. No, not get sunburned; burn some calories! For every 100 calories burned, you will receive one ballot in a draw for a new BlackBerry. For more information on Endomondo and the challenge, click here

Reader comments

Endomondo challenges BlackBerry users to hit the road


Pretty good. This is probably the best fitness app you can get for free. And with all its features I can't think of a reason to buy a premium fitness app.

So far, this app looks awesome. Along with the online portion, it seems to capture nearly all the features of the premium GPS-based fitness apps. Can't wait for ski season!

I have BiM Active and just downloaded this. I'd like some other opinions from people who have both. So far, Endomondo has a far better UI, but I don't see the personal blog feature that BiM active has. That's enough to keep me with BiM Active for now but i'll give this one a fair chance.

FINALLY, a free app that does everything you need it to do, track distance, speed and time. I haven't tried it yet but how does it track calories burnt?

These challenges are great but it stinks having an 8330 with the GPS basically unusable except for bing (verizon!) I can't participate in this challenge to win a new BB because my POS won't run the app to participate!

Ok I'm done whining...been stuck at my desk the last few days straight and need out!

Cool App!

I'm enjoying this. Exactly what I've been looking for to help me keep up with what I'm doing... that is... once I start doing!

Finally a stopwatch function for the Verizon 8330- that is all that works of this program on it! Sometimes I feel like I really have a dinosaur for a phone.

I've downloaded it today. I have a big ride planned for this weekend so I'm going to give it a try. It seems very promising from what I've been reading so far.

I'm guessing they want you to supply your real name to be eligible for the prize. Your Real name is then publicly viewable to everyone, as well as maps that show where you frequently run/walk/jog, etc. I could easily see this being abused.

Anyone have suggestions on a heart rate monitor that would work with this app and a Storm 9530? Saw the Zephyr HxM for $99. Seems a little steep. Also wondering just how long of a workout can I track (cycling) if the Storm is running live GPS and a BT connection to a heart rate monitor?

What an awesome app this is, it works great on my Storm2, and after turning it on, I can ran my Pandora and go on out my business , I no longer have to use geodistance.com to figure out miles ran or biked( for all you exercise freaks check this site out I use it to plan out my routes as well). After I close the app it automatically uploads my workout and I can view it on line it calculates the number of calories burned it is the best app i put on my phone. Thank you so much CB team love ya guys.

This is a very cool little app. I did my first workout this morning and then checked out my route/stats on their site and published it to Facebook. I love it so far!

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Cool app. But when you try to upload your workout data, it can't connect through BIS. Must use the APN/WAP. What gives? I'm using 9700 /