EmergencyLink provides peace of mind during crisis situations

By Kerri Neill on 20 Apr 2012 08:56 am EDT

Imagine these scenarios: you’ve been in a car accident and knocked unconscious, you've been carjacked with your small child still in the car, or you receive a phone call that a friend has been hurt and the police can’t reach anyone else and they need information. With EmergencyLink on your BlackBerry, you have it all covered.

EmergencyLink is an application that helps you, your family and friends access important information during a crisis. This free application keeps your personal information secure while having it readily available when needed. EmergencyLink allows you store all your important medical and personal information right on your device so it’s there when you need it most. With a 24 hour response center, EmergencyLink is always there. You can easily setup your free account online and it will sync with your BlackBerry or vice versa.

How the service works:

  • Organize and store all your important information on the website or your Blackberry
  • Members are issued ID cards as well as a screen saver (you do not have to enable it) for their device that informs emergency and medical personnel to call EmergencyLink in an emergency
  • EmergencyLink will provide emergency personnel with all the important medical information needed and will call your emergency contacts to inform them of the situation

Other Features:

  • EmergencyLink allows you to securely share their information among family and friends via their website or the BlackBerry application
  • Take pictures of important documents (Driver’s License, Insurance Cards) and store them on EmergencyLink
  • Two-way sync between the EmergencyLink website and your BlackBerry device
  • BlackBerry users of EmergencyLink have the added option of a screensaver to inform first responders that they are an EmergencyLink member

As a mother of three, one of which is of legal driving age, I constantly worry when they are out of my site. With all our information on EmergencyLink and shared between those who matter most, I no longer have to worry as much. If my mom has my children and there is an accident, she has access to their medical information at the click of a button. This is a great application that is easy to setup and provides peace of mind that those who need the information in an emergency, have it at their disposal.

For more information / download EmergencyLink

EDIT: For those concerned about cost and the selling of their information, the website states "We will not sell or rent your information to third-parties, for any purpose. In the future we hope to present you with “offers” from insurance, financial and other companies that we believe you may benefit from. The offers will be completely optional and you will have no have no obligation to participate. These companies will pay EmergencyLink to present these offers to you and we will present them to you in the form of a monthly email from EmergencyLink. You will have the opportunity to opt out from such offer emails and it is through these emails that we are able to offer you EmergencyLink as a FREE service."

Reader comments

EmergencyLink provides peace of mind during crisis situations


This is a good app for peace of mind. I am often surprised by how little people know about themselves though. Blood type, allergies, etc. So the first thing is to get the info on everyone you care about and just keep it if you need it. I like the screen saver feature.

I also have set-up my BlackBerry so that it displays my blood type and allergies. People can see this even as my BB is locked with a PW. That way, if I'm the guy that is down the paramedics can see what they need.

I think the only problem I have with this is that EMS crews are typically not in the practice of rooting around in a patient's phone looking for information on them. At least, so it goes where I work.

Hence why the screen saver is a great option. I know lots of people have the "ICE: In Case of Emergency" as a contact in their phone and EMS crews do look for those if there is no identification for the patient.

How do they pay for the ID cards & 800 phone number? I see no mention of cost, and they say they don't sell your info.

See the "Edit" at the bottom of the article. You brought up a valid question that I wanted to make sure everyone else saw the answer to as well.