Emergency alerts could be coming to your BlackBerry in the UK soon

Emergency alerts
By James Richardson on 17 Sep 2013 06:51 am EDT

Emergency alerts sent to mobiles are nothing new in some parts of the world, including the US, Australia and the Netherlands. However, the service could well be hitting the UK next year as three of the UK's major networks have agreed to trial the system. 

According to the BBC - EE, O2 and Vodafone are to conduct trials in Easingwold, in North Yorkshire, Leiston, in Suffolk, and Glasgow city centre to see how the public reacts. 50,000 will receive test alerts and will be asked for feedback - which I can only imagine will be extremely positive. 

There will be two types of alerts tested - traditional text messaging and also cell broadcast technology. The trial will run over the next couple of months and following that a report will be compiled to see if the new service should be rolled out nationwide. 

Clearly here in the UK we are not subject to the same weather conditions as is other places. Our hurricane, tornado and earthquake frequency is virtually non existent, however due to the good old English weather we are susceptible to flooding in many places. The emergency alert service could well be a good opportunity for police forces to broadcast information in certain circumstances. I for one would love to see these alerts on my BlackBerry. 

A good idea you think? Let us know in the comments. 

Source: BBC

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Emergency alerts could be coming to your BlackBerry in the UK soon


Agreed. I get them in NYC all the time. Usually they're for flash flood warnings or serious snow storms... they're definitely good things for emergencies other then just weather. With weather a lot of us already know what we're in for when we get up

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I wish I got them here in the US. One thing I miss about the iPhone. Was the flash flood warnings

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Me too on my Z. They are super annoying, make a sound like the world is ending. Although I suppose if the world was actually ending it would be quite helpful, the alerts so far haven't lead to anything.

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US has it. Its a toggle on the phone in the settings, turn it on and you will get it. Its off by default. You will find it in the hub. Go to your hub, Tap the three dots, select settings and then emergency alrerts.

I wish Canada would have this, I think it would be a handy feature.

t a guess as Virgin, Tesco Mobile etc are Virtual networks running on the Big Threes physical networks then it will likley be the Physical networks that will send out the alerts.

I heard and read a lot about these emergency broadcast messages but have yet to receive one.

Anybody know if Rogers in Canada participates in this Emergency system?

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So what do I need them for? Free spam... great...

(Knowing this country it will get abused for all sorts of things. )

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Awesome, I really like this idea and tbh I've been jealous of other country's alert systems for a while now. About time we got something similar

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Cell broadcasting technology has been available in the UK for many years. Its just that they stopped using it, I used to get cell broadcasts back in the mid 90s.

Yes, definitely. If we could get sirens or alerts on our phones (in the case that we're not near a breaking news TV broadcast, radio broadcast, or not in the immediate area of the issue, etc.), then I think it would go a long way to ensuring we take more safety precautions (and actually know what's going on) .

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Perfect example of when this would have been useful would have been the London riots.....

Although the BBM service was allegedly part if the causr.

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