Empower SMS Viewer Allows Threaded SMS and More!

By Bla1ze on 20 Jul 2009 06:46 am EDT
Empower SMS Viewer!

One major complaint that comes up with BlackBerry users is the lack of threaded SMS within the OS. Most users want it, and some can live without it (such as myself as I rarely even send text messages any more). Empower SMS is looking to fill that void by offering BlackBerry users a great application that allows you to have threaded SMS and so much more all in one application.

Empower SMS has some great features built into it and after having tested it out myself, I have to say that this is one of the greatest applications I have tested in the past while and for those of you simply cannot live without threaded SMS then you have found the solution. Have a look at that other advanced features as well:

  • Threaded SMS view with Incoming and Outgoing SMS icons.
  • Express better with real graphic Smileys.
  • Customizable graphic backgrounds - use the one given, or choose your own!
  • Turns HTML URLs into colorful web links.
  • Quick compose using SMS Templates and SMS Smileys!
  • Different colors for font, style and headers.
  • Integrates with Quick SMS and SMS Popup apps.
  • Seamless Integration with native SMS application.

If you're not pleased with how the BlackBerry OS handles text messages right now and are tired of waiting for RIM to improve this functionality within the native OS (hopefully support for something similar to this is coming in a new BBM), then Empower's SMS Viewer is an app you should definitely check out. A free trial is available for all devices running operating system version 4.2 or greater, so you can try it before you buy it. SMS Viewer sells for $14.99, which is definitely pricey these days with everybody wanting/expecting apps to sell for less, but is likely well worth it if you're a textaholic as it'll likely be one of the most used apps on your device.

You can use the code CB50off to get a 50% discount that will work on any of the 3 apps (Empower SMS Viewer, Quick SMS and SMS Popups) in the CrackBerry App Store. This will only work from your mobile device at CrackBerryAppStore.com or through the mobile client.

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Empower SMS Viewer Allows Threaded SMS and More!


Downloaded the trail and it bombs on launch. Not something I'd expect from and app that cost $14.99. I'm using OS v4.7.0.151 on my 9530.

I downloaded the trial this morning....launched flawlessly. Now I have to wait till someone texts me! LOL

Permissions are set and I get the same error message. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. Delete!

I bought this app with the 50% off coupon..
get a null exception error at startup of central..
The betas worked previously..48 hours and no support/response or fix. You figure between the launching of this app plus two other new apps (not to mention the price) they would have better support.

Well, a fool and their money are soon parted..
My bad thinking the Betas worked and not giving the final a trial before purchase.

I think i might give this a try. But with the new BBM 5.0 gui. I can only suspect that RIM will be adding threaded sms to its new OS. $14.99 seems a bit much...

To expensive, I'll pass.


These people got to know they will make more money selling apps at $2.99 or less then selling them at $14.99

14.99?? hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

nuff said..

RIM is releasing threaded SMS themselves...so i can wait a few months..

I still don't get the big fuss, mine already come threaded so long as you reply to the sms you received. It is actually quite annoying at times because it gets so long and I've never had a phone do that before.

Instead of having your SMS inbox filled up with 20 messages all from the same person, they are consolidated into conversations. That way you don't have to go looking through each text to find the one you want. All you would need to do is pull up the convo. Just one of the HUGE benefits of threaded text.

I like how they are currently separated into individual messages, so that when someone sends me, say, an address, I can immediately look up and open that text instead of scrolling through a conversation until I find it. Then, I can forward the message or save it to my device. How does this work on threaded texting?

never had a problem with my 8330 until I installed this app. Crashed my curve twice in one day. Uninstalled immediately and now all is fine. I love BBM 5.0 and soon it will have threaded SMS. I'll wait, too.

hey im running .151 on my storm. Installed this program and how do i get it to work went through the option. How do i compose an sms?. do i have to wait to receive one? maybe im missnig something.

I downloaded it on my Tour and when someone texts me there is no name showing up and no picture, just the phone number. Also, my settings for the color of the font arent saving?

are those two different threads? "lets grab dinner tonight, love you" and "hey i just got back from japan, what's up?" someone's not gettin it haha.

no kidding! Amy needs to let her boyfriend or husband know when she goes on international trips. What is wrong with that girl?

i am not to familiar with what threaded SMS actually is... but isn't the SMS already threaded on the Storm? When I click on a new SMS i can see the past several messages back and forth. Isn't that the jist of threaded SMS? I don't know what i am not understanding.

That is not true threaded text messaging. The messaging in Blackberry Messenger is threaded. Instead of getting a bunch of messages you're having a convo as if you were chatting on AIM or YIM. I like threaded because of that and it's less junky than to have my box filled up with messages. So if I want to look for a message from someone that I talked to last week, I might have to scroll through a lot of messages searching for it. With threaded (as long as I did not deleted the convo), it will be easier because find the convo is easier than looking through possibly 100+ messages.

I downloaded the trial this morning and so far im loving it!!! Not sure ill pay 14.99 for full version but will decide when the time comes.

Angel - do you know how long the trial is for? I downloaded it too and absolutely love it. Like you - not sure if I'll pay the $14.99 but.....just wanted to know how long I can use it for free.


Man it would have sucked for this company if the BBM 5.o leak had the SMS built in, but since the final version will have it I will wait for the OEM integration.

I'll download this trial - just for fun - but there's pretty much no way I'll be buying it for this price. That is insanely expensive for what it does. Threaded SMS, yeah, everyone wants it and gripes about it, but for a feature that is iminent in the (near) future, $14.99 is absolutely ridiculous.

I hate to be harsh, but the developers NEED to know that they'll do much better selling this at a (much) lower price.

Most professionals who are able/willing to spend $14.99 for an app like this don't use SMS enough - they either use BBM with coworkers, or send emails. SMS is more geared towards younger kids these days - to communicate with other users who don't have a BB to get emails instantly, or who can't use BBM. But most people with the money who are willing to spend $14.99 are older professionals who talk to other people who have BB's and can get emails instantly and/or utilize BBM.

Got to know your market... I'm sure you're making money off of this, but you really would do better with a permanent price adjustment, to cater to what *should* be your target market: people who own BB's, but who talk primarily to other users whow DON'T own BB's, thus they use SMS the most (universal). This is the younger audience, who can't spend $14.99 on an app.

Just my two-cents. If this app drops below $5, let me know, and I'll throw some money your way (along with most of the posts above, I'd bet).

might have looked at it had they included the ability to send text longer than 160 characters a la beyond 160. but 2 sms apps is too much of a pain. Let me know when they add that and id give them some money

sorry but 15 bucks is to high for an app that i can live without and that i believe all phones should have now a days.
coming from a treo i know how nice it is having threaded sms but i can wait untill rim releases a version on their os.
i have waited 2 years and i can wait longer.
not a deal breaker for me

For $15, you can forget about it. $5 would be tops, and that's pushing it. One hundred people purchasing it for $5 or 2 people purchasing for $15. Do the math.

Downloaded it for fun like the people above. It's a nice app, but I won't pay $15 for it. Like the person above, if they drop the price to $5, I'll buy it.

The 50% off from what I can tell was if you buy all 3 applications they sell, but it expired.

the storm already has threaded messaging though. sure-not as zazzy as that app..but it has threaded texts though...

i personally could care less about it. if it was cheaper, i'd def. check it out

you can view the history of your text with that person, but it is broken up into all seperate text messages.

threaded text messaging shows the whole conversation in one message, just like BBM.

the treo executed threaded text messaging very well, blackberry does not have it yet...

the storm does have SMS strings....you can save the settings I do believe off the top of my head it max out at 10. I would post a pic but it has 411 that I do not want seen by the world...

I tried the free trial and I don't really like it, I guess it's alright but not worth 15 bucks.

If you had a treo or iPhone then you know what real threaded SMS is like and that's the only thing I miss about those phones.

What exactly is threaded SMS. Everywhere I go I hear it shows all texts from person in order including your replies to that person. I might be missing something but the storm does it already. I always thought that it was threaded because my last 2 PDA type phones did not show texts the way my storm does.

help, thanks

EDIT. After reading the above comments it seems TRUE threaded SMS is not what I have but since I only text a hand full of people I really see no need for it. The way I get my texts seems threaded enough for me.

Some of these "APPS" are fundamental features RIM should of handled implementing in the first place. And for 14.99 I could get like 5 to 7 other apps, give me a break!

I'm going to create an app called "Give me your money" its only feature is going to be a link to my paypal account.

Does anyone else think there's a huge conflict of interest at play when the Crackberry staff reviews software that is for sale in their own store? It just seems weird to me that such mediocre software always seems to get such rave reviews here.

I dont think this should be called threaded sms, since its just the native sms app with fancy decorations around it. Nothing was really changed, and the smileys dont do much if the other person doesnt have the app too

You are right. I was really liking this app until I saw it really didn't do anything more than "pretty" up my screen.

I felt all this did was pretty up my screen on my Tour and actually slow down my ability to access messages...on the tour it didn't even organize my SMS to conversations...my inbox appeared as is until I accessed a message...then all it did was pretty up the screen. Wayyyyy too much money for painting a pretty picture. I wouldn't buy it for $3.

I personally like this feature as it saves a lot of time as one doesn't have to go back again and again. It is good for the people who are more in to smsing.

some are having issues with .151 and the app.
Over 48 hours and no response..
Yet they can answer questions on use in the forums..

This company is worse than Aerize..

does anyone know if this program will mark the SMS as read? that is the biggest thing that bothers me with all these 3rd party SMS programs. thanks!

Sorry, but this is the same as it was with the beta. This isn't true threaded sms, you still have all the other text messages that came before, and if you delete those, it is deleted on the latest text to come in.

Fifteen bucks? Hell no. I'll just wait until the new BB os comes out and see what they do natively.


I've downloaded the trial, even though I have zero chance at purchasing it at this price point. After using it, I've determined that this isn't really a threaded SMS application at all.

A threaded SMS application works similar to the way BB Messenger works. This application doesn't work like that. For example, if you delete a single SMS reply, it is deleted from the "body" of the SMS thread. This is the way SMS currently works on a Blackberry. So what exactly is this application giving us? Not a damn thing, other than the nice user interface. So........ for $15, you get some eye candy. Makes it an even bigger ripoff.

Threaded SMS? I don't think so. Don't be fooled. It isn't any more threaded than the canned SMS.

New text messages dont pop up on the open text with a person, like the iphone. This is just paint to go over your existing text messages. Maybe 99 cents, but not what they are charging.


Installed on my curve 8900 running os 4.6 I never got an icon or menu option to run the app. Then someone called me and as I hung up the phone started freaking out,, the screen went dim and then came back on. Ehh, $15 Bones,, I'll pass on this

Again to each his own but with the average price of useful apps being 2.99 - 3.99 or so 14.99 for a fringe app? You've got to be kidding? as already mentioned - sell a hundred at 2.99 or sell 5 at 14.99. Business 101.

I would have bought it if it were truly threaded. Like previously mentioned, it is just paint for the native sms app.

The more I play with this, the less I like it and am really struggling to digest that I paid $15 for this.

I'm always willing to accept that I'm wrong, and I might be missing (which I really hope is the cas) but the only time I've actually been able to use this new tool is A) with an incoming text or B) if I go directly through my contact book, select menu, then select create rich sms... which makes my One Touch SMS program useless and puts me right back in that place where I'm taking four or five steps to send a text.

I've emailed tech support and really hoping they come up with an answer. I want to like this program but I'd be hard pressed to suggest it right now.

Bottom line i came from a treo and they have the threaded txt perfect. one way I have found around that on the BB is to not delete txts. So if I get a txt from my wife today and open it I will see a history of our texts within that message. HOWEVER, if I delete one of them (from the SMS inbox) in the string it will delete it from the "conversation". Reason why this Empower solution is no solution at all is that if you delete an sms in the SMS inbox it removes it from the "threaded conversation". What makes this any different than using the default SMS? (i may have confused myself)

the only difference in using this and the default app is when you open the text message there is a pretty background, and the persons picture whom you are texting. Not worth the 14.99 they charged for it. im glad i went with the trial version. I've only used it for a couple minutes so somone correct me if im missing something.

Your welcome, just some info i found cool, you can use your own wallpapers for the background in the body of your message. Just go to wallpaper, his menu key and select set as sms background. cool!

LOL - now how in the world did you figure that out?? That is cool. I like this - didn't mind paying 1/2 off. I'm a glutton for new stuff. It's fun!

So downloaded the trial version. Its a nice app...but im not sure that its worth 14.99 besides text messages still look the same unitl you actually open the message....so its not like you're text are really threaded like on the iphone or the G1....I'll pass on this....unless it goes on super sale.

You can get the app for $7.49 - 50% off. If anyone wants to purchase, you can get it until 7-23-09. Just go to the Empower site, add it to your cart and put in 50off in the promo part. It will automatically deduct $7.50 off the price - just in case anyone wants to buy it.

It seems threaded, but its really not.

Send someone a text, then try and send then another text before they respond. You must enter the recipient info again as if sending a completely new message, which is the same time waster as the original sms app.

I too will be un-patiently waiting for RIM to come out with something better. BBM 5 has potential, but the leaked beta doesn't do sms yet, and so it's sit and wait for now.

I am VERY disappointed with this purchase. I found a deal to purchase the Empower SMS viewer and the Empower SMS pop-up alert app as a bundle for 9.95. Still too much I know but I thought this would cure my threaded message problem once and for all after coming from the Treo 755p to BlackBerry. I have to give it up to my own poor researching for being SCREWED by this company out of 10 bucks. This app is not worth the skid mark stains on the underwear of the developer who made this thing over at "amaji" or whatever those crooks call themselves. I am very dissapointed with this app. Search for "bChat" its true threaded SMS for .99 cents, not a pretty GUI but does exactly what you expect it to do.

Bought this for the Blackberry Storm 2 and found it to bog everything down and make the system lock up. I had all the permissions correctly set and that did not seem to fix it.... Not worth the $5 I spent on it.