Empower HTML Email Viewer Going WiFi

By James Falconer on 16 Jan 2008 12:03 pm EST

Empower HTML Email Viewer PROThe popular software Empower HTML Email Viewer Pro is a hot seller in our store... And we have a quick update to report on it.

We've received word that the developers of Empower have notified beta testers about some bug fixes and new WiFi capabilities. Granted, I'm not sure WiFi is really needed in an app like this... All the same it is good to see developers embracing WiFi as it is surely the way things are going to go in the future.

The new version is slated for release on January 31st. We'll keep an eye on it and let you know when the update hits our store. Updates are typically free to existing owners, so if you already own it (or want to buy it between now and the 31st) the new updates will come your way for free. Should be interesting to see what they've built-in!

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Empower HTML Email Viewer Going WiFi

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WIFI is actually very useful/needed for this application.

Think about how expensive data plans are, the main reason people are not adopting blackberries at the rate they could be penetrating.

For blackberry users with small 1mb to 7mb plans this would be extremely useful. Before although that amount of data is perfect for many hundreds of emails throughout a month, when you use HTML, you have much higher data usages due to the images and additional information contained in the email.

With a basic data plan you have access to your email, with the service books and all from RIM, but the flexibility attractiveness of utilizing HTML through the WIFI portion