Elecite Rocks Your Storm And 8900 Curves!

Elecite Themes Now Available For 8900 And Storm!
By Bla1ze on 6 Mar 2009 11:51 am EST

The good folks over at Elecite have been mad busy as of late pumping out some nice new themes such as Droid and iBerry 3G and the new Windows 7-inspired Inspirat. Aside from making those slick interactive themes for the Storm, they have been digging back in their catalogue to make all their themes available for the 8900 Curve and the Storm.

Now while not all have been updated as of yet, they chosen some their top customer picks and given them the transition treatment so you can now grab Grunge, Ascarii, Scion and Distinct for your Storms and 8900's and of course all previous devices have support as well, but be sure to check to ensure compatability.

Always nice to see when theme developers update their back catalogue of stuff to new devices. There is nothing worse then getting a new device and finding out one of your favorite things about that old device is not compatible with your new one.

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Elecite Rocks Your Storm And 8900 Curves!


i've already seen the Droid, iBerry 3G, and Inspirat themes for FREE for the Storm in the Storm Theme forums. Why pay seven bucks for these ones when you can get basically the same theme for free (although the creators of these themes wouldn't mind donations, I'm betting).. It's just a matter of time before someone makes the Grunge, Ascarii, Scion, and Distinct themes for free also.

There is definitely something to be said about premium versus free themes. Just because someone makes a Grunge, Ascarii, Scion, or Distinct look-a-like OR any turns any premium theme out there into a free look-a-like, there is a lot more attention to details and authentic resources used for the real thing. Accept no imitations.

That is true. I'm not going to lie, the premium themes are keen to their details, but still if you are fine with those little imperfections, then I think that the free themes will do.

I like to see their are breaking the mold a bit and making some interesting more unique themes.

I'm still not shelling out $7 for a theme though... Maybe eventually if I see one I just can't refuse, but any theme for the storm right now is basically still "beta".

I saw something stating that they intend to charge when the Plazmic version for 4.7 is no longer in beta and the themes are updated... which, if true, is insane. If I pay $7 for a beta theme I expect to get the updated version for free.

They are quality themes, no doubt, but if an upgrade for your theme is available you have to repurchase it. Lol, I'm in the wrong post.

Just to clarify guys, if Elecite ever releases an updated version of the SAME theme for the SAME model, you'll be able to re-download it FREE.

Updates are free (even thou we don't have 'em that often)
Upgrades aren't.

But these that you are releasing were made with Beta Plazmic 4.7, correct? Or are developers able to get a final version?

Just downloaded the Leopard Theme for the Bold, which I really like.. however their is a major issue with it. When you highlight an icon on the home screen some of the name of the icon is cut off. For example: the word "Messages" shows up as "essages" and "Contacts" shows up as "ontacts".

This issue needs to be fixed asap. After all, $7 is not cheap for a Theme and it should work as advertised.

I have purchased 2 $7 themes from the crackberry app store and they weren't any better then the free ones. The Android theme by E is the best theme out there. I have delete both of the $7 themes I purchased.

I think that developers are making pretty good quality themes. I use the Android theme by E and it is my favorite theme so far.

For those interested in the Droid theme, I would recommend trying ECruz's Andriod theme instead of this Driod theme. Just purchased this Droid theme and I am regretting it...the ECruz port is much better. Quite a waste of $7. Plus ECruz's edition is free...

Thanks, I been using E's theme and I just saw this Droid theme...I almost pay for it, but I'm glad I saw your comment... Oh and I made my donation for E's theme. A couple bucks cheaper than $7 dls!!! :)

So companies can now release themes with Beta Software that doesn't have all the bugs worked out yet?

The Grunge, Ascarii, Scion and Distinct don't work for the Storm. I think you should update the post to reflect that.

Beware the "Grunge" theme. It looks pretty good on the phone but icons on application screen are hard to read and there is no battery or signal strength icon. For signal it just says 1XEV (Verizon) but no strength meter and there is no battery bar at all. I'm waiting to see what happens when the battery gets low. It's a Storm so I won't have to wait to long.

Plz keep in mind that Scion, Distinct & Ascarii are not yet available for the Storm. They are coming shortly thou (about a week).

Grunge theme DOES have battery/singnal indicators on the homescreen and application screen.

Elecite themes are tested many times to perfect the details and fix bugs however, if at any time you bump into something you think is a bug (that for some reason is being caused by your particular device), please contact them and all issues will be resolved within 24 business hours.

Where are they? I'm looking at my Storm (which is currently running the "Grunge" theme) there is no battery life indicator and the only signal indicator is "1EXV" but nothing to indicate signal strength. The screen shots on the website don't show it either. I just assumed it was part of the design of the theme.

other than the no battery/signal meter, hows is the Grudge theme otherwise? is it smooth or laggy? does your storm crash while running it?

I contacted Elecite Themes about my issues and they responded back to me in less than 24 hours. I was mistaken there are both battery and signal indicators on both the home and the application screens. They are just cleverly integrated into the style of the theme which makes it very unique. I have not had any problems at all running it on my storm. Transitions are smooth and I've had no crashes (I'm running 0.75). Free themes are great but there is definitely something to be said for the details that go into those you pay for. Very nice job Elecite, I will be keeping and eye out for future Storm themes.

Elecite makes incredible themes, there is no doubt, but be wary of paying $7 for something that is clearly in Beta. We don't even have a good official OS for the Storm yet, buyer beware.

Paid for and downloaded the Leopard Theme for my Bold... this Theme, although nice in concept, doesn't work properly and isn't anywhere ready for prime time for the Bold. I will be requesting a refund asap.

This is a prime example of where Trial Downloads should be made a requirement of the developer. If it doesn't work then fine, no harm, no foul. If it does work, then I would purchase it prior to the trial running out. But I now have to go through the hassle of getting a refund.

I'm going to try upgrading to the latest RIM leak but this theme looks terrible with the display issues that surfaced. It looks like a 32-bit image displayed in 16-bit .. yikes.

good call.

i was about to make a purchase but remembered it won't look as nice as the screens with the color degradation in the recent storm beta os releases.