Ajani Infotech $2.99 Anniversary Sale - Two Days Only

By Adam Zeis on 23 Sep 2009 10:15 am EDT

Ajani Infotech (maker of Empower apps) is celebrating their one-year anniversary and spreading the joy all over. To share the love, they are running a two-day sale and all of their apps are only $2.99 through friday. You can snag some awesome apps like Empower SMS Viewer, Quick SMS and Call Later. The Empower suite of apps is definitely worth checking out, and for only $2.99 you really can't go wrong.

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Ajani Infotech $2.99 Anniversary Sale - Two Days Only


Okay, empower SMS for only 2.99 may very well be worth it. I was trying to hold out for the release of OS 5.0 but that is a hell of a discount for that application.

This is nothing like Empower. Empower is beautiful and even though 5.0 will have this, it will probably look basic and boring like the rest of the screens (messages, email, sms, etc) so I will probably stick with Empower even after 5.0. This is a steal at $2.99 though! I got it for $4.99 when it was on sale like last week or something and I've been loving it!

I'm retarded. You were talking about their app Quick SMS. Disregard what I said except for Empower being beautiful and great to use. That I mean!

bchat is annoying to me cuz you have to block your sms firewall so it can work and you cant text quickly from the call log, which is what i like to do. i like the empower, its cute and it starts to work as soon as its downloaded (of course you have to put your settings)...

Is it just me, or does Empower SMS Viewer (ESV) have a few ticks of "lag" when entering a message (from sender screen) and cranking out said message? Using a Tour (pretty much straight outta the box, no knicknacks so far as I know).

Yes. SMS "should" be managed in a threaded fashion (which, as many have pointed out, 5.x should carry-- if "ugly"). I guess I'm a BB ugtard b/c I go for ugly+functional over pretty+less functional... To each their own.

For the brief time I had ESV on there, however, I have to admit it was kind of neat to see that smiley groovin' face up there rather than a bland background, but the "tap'n'pause" when you get into it ultimately turned me off the thing. Maybe it's just an optimization angle for a future update? I don't know (not a coder).

For $2.99 vs. $14, it's a bargain from the developer, and I DO thank them for giving us the opportunity to try-before-we-buy (at any price). If you dig on a cool lookin' SMS client, you've nothing to lose, here (except a little speed...and an ugly background in the SMS app)!

Omg thats an amazing sale, I recently got a blackberry but had an iphone before. Do you think it will be possible soon to be able to buy applications found with iphone such as the types of games, diet calculaters etc...i have had little luck in finding what I need so far.

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Congrats on the anniversary...that will teach me to be patient though! I just got the Empower SMS last week when it was 50% off...few more days and I could have bought a few programs for the same price lol!