Try Email Plus for BlackBerry 10 with 500 free copies to give away

Email Plus
By James Richardson on 27 Aug 2014 01:00 pm EDT

We've seen quite an increase recently of BlackBerry 10 developers giving away free copies of their applications to CrackBerry readers and things don't seem to be slowing down. Next up for grabs is Email Plus which is an email client for your BlackBerry that gives it a new look and feel.

This won't be to everyone's liking, especially when I say that the application looks very much like the email inbox on an Android device. However, as you'll see below, there's a ton of features included, but I'm going to be totally honest and say that I've not tried out this particular app. I like my BlackBerry 10 Hub far too much to think about using something else for reading my emails.

Features include:

  • Multiple account support

  • Hub notifications (can be turned off)

  • Configurable background synchronization

  • Light or Dark theme option

  • Folder subscriptions

  • All folder synchronization

  • Return-address configuration

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Message sorting

  • Unified Inbox

  • Email signatures

  • Attachment saving

  • Emoji support

  • …. much, much, much more

If you fancy giving this one a go just hit up the following link, pull down from the top bezel, select 'Redeem' and enter the code EPLUS500 and the price will switch to free. Let us know what you think in the comments please?

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Try Email Plus for BlackBerry 10 with 500 free copies to give away


There is an Apache license on K9. The dev is required to indicate the license on all unmodified parts.

Considering this looks to be conveniently missing and considering this is basically just someone who threw open source code in a QNX compiler to pass it as his own and charge I find it would be appropriate for CB to take down the article altogether.

This thing is the antithesis of cool.

Z30 Vivo Brasil


you use open source, you abide by the rules. K-9 is already available, and I got it, but don't like it too much.

I was interested in this app when I saw the headline "for BlackBerry 10", oh something native, great...

Now it's a lame port disrespecting the OSS licence ... ?

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

There was no luck involved since almost nobody is interested in this app. Though, served me very well back on OS7.

Haha! Good point.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureever

I wonder if this Dev is the same "DJ" that writes for CrackBerry.

Frosty White Q10/

Got It! Finally lost my cherry in getting a freebie... I'm awsome. And a useful app too. Double Win!

Posted via CB10

I've gone like 5 mins after the post, and was say 1500 free copies, and was all used up. Have to wonder how that many can be taken within 5mins of the thread post.

Posted via CB10

Most of the downloads are from people who just want something free for the sake of it. They probably shouldn't post it on CB because the people who look for apps in BlackBerry World (I am not one of them) might actually make use of them.

Posted via CB10

Funny enough- I plan on using it for my secondary Yahoo accounts that I don't want to have cluttering up my HUB menu tabs.
Yahoo!, indeed lol.

Frosty White Q10/

Then why bother to use the download on an app you will probably never use. It takes away from those that genuinely have a need for such an app.

Amazing... like the free food scoopers at Costco. never intend to shop just feed their family on the freebies. That's what's wrong with this promo stuff.

Devs should just make their apps free for 4 days and then disable it unless you pay.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

I like your idea. Free to try. If you like it, but it. Otherwise it stops working and you delete it. I've had other software that worked like that and I thought it was a fair deal. You just have to be sure to work it hard when you first get it so you have a good idea how it works for you.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Zed30, eh.

Wow that's nice. Lol. Just downloaded cuz said free to try it, but didn't even use the all, deleted it prior to. No offense, but there's 1/500 free ones gone that some else coulda used

Posted via CB10

Two out of 500 nobody will use. See the other poster up top who celebrated getting a freebie but admitting he'll never use it? Smh

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Great. So you basically took a freebie from a user who might have not cared. Not very nice.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

I pity the fool who buys these things, they are so inferior compared to hub. I hated android email clients and I tried every single one of them, there are some good ones but the are no Blackberry. Not even close, and now someone thinks people will actually use one of those email clients on Blackberry? If they do, they might as well buy an android, because email and hub is the only reason why I and many people I know use Blackberry instead of iPhone/Android. If BB messes up the email/hub, then bye bye..

I just tried this and I actually don't mind it, I'm able to look up all old emails and folders I created few years back. Something i am not able to do in hub. Keep in mind I won't use it all the time but when I need to search my emails I will use this. Thanks

Posted via CB10

Can anyone ever let other ppl get a free app!
Even the prior one that had 1500 giveaway was gone right away!
I just opened the CB10 app and went into BlackBerry World, and they're all gone like right away for this one.
How many CB10 users could have seen this just now to go grab the freebie! Unless the free apps are being advertised elsewhere first...

Posted via CB10

I'm good with my native but thanks for the freebie.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

How can 1500 free downloads be gone it's a joke not enough need to be unlimited because there can't be that many people on blackberry not with all the bad press that people give anyway better luck next time might just get 1 not that I'm bothered but hey its good to get something for freeeeeeeer.

Posted via CB10

I got it it's good but won't work with gmail, works ok with Outlook. I got email from Google saying someone tried to access my account and knew my password and gave me link if i wanted to use unsecured apps for email. Android port and I'm afraid the Hub wins although it does have some good features BlackBerry Hub will always be my go to for mail it's shown me just how good the hub is!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

I'd rather not get this one. Sorry dev there is no comparing to the stock BlackBerry email client.

Posted on my Z30

Yeah, I was lucky enough to get a freebie! Joy! EXCEPT...the app sucks compared to the stock HUB on my Z30! What was I thinking? No need to get this, or buy it. BBOS HUB rocks as is!

Posted via CB10

Don't be sad if you missed out on this.

It is a straight up port of K9 Mail from Android, which is free, open source software. It doesn't include the modern cryptography package, so if you want to use it with GMAIL you have to relax your security settings and make it more likely your email will be hacked.

And, the whole thing is inferior to the Hub.

It seems like a money grab by the dev to try to charge for this...

Posted via CB10

Just went to my Gmail account and it explains that it blocks access of apps that don't meet up to date security, you can override this and allow unsecure access but it's not recommended!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

I've given it a try and wasn't too impressed initially but I attemtped to configure a Google account for testing which was a bad idea. Since getting it to work (issue with 2-step verification) I've been quite impressed. Has a number of features that BB doesn't have that I've been missing.

Being on a blackberry, and "buying" an email client?? Seriously. We'll I would buy if you incorporated the ability to save an email. Else this app is a waste of time.

Guess some folks have setup alarms and reminders for the free stuff. I haven't ever been able to get any free stuff here.

Who needs an email app on blackberry?? Who are we kidding man. I love my hub thank you.

Posted via my amazing z10 while pissing on iPhone

Well all the copies are gone. But to those who got free copy.... is it worth buying? what like best about it? Looks interesting

Posted via CB10

You didn't miss much, it isn't worth buying. It is a good app but there is absolutely no need for it because the hub is significantly better (no offence to the dev).

Posted via my love powered Q10

The built-in mail client of BB10 offers sufficient features in a clean UI. In my opinion it's better than K9.

The only thing lacking is to delete the original text at once when replying. But this is announced for 10.3.

Posted via CB10

"The only thing lacking is to delete the original text at once when replying. But this is announced for 10.3."
I was really missing that feature. You are right. 10.3 brought it back! Yay!

If only I could keep email on my phone longer than a month, like in the food old days. Sigh...

Posted via CB10

Charging for a lame port is not cool, go to snap and is free! Shame dev!

via  Z30

I dont know guys - these free giveaways thing is irritating me. I come to Crackberry to read interesting stuff and I have go to through all that 500 codes for this, 1000 codes for this that I am completely not interested in. I know it prolly brings more people to Crackberry but it feels like some cheap store rather than professional tech site. Wouldnt it be better to have one thread in the forum where they could post all the freebie codes and not just spoil the main site? Or maybe there is so few BB users that this is the only way for Crackberry to survive ?

Plus, look at the time's its getting posted.
If you're in a different timezone (Europe maybe) you miss out because it's too late by the time you read it.
But I agree, with all these giveaways, CB is turning out to be more of a swap meet then a real BlackBerry news / fan site. Not only the giveaways, but the constant " commercials" aka "deal of the day"

Can anybody tell me wy one would buy / use an app like this?
I mean, doesn't BlackBerry have the best email (support / client) by default?

I have a use case for this!

The Hub doesn't sync some IMAP folders, notably All Mail in Gmail / G Apps. So if you have unlabeled, archived email in Gmail, you can't access it on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

So I use K9 (android port) to retrieve archived and unlabeled email.

Posted via CB10

Just a ripoff of K-9. Glad the savvy folks here already pointed that out.

Posted via CB10

Guys thanks all for mentioning K9. Didn't know about it. Just installed it on my Z10. Working fine so far, and I like that allows me to configure a different From ID and also that it has the option to mark mail as spam, missing from BB 10 at least for me.

Posted via CB10

Excellent very good application but was disappointed that it was not native and therefore BlackBerry10 delete it! Best are native to BlackBerry10

Posted via CB10

Lame. CrackBerry promoting this app? Its a freebie for Android. Things going down in quality control around here.

Posted via CB10

This site is more about advertising nowadays than the quality emphasis on. BlackBerry news. Things sure have changed in the past few years. :(

Posted via CB10

I want to know if I can lock up the email client.

Currently I can't lock the hub, and there are fake apps in the blackberry app world that claim to lock the hub, but they do not.

There is limited ability to keep work accounts separate if your employer uses an enterprise server. But that is useless since I can't use send personal emails on the company server.

Let me lock the hub so I can let my kid play temple run Oz.

Posted via CB10