Elevated Automotive Loan & Lease Calculator - 5000 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2009 01:28 pm EST

Elevated Automotive

Elevated Automotive is testing out their new loan & lease calculator app. The application hopes to make buying or leasing a car as easy as can be, and soon to be a complete car buying tool. They have just updated to version 1.5.1, and have 5000 free copies to give away.

The calculator's simple, clean interface allows users to quickly compute their exact car payments using the same information that dealers use to calculate payments in their computer systems. Whether you need to see the difference in your payment based on the length of the loan, you need to see exactly how much that extra down payment will affect the loan, or you just want to see the difference between a loan and a lease, you no longer have to wait for your salesman to go back and forth to his boss to make a decision. 

To check it out, just head over to Elevated Automotive to download the free app. 

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Elevated Automotive Loan & Lease Calculator - 5000 Free Copies


can someone post the download link? i don't want to give out my information to someone i don't know or have any intention on doing business with, for an application.

thanks in advance

wdfly, I understand that you would not want to give your information to anybody that you do not know. We do not sell or distribute any of your information, it is only used for us to analyze where our users are located, and to send you a link for the download. If you would like a free copy, please fill out the form and we will send you a link.

If all you want to do is analyze where your users are located,...then why not just ask for City/State/and email address?

Have Bold Will Travel~

Was looking at an A5. This would have helped me realize that it was way out of my price range before I fell in love with the thing. FML

Though not used often, it would be a great self contained tool when you need it or when you just want to know.

Man, this is one thing I miss about my old treo - It had one built in!

I'm in the process of looking for a car now and this would really come in handy.

P.S. If anyone in Southeastern Georgia is selling a farily new car with good mileage...

This is perfect timing. My wife and I are on the fence about buying/leasing a car and this tool would be great!

Awesome! My lease is about to expire, this will be great to have when at the dealership and needing to quickly calculate an estimated payment.

Just DLd the app. Very simple and plain, but that is not an issue. It does what it is intended for. This will come in quite handy when talking numbers, and will be a great resource when the salesperson shows you a monthly payment and for how many months BS! The print is just so damn small on my Tour.

This may prove to be a useful app. I am an inter net dales manager at a Chevrolet dealership and I know I will use this. Thanks all who pointed me to it. :)

Wow, their web site SUCKS on a BlackBerry! You can't even see the form to fill out and the only way to get the app seems to be by them sending you a SMS. That bites for people without a SMS plan.

The URL they texted to me was:
(URL removed per request from Elevated but you can figure it out)
Don't know if that will work for anyone else trying it?

Also, even though this article says v1.5.1, when I downloaded it the version was 1.6.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback and also reiterate that this is NOT A CONTEST. All you have to do is go to the link in the post to our website and be one of the first 5000 people to do so, and you will get a copy sent to you for free. Also, for clarification, we released the 1.6 version last night, which is why you are all getting that instead of 1.5.1. Enjoy the app, and please give us any feedback and suggestions that you would like to see in future versions.

this app would come in handy since i seem to take out a loan every 2yrs to buy a car or for car related items...i could really use this app

Whoa that would be cool to have! I always appreciate all theses "money organizers" that the iPhone lack so much...

Stop hoping to win this. You won't! Why? Because it is not a contest. Just click on the link and dl it from the website.

Well the youngest just turned 16 and already begging for a car. This could be very nice to have in the BB while negotiating.

This isn't a contest people. Just go download it. I did, sweet application. Thank you everyone at Elevated Automotive!!

I would love to get selected for this app cuz i'm a automotive mechanic and this app can be useful for me at my dealership.

Hey I could really use this, I'm currently looking to purchase a new car and would like to try out this App.

this is a great app!
i just downloaded on the storm 2.. had to disable compability mode, but thats not a problem..
but the font could be a little bigger..
just a sugestion...
thanks for the great free app!!!

I could use this... I will be looking for a new car soon. 10 year old Ford isn't doing it for me anymore lol

,...If it's free, then make it free without all of the strings attached!

Have Bold Will Travel~

Does not work if you enter an interest free loan of 0% APR (yes they do exist).

Gives you a calculated monthly payment:$Na.

this will definitely come in handy for me as i'm currently in need of a new car & trying to pay the lowest price possible.