Email Templates Pro and Lite Help You Be More Productive

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2009 09:01 am EDT
Email Templates

Here is a cool application that I'm sure many can put to use. Email Templates is an email solution for those times where you may find yourself having to send out the same email on numerous occasions. Anyone in sales, marketing, customer support or business development could put this to use, and it comes loaded with some unique features:

  • Unlimited Customizable Templates (Pro version)
  • Personalize each response on-the-go with "Placeholders"
  • Integrates with native Email, PIN & SMS applications.
  • Supports ultra-Large Templates; each upto 124,000 characters long!
  • Quickly save any email as a Template using SaveAsTemplate option.
  • Allows for storage of user created templates on SDCard.

Email Templates comes in two versions at this time, lite and pro. Lite is a free, limited version which only allows for 3 templates to be created and stored on the device memory. The pro version allows for unlimited creation and storage of templates to the SDCard and costs $9.99.

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Email Templates Pro and Lite Help You Be More Productive


I tried to contact this company for support on their Empower SMS Viewer and had to give up after several weeks of trying. I used direct email, online support forms from their website, online support form on the CrackBerry site and more. They never got back to me. Buyer beware!