Endless Folders are coming to BlackBerry OS 10.3

Endless Folders are coming to BlackBerry OS 10.3
By DJ Reyes on 6 May 2014 11:35 am EDT

I am one who likes to organize icons on the Homescreen. For the most part I make use of Folders. One thing about folders in BlackBerry 10 is that you were limited to the amount on space on screen. Not great for those with QWERTY-devices as it meant you could only fit a maximum of 12 apps into a folder. On a Z30 this could increase to 20 apps in a folder. This will be no more as BlackBerry 10.3 will be bringing Endless Folders.

Since the beginning of the week Michael Clewley has been giving us sneak peeks into what is coming on OS 10.3. We saw yesterday that icons are getting a flat UI design and the grey box around apps is also disappearing. Endless Folders is the next sneak peek we are being shown.

As you can see from the screenshot you can see how many 'pages' of apps you have in a folder. You can also see more new icon designs in that screen shot too.

I am really glad to see the arrival of Endless Folders. I kind of wish it would come sooner. We'll keep you posted on more as Michael Clewley posts to his BBM Channel. You can also follow him, if you're not already - C00014277.

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Endless Folders are coming to BlackBerry OS 10.3


It makes sense to me that it would take up the entire screen. Why would you want any less?

I am very excited for endless folders. No more games 1, games 2, games 3 folders!

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I want folders inside of folders. That way we could have "games" which would contain "action", "rpg", "puzzle", etc.

I have more friends because I do drugs!! Baby!

Just remember that each level you go down, time slows down by a factor of ten! Or maybe that has to do with dreams...

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Hahaha! Thanks for that. Best movie of all time!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

Yeah, for communication and social life. Phones aren't for playing games especially BlackBerry which are for productivity and communications. It is for your social life.

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I dont play any games on my z10. too busy with work and when I do play games its on a console where they are supposed to be and not an xbux either or the pii-u.

You must be confused sir, although gaming is great. I haven't fixed my broken laptop in a year. So all I have to get me through is BlackBerry. So happy for USB OTG support :D

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So now I have to reorganize my folders? I liked 1,2,3 etc... kept an aura of mystery - kinda like mystery meat at the high school cafeteria! Gotta love the changes though.

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To quickly know that you're looking inside a folder and not the home screen?

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 on the Rogers network.

If you can't keep track of what you're doing with your device, how do you manage to find your way?

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I'm sorry, but you can't be seriously insinuating that you don't make dumb mistakes, time to time.

How does the fish die?

By his own mouth.

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I am offended by that remark! He he

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

Why not?

Personally I like how it takes up the whole screen: it's like another "desktop" inside the folder.

Also, if the folder didn't take up the whole screen you couldn't fit as many icons per page.

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Some of those icons look really odd though, notably Calculator, File Manager and Clock. To me they look as if they desperately want to make something flat out of a 3D-looking image, if you compare them with the current versions. I also miss the consistency between them. For instance, Compass has a distinct shadow to mimic depth, whereas the Calculator ist just a flat surface with four squares.

Many of the current icons are already well-designed. Why can they not be happy with what we have?

I specifically like the new Remember icon. It is simple, but still has some detail to it (the faint lines mimic a sheet of paper). I hope they do utilize shadows more.

I agree, that icon also caught my attention. It has a metaphor, is not a flat representation of something 3D and still has some subtle gradient and shadows to make it stand out. This what the File Manager icon misses.

I think we should petition BlackBerry to make all icons in the style of the remember icon. I like it the most too. Doesnt look too cartoony or child/crayon like.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

I don't care either way, but looking 'unique' isn't what's attracting people to BB10, and Androids icons isn't what's attracting people to Android either.

My point is, as long as it doesn't look awful, it doesn't matter.

I would like a password for Folders , eg. If I have a folder with social Apps I can swipe them into a password protected folder from the desktop quickly. So if I am at a business show I could Hold and Drag my BBM TExt Facebook apps etc from my desktop into my Password protected Folder which will be located on my desktop.

And what happens if your App, that's in that password protected folder, is integrated into the HUB?

Yes Yes....I Was going to add the HUB question but had a parcel at the door :))) !!
It automatically shuts off the HUB access by swiping the HUB Desktop app into the secured folder..
So if you slide the Text App into the desktop BB Secured Folder you could only access the texts via the BB Secured Folder in that short period of time. Its just a quick way to prioritize short term app security at your finger tips ( the beauty of gestures ). How about dragging the Hub into the BB Secured Folder for a shorterm period until you swipe it out again so no one gets access to your HUB. Hey we are dealing with QNX multi Kernal and it should be able to handle this while the emails , texts, BBM and all the apps are still running in real time . Now all this could be fine tuned of course. So if I walk into a biz crowd or social event and I know I will be doing a Storymaker or BlackBerry Express or showing someone pictures, or a file and they pass my phone around I can quickly swipe my TEXT , BBM , my HUB and even a Social Folder ( FB, Twitter etc. ) into the BB Secured Folder. .....Hey.... BlackBerry can have a free lite version and a Pro version for $2.99 for the BB Secured Folder feature. Heck... if I paid $2.99 for BlackGram I will pay $2.99 for a Secured Folder anytime !!

Or they could put a password to the hub when you've been away for a set amount of time, this could be in addition to password to a folder idea

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yes ....but with the BB Secured Folder I could could quickly swipe gesture the HUB, or Text or BBM or a complete folder into the BB Secured Folder. Then just swipe the HUB or anything out of the Folder very quickly and fast !!

Get the vault frm snap. All txt messages, phone calls etc will go in the vault so that wife won't see mate message and calls hehe

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he's talking about more than just texts or calls.. and i think it's a great idea cuz it would be nice to put a whole folder in there or whatever else you wanted, then easily remove it again...

Sent the suggestion to Alec Saunders already, before I posted, heard BES will have or has the feature already.

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Looking way to much to android type of icon. Are they making the transition easier for people. That can backfire

Posted via CB10

Yeah I am sure ton's of people are going to migrate to Android because the App icons look similar, that and nothing else.

imo it looks more iPhone than Android- good, bad or indifferent not sure yet...

and it's not that people will switch anywhere because of icons, but if that's the case then the same can be made in reverse.. if no one is gonna switch platforms due to icons, why change them at all??

The same reason everyone else does it. No one wants a stagnating platform.
New features are always more important, but the first thing a user sees will always be new/updated visual cues.
As long as the designers think that's it's an improvement and it doesn't look awful, then I have no issues with the changes, regardless if starts to look like another platform or not.

You're so right. They all look really poorly designed. Did anyone notice the icons vary in size? No consistency from one to another.

Sorry to burst that bubble of yours, but the icons are all the same size just that some are round and do not have borders but the placeholders for each and every icon is the exact same. put the pic in your fav editing program and see for yourself and you will see for your self that they are all the same size.

OH GOD YES.... I didn't think I would care, but I care. Like, I have 2 games folder, 2 junk folders, 3 android folders... This will be nice :)

Yes! On the Q10 I have 3 games folders, 3 Utility folders, and about to start a 2nd News&Weather folder. I'll be so relieved to be able to combine the duplicates!

What wasn't clear to me in the article: will we also have Endless Nesting of folders within folders? I'm really hoping for that too.

Thanks BlackBerry!

Q10, SQN100-2,

This has been one of my biggest gripes. The PlayBook had folders nailed in 2.1, yet I would have to create multiple folders for the same categories on BB10. Good to see it fixed soon.

Posted via CB10

I just asked if we'll be able to create folders within folders, and whether or not the folder will stay open after you select an app or close automatically as it does now. We'll see if I get a response.

I don't get this, the reason to open a folder is to launch an app, once you launch an app what's the purpose of leaving the folder open?
You might have one or two reasons why you want it open, but if we did a poll I would guarantee that the majority would want it closed.

The way I organize folders I often will want to open multiple apps which I have in the same folder. For example, when I have time to kill and I want to read some news/blog articles I'll open up my News folder and want to open CrackBerry, Android Central, New York Times, and/or Al Jazeera apps. Or sometimes I want to browse social media so I'll open my Social folder and want to open iGrann, Twitter and Facebook.

I don't really care about the folder staying open, what I care about is not having to open it up multiple times in quick succession.

Maybe a good middle way would be to have a setting where the folder stays open for a certain period of time before closing in the background so it would satisfy both of us. Personally the default could be as little as 10 seconds and it would provide a lot of utility to me and most likely not interfere with people like you who would be none the wiser because you're busy using the app you just opened.

To each is own. However when I open an app it's because I want to use that app *now*, not in the future. The *only* time they should leave the folder open, is if I am opening a headless app.

Well I just explained how I want to open multiple apps to use now, but you're not the person who needs convincing that it's a valid concern so I'll stop trying.

Guys, here we see 6 rows of icons on Z30. Does this mean that there will be 5 rows on Z10 if icon boxes will disappear?

Yes, if you look at yesterday's post, it's a screenshot from a Z10 which has space for 5 rows of icons

Posted via CB10

I don't mind the flat theme. I think it's more how bad the icons look which I can't handle. What's with that colour scheme? I really hope these are place holders for something good.

hah word, the camera icon looks like they stole one of the refused proposed icons for iGrann lol...

really hoping it's not the final copy.

Great now I don't have to worry about changing my home page :) I like to have everything in folders in one page so that I don't have to do any extra swiping

Posted via CB10

Not a big deal for me personally, but I think it's good.

This type of functionality is good to make it more of a mobile computer than a smartphone.

I will be able to fit all of the apps that I wrote into a single folder? Why didn't they have this at launch?

Looks like the implementation still isn't as good as it was on the PlayBook...

I use to number my folders as well until I realized you can have multiple folders with the exact same name. Now I just have 2 "Games" folders sitting next to each other (no need for "Games 1" and "Games 2").

Some of those icons look sexy others look amateurish. As confirmed this isn't the final draft though

Zee coolest flicking smartphone ever

I cant wait for this to arrive, I almost have 2 folders in each category, such as Games and Rarely used apps.
But I also would like to get option to "Minimize folder", not close it when I swipe from bottom

There is no consistent in icons. That's why I love belle design and icon better. They all are common and have nice gradient too.

Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808

You mean the N9 right, it has slightly better icons than the 808 plus it was the first to feature the style

Both symbian and meego harmattan use belle design. From what I see there is not different except for dialog ui design.

Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808


I think the current icons are great. Not too glossy like the old iOS icons but not tool dull and devoid of depth like the new iOS icons. Plus, more pleasant colors on the current icons. Since when has the brighter hues in the Crayola spectrum become popular? Better yet, why is that the emerging trend? I like darker themes and colors.

Great news. Now let's add folders within folders :)

So looking forward to 10.3. I just hope all BlackBerry users, regardless of country or carrier, will have access to it at the same time.

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I would like to have folders within folders for BlackBerry Remember, and a nice way to export a selected folder with the associated format to a word or pdf format.. hell even a simple directory structure format or something. Really useful for categorizing study notes/project notes...

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Awesome feature but please PLEASE hire a decent designer!!! How difficult can be to design a new COOL flat look?? The home screen is the second thing after the physical shape of the device (if not the first) that a potential user notice. The icons need to really stand out!!!

Posted via CB10

I'm delighted with endless folders, I've been waiting awhile for that feature to be added. And I like that the grey shadow will be removed from the icons, but those new icons in the screenshot are just *terrible*, especially the calculator, clock, weather and compass icons. I'd like it if they removed the grey background, but left the icon style the way it is now, because there's nothing wrong with the current BB10 icon set.

Coffee-turtle, I'm really hoping they listen to us BB10 users who prefer the current icon set. If enough users shout out they don't like them, perhaps they will listen us.

A real novel idea would be the ability to support Icon Packs!
That way you can choose what icon styles you may want. Before BB10, we used to have "Themes". I miss some of my custom icon packs that went along with the themes.

That's a great idea! I could go got that option, but still think they should leave the default icon set the way it is now, and then have an option for icon packs.

On Linux / KDE, icon packs have been available for years. Would be a great option for BB10 too.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Crackberry should run a poll about the icons.. people are going to realize that we took our current ones for granted, this new design direction is a head scratcher for sure.

Posted via CB10

Does anybody else want to be able to create a homescreen that has no icons/folders at all?

I like keeping the home screen clean, and swiping over one page to see my apps.

That would be soooooo nice.

Posted via CB10

Clewley just posted this on his channel...

"10.3: Always home

To 'state the obvious' and a bit of 'tease' (remember SDK content only!)

- Helping with consistency and not getting lost in the homescreen the running apps screen is now always there even if no apps are running. User control to disable coming.

- The icon at the bottom has been changed to a home icon to help users get a sense of home.

Could there be more? Perhaps! :-)"

The folder name should be at the top and apps should be aligned to the bottom right by default. This allows for better one handed operation and let you reach top apps with your thumb

Yes! I used to have a folder that was hidden that I would throw the manufacturer's icons into. :-)
Remember when they used to push all sort of non-sense ware? (maybe Big Red still does)

First folder I make will have a name that sounds like "hat".

After that I can condense 5 of my 6 screens into one, home screen and app screen.

Posted via CB10

I would like folder in folder, pass word for folder, for the folder to stay open when I open an app(just my preference but probably not the masses), and the ability to hide icons. But I do like the unlimited option it is a start as the OS continues to grow.

This is cool, thanks DJ Reyes. I have never maxed out any of my folders before, but this good to know.
I wonder if nestled sub-folders may be next? :-) No, let's not get crazy now, right? :)

All i need to comeback to BB, is a FULL android app support, OR, the google market place

I don’t want to have to sideload apps, BECAUSE, no auto update possibility, HARD, and NOT user friendly

I LOVED THE BB Q10, but the lack of apps made me buy a iPhone

Since 10.2.1, you don't need to sideload anymore. Catch up.

It essentially IS "FULL android app support". It just isn't full Google support. Many, many Android phones are not necessarily Google phones.

What device is shown in the picture, that allows for 6 rows of icons per full screen?
Are the icons somewhat condensed due to the removal of the icon shadow boxes?

Subfolders are an amazing idea... I can't believe this has never been thought of or at least made it into my 10.2 build...

So annoying

Does anyone remember the feature of being able to move your group from bbm to main page (out of bbm) bb10 does not allow it yet .. has anyone seen if they are working on that

Posted via CB10

I feel like we're going one 2 steps forward and 3 steps back with these icons. Yuk. But that's a personal opinion.

Posted via CB10

Thank god! Now I can merge my Games2 folder into my Games folder and get a home screen icon space back.

Posted via CB10 via Z30STA100-5/

I think the default BB10 icons should be the same as the static icons on the homescreen (phone and camera on the Q10 as well as the hub category icons) - this would establish consistency. Next, add the ability for themes.

emPowered by 

Very nice!

Is that an official YouTube app or just the browser shortcut?

Does this mean there won't be an OPTION to have the battery percentage on top of the battery icon? :(

Posted via CB10

This is awesome, I will finally be able to consolidate games,games2,games3, gadgets,gadgets2,toolbox,toolbox2.

Posted via CB10

I don't think that would be possible with how the UI works. If it was set up like PlayBook then you could, but needing to scroll up and down through the active frames, would likely add to a lot of accidentally closed apps. I wish it was still like the PlayBook. Like Apple has it now with the "cards" but actually good like how the PlayBook does it.

Posted via CB10

I'm curious about what the actual folder icon looks like now that the weird faded border is getting removed. Would it be a preview of what's inside, a folder icon or something else?

Posted via CB10

Nice feature. Finally I won't have to resort to multiple folders of the same thing. 10.3 is looking really good so far. I just hope they allow customization of the colors.

Posted via CB10

Why can't we just get a small belt like I had on my storm 2 and 9860... for my most used programs. I like to see the wallpaper clean when I unlock, still like the idea of endless folders though. Makes everything look more organized and superior to both IOS, android and WP.

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

I also like to have a virtual toolbar/trackpad on the Q10 but with the Q20 on the horizon, it will never come.

Woohoo!!! Only a small but nice improvement. I don't think I need this on the top level but at least for the bloatware, tools and 'drivers' (like 'Connect to Dropbox') it's great.

When this os will come officially? Can't wait... BlackBerry is always concerns about their customers and their preferences.... i love BlackBerry ..

Posted via CB10

This was a necessary improvement. Glad to see it. Won't need "Games 1" "Games 2" and "Games 3" anymore! :p

Posted via CB10

i tried to minimize all the folders I have.. then use just the Universal search. that way my wallpaper is not block by those icons..

This is well welcomed. I hate having folders 1, 2, etc., for the same category. Cant wait for this to come.

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I really don't see the difference in icons and what is so bad about what they look like now...

Posted via CB10

Is it just me... I am definitely NOT a fan of these new icons, but I can live with the design.. but the colors? Tutorial, Help, Setup and Phone.. I'm looking at you.. disgusting colors, looks like something a baby would throw up...

Posted via CB10

Icons are ugly.

The 'flat' look reminds me of years ago when devices had very modest resources and the name of the game was a very Spartan appearance.
I don't get the appeal. Feels like a step backwards to me.

I'm not about to lose sleep over it but the way that the whole industry seems to be going to this flat look: just feels like somebody decided it's cool and the rest are sheep.

Posted via CB10

This is great love it.
The other great addition would be the ability to install apps in sd card, right!

Posted via CB10

Does accessing apps from folders have any effect on battery or memory. As it uses an added hierarchy to bring out the apps?

Posted via CB10

I like the remember icon shape and design and please make the icons in unique form $$$$$$$$$

Posted via CB10

I'm OK either way. But I do like the option to customize which is something I missed when I moved to BB10 or whatever it's being called now. I don't want the boxed icons to go away though. They should also make that customizable to our choice, like with themes. And while I'm here (lol) I may as well gripe that I miss my home screen rotating to landscape view. I really miss that. But my gripes are a lot smaller than my praises for BB10.

The biggest improvement for me would be to bring the ability to place a call while the device is locked. This is sorely missed from the BBOS7 days.

Fyi you dont need space on the q series blackberries. Simply just type 1st letter or two of the app you need and the desired icon will appear. Having the hub on the bottom middle of the home screen is recommended also. From the multitasking screen tap the 1st dot on the bottom then tap the hub icon, that is the quickest way to reset the hub. Only swipe right if you want to go back to unfinished messages.

Currently I make use of a few folders and screens. Soon it'll be like the bbos days again, gotta love that to the fulliest!!!

Awesome now I don't have to have 2 folders with all the BlackBerry apps no one uses with the name "useless"

I'll be happy to have endless folders, but what I'd really like to see is the OS tweeked just a little so that when I close the app I was in, I return to the folder the app is in, rather than all the way back to the home screen. Or, at least give the option (for those that do like bouncing back to home).

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