Elecite Updates Themes For BlackBerry Tour, 8520 Support Coming Soon!

Elecite Updates Themes For BlackBerry Tour!
By Bla1ze on 15 Aug 2009 01:14 pm EDT
As everyone is aware by now, the new Plazmic Content Developers Kit was released and theme developers are now making their way to re-releasing all their themes with Tour and 8520 Curve compatability.

Elecite is no exception to this as they are always quick to port themes, late last night I got an email from them letting me know they have indeed updated most of their themes to now be compatible with the Tour. When asked, I was advised that 8520 themes were still in the works but they too, will also be arriving soon.

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Elecite Updates Themes For BlackBerry Tour, 8520 Support Coming Soon!


Man, I've been waiting for this day ever since I first bought my Tour last month! Elecite's themes are visually stunning and they always run nice & smooth. My favorite theme builder by far!

Just downloaded one for my Tour, and that's 7 bucks I'll never get back. Even though I looked at the screenshots prior to purchasing the theme, it looks different on the screen of my device. The contrast between the black background and the text is very hard to see. It strains the eyes. The rest of it is just artsy, but not functional like the stock theme. I really just wanted the "today" function. That's about all the stock theme was lacking for me, but even that feature is watered down on this new theme. It doesn't show you the today events unless you hover over your calendar, and even then it just shows the date but doesn't show the day of the week, so it just gets to be a pain to get any work done with this theme.

Wow that was quick. I was just waiting for Elecite themes to be updated for the Tour. I want the Analog one.

MisterB which theme are you complaining about?

anyone who's has a tour & purchased the urban theme; how does it look on the phone & does it really change the cities every hour?

any info is appreciated it

why not the urban theme? that one is my favorite and only one that can't be used on the 9630, i believe.


I installed the Analog theme yesterday and love it. It gives me the things I want to see (Battery life, Signal,and a few shortcuts)on the screen and is easy to read, ALSO LOOKS AWESOME! I use the keyboard shortcuts so I do not like a lot of clutter on the screen, this is very clean and neat.

to get free 8520 themes Go visit my blog. and click on "welcome to my blackberry 8520" link to my site on the left and scroll down and click on the Harley Davidson theme to download free themes. Please leave a blog to let me know what you think. I will also be posting more themes as I design or download them and also more files, Mp3's and games that will be completely free as .zip downloads, Sorry no OTA downloads as of right now. all files are tested with my 8520 to ensure they work properly before I add them.

How do I get to your Blog? This is my first time at crackberry and I really want a Harley theme for my husbands Blackberry. Please help. Thank You!!