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Enabling the Smart Accessory feature in your BlackBerry 7 smartphone

Smart Accessory hero
By Zach Gilbert on 30 Jun 2012 03:14 pm EDT

If having accessories working for you is your kind of thing, then you'll want to check out this how to guide. Within BlackBerry 7, RIM has built a feature called 'Smart Accessory'. The Smart Accessory feature allows various manufactures to build an option in to their accessory that will allow it to talk to your BlackBerry smartphone, thus allowing your phone to change the sound profile when it's placed in a dock for example. The options don't stop at sound profiles, you can also make driving safer and disable the network connection. Disabling the network would stop you from messaging people while you're driving down the highway. Continue reading to learn how to enable the Smart Accessory option on your BlackBerry smartphone.

To start the process you'll need a 'Smart Accessory' enabled BlackBerry accessory, I've chosen the iGrip car mount for my BlackBerry Bold 9900. Beginning the setup process is remarkably easy, all you need to do is plug the accessory in to power, and attach you BlackBerry. Once your BlackBerry is attached your phone will ask if you would like to make a Smart Accessory profile, you'll want to say yes and then follow the steps below to get you device all set up.

Setting up a Smart Accessory

Step One 

smart accessory setup img 2

After you've placed your BlackBerry into the Smart Accessory, you will be asked to customize the profile for that specific accessory. From this screen, you can edit the name of your accessory, for this one I put 'Car Charger' since its the charger in my car. That's step one, changing the name, pretty simple.

Step two

smart accessory setup img 3

From here you can select which application will open when you place your BlackBerry on the this accessory. I like to have mine set on the music application, or BlackBerry Traffic so I can always be on time.But the choice.

Step three

smart accessory img 4

Once you've completed steps one and two to your liking, you can continue onto the third step in setting up your smart accessory profile. At this point you can select which sound profile is initiated with you place the phone on to the dock, I prefer loud so phone calls get my attention even when the music is loud.

Step four

smart accessory img 5

Now, this step can be a bit off a toss up. Here you will be able to select to have your mobile connection turned off while it's in this specific accessory, and there are good and bad sides to it. The good is that your phone will charge faster, and you'll be less distracted. The bad side is that no communications will come through, nothing. So that important phone call or BBM you were waiting for will have to wait until you remove your phone from the dock, the question is do you have the dedication to wait? I personally set this option to "don't change" as I need to be connected, 24/7. But you can decide what is right for you.

Step five  

smart accessory img 6

If you're a home WiFi user this step and option is one for you. This option gives you the ability to have your phone turn off it's WiFi connection, other than saving battery life and causing your phone to charge faster, there is no real reason to do this. I've got mine selected to "off" because I like to have as many radios off as possible to charge my phone even faster. But like all these steps, you're the one in control.

Step six

smart accessory img 6
The final step, step six. At this stage your last option is to select what happens to Bluetooth. If you're a headset user you will want to have your phone turn Bluetooth on automatically, this way your phone will connect to any Bluetooth connected devices you may have. And you are done! Once you have all the options selected to your liking hit the back button, and select save. Now, once you place your phone into the Smart Accessory you're BlackBerry will run this profile and activate the various options you have selected.


Awesome! So will this 'Smart Accessory' work with iBOLT ProDock Alumina for BlackBerry Bold 9900 ? I just bought that yesterday.


It should be a smart accessory, if you plug it in and it gives you a prompt it is, if it doesn't, well, then you'll need to get a different accessory.


Well, that's going to suck. I'll find out once I get it delivered to me next week.


I bought the charging cradle for my Torch 9850. When I first plugged it in and inserted the torch, it opened the options as outlined. I set them as I wanted It worked fine for 2 nights, but then it acted just like an ordinary charger.
How can I reset it so I can re-enable the options i wanted.


It would be nice of RIM provided a list or SmartAccessory products or manufacturers. This is such a great feature... who knew!


+1 It would be nice to know what to buy before I buy.