Emblm looking to become a player in phone personalization; check out their Indiegogo campaign

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Aug 2012 01:10 pm EDT

On my recent trip to Waterloo to attend BlackBerry's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, I was approached by Pranav Sood, the founder of Emblm. I actually met Pranav once before, when his idea for Emblm was still just an idea, but since then he's made a lot of progress on taking the idea from concept to reality.

Over the years CrackBerry readers have always been fans of device personalization services, be it ColorWare, Coveroo or the offerings from any of the custom sticker skin / decal companies out there. Emblm takes things a step further by actually customizing OEM parts. You're not adding bulk to the device, nor paying ColorWare prices, but have the ability to get a personalized device. Be sure to check out the video above for a solid overview.

Pranav has had some great exposure the last few months -- he even appeared on Dragon's Den (Canada's version of Shark Tank) to pitch the idea -- and now he's looking to raise funding via Indiegogo to really get the business off the ground. You can jump over to the Emblm Indiegogo campaign for all the details. If you like what you see, be sure to support him, and let him know that you discovered him via CrackBerry!

Check out Emblm's Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo 

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Emblm looking to become a player in phone personalization; check out their Indiegogo campaign


Reserved... just kidding!
He already has $1,560 so far. He should be able to clear 75k in no time. I may donate a few dollars his way. Thanks for the info.

Thanks CrackBerry for the awesome post. Been a BlackBerry user my entire life and Emblm just made it even better. @Kevin glad you and the RIM folks liked the Kevin Emblm!

Team CrackBerry, remember we have an Olympics Special on right now for the first 300 orders. You can get a custom Battery Cover for your 99XX, 98XX, or 9360 (with anything - doesn't have to be Olympics related) for $25 + free shipping to US and Canada. Order today to help support our crowdfunding campaign!

Thanks and hope you love the product as much as we do!

Wow this is hott!!!!!! I'm in!

On a side note this new Facebook like thingy in the lower right hand corner is soooooo annoying!

Hey BB-Bmore.. sooo... basically.. I'm going through a crazy testing phase right now. If you see things like that, don't panic.. may not be permanent. Lots of stuff coming to the site(s) over months ahead, so trying to gain insight into what's good / bad / etc. by running it for a bit on existing site.  

Kill the pop up for sure. I've actually started visiting the site less because it annoys me so much. Grr.

I've been finding that the site is taking a very long time to load compared to the past. There's quite a bit of lag when pages initially load.

I've been looking for something like this. I don't like stickers I want something a little more permanent. This seems to be it and also will get rid of the evidence of wear and tear

Good idea, good concept...something I would definitely pay money for. Only downside is, I can't click through the designs on the website because every time I go to click on something my mouse has a seizure.

I would love to watch this video, except it won't play on my 9930.... Guess I'm waiting till I can get home and jump on my playbook

I just placed an order, I can't wait for it to come, watch their videos its really cool how they explain their business

We are going to continue to expand our device lineup and BB10 will definitely be a priority. Thanks!

Hello! We use OEM parts that are tested for NFC functionality. Our prototypes have yielded some with NFC functioning and others that have not. Part of the funds from the crowdfunding campaign will help us perfect our coatings to be compatible with NFC. We are confident that NFC will be fully functional when we ship in September. Thanks!

Hello! If you get just the BlackBerry Cover, your original red trim would still be there. If you get the Full Body which includes an Emblm trim, you can change that colour to one of six that we offer. Check out www.emblm.ca to design your torch online! Thanks.