Elverado Theme Now On Sale For Only $3!!

Elverado Theme On Sale!
By Bla1ze on 28 Mar 2009 12:17 pm EDT

Here is something sweet for all you Curve, 8800 and Pearl owners out there. Trimax84 has let me know that he has let loose a sale on the ever popular Eleverado theme in every which flavor you might like it.

This theme has been a favorite in the CrackBerry forums for a while now and when trimax84 let me know about his sale, I had to let you all know as well. For the next 3 days you can pick up any version of the Elverado theme for only $3. Now that's a steal for the amount of work that has gone into this theme.

You can grab it from your device's browser by heading to CrackBerryAppStore.com using this  mobile app store link to get the discounted price. Be sure to check out the CrackBerry Forums thread to get a good look at all the available variations of the theme.

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Elverado Theme Now On Sale For Only $3!!


I was all stoked to pick up this theme and for only 3 bucks, until I read it further and realized it doesn't work on the Bold. Damnit

I have 3 of Trimax's themes, and they are my favorites. I just alternate between the 3 of them. I couldn't be happier!

Great looking theme. I really want to get it for my husband's bb. He'd love it. The double dock is awesome as is the side u. Really awesome theme!

I see many links for 83XX model's, and a couple links for the curve OS 4.5 or greater... Does this apply to the 8900? or is my javelin out of luck??

Was actually going to buy 2 themes, until I clicked the mobile app store link and it wants me to enter my credit card info. Sorry, I only pay through paypal.

I'd be all over this is the mobile appstore would allow to me log in!

Keeps telling me incorrect login, even though I KNOW what i've entered is CORRECT. Augh.

Doing it via the laptop gets me into the appstore no problem, but NOT the discounted price. The login details are the same for the mobile, and full-versioned appstore. i'm stumped here.

To access the $3 special from a computer, this link applies the discount: http://www.mobihand.com/product.asp?id=27049&n=Elverado

The easiest way would probably still be to go right from your device to the CB App Store (CB App Store from a computer will show the full price).

And I don't know about paypal not working for some...it is an option when I look at the CrackBerry App Store here for me, so it should work fine.

when going to the app store on my laptop, and add the theme to my cart (for $7), and go to checkout, it gives me a "use paypal" option. This is what I have always done, and then recieved the info via gmail and downloaded things that way. It allows me to use paypal

Now if I go to the link you provided, on my laptop or phone, it takes me to a payment page for mobihand. It then asks for my credit card number and information. I checked it out and it does the same thing with different software when using the app store.

I bought the theme on my laptop about four hours ago and still haven't received it in my email, its not in my junk or anything. Where is it?

If i go in by way of my device, there is no paypal there, just credit card. If i go in by way of laptop, they have paypal, but price is $7. And if i go in by way of mobi, they want credit card. Id love to get the arcs theme for my 8110, but i wanna pay with paypal. Any help? And why wouldnt app store put $3 on it instead of $7 by way of laptop? Thanks!

I guess that's an unfortunate limitation of the CB store (powered by Mobihand, so probably the mobihand store).
Can you generate a virtual credit card number by logging into your credit card account online (I do that all the time)....set a dollar and time limit and you're good to go.

I would love to get a Storm/8900/Bold version out. I have properly sized icons, but it will take some time to get the other image/Composer files made. We'll see; keep an eye on the theme forums.

Which homescreen icons are customizable on the Today L theme? Is it just the bottoms, or the bottoms and the right side??