Elecite Releases Pulse As A Free Trial Theme For Storm Users

Elecite Releases Pulse As A Free Trial Theme For Storm Users
By Bla1ze on 23 Feb 2010 12:38 pm EST

A few days back now, Elecite released a new theme just for BlackBerry Storm users called Pulse. This is the first where Elecite has offered it users a premium theme on a free trial basis. Offering free trials for themes is something that, in my opinion a lot of developers should really ought to try. It allows your users the chance to check out exactly how a theme will look and run on their device before laying down the cash to purchase.

In this case, Elecite has reduced some of the functionality in Pulse as some buttons to apps do not work. But overall, users can still get the general feel for the theme and then decide on purchase options from there. While this is just the first theme out the gate using this method, I hope Elecite keeps it up and expands to other devices as well. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think about the free trial option in the comments.

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Elecite Releases Pulse As A Free Trial Theme For Storm Users


hey hey hey,

i dont know about first

i released classique lite which was a stripped down version of my premium theme classique premium months ago, and alot of other theme devs practice this as well

They make sweet themes.. but if you have any questions about ANYthing, they most likely wont reply.... simple. NO REQUESTS ACCEPTED, NO REFUNDS, ETC.

...but I agree. They don't even respond to emails from their eveek email. I mean, I have gotten a response a few times but it is NEVER all the time and it did take a minute shy of forever to receive any response. I wish they would work on this. *sigh* But they do have great themes.


If you're having issues and were not able to get a hold of any of us, I apologize. All emails are answered daily (sometimes twice a day). If we get an email, we respond to it every time. It might be that some emails get lost in spam filters.

Please do PM me if you have any questions or need help with anything, I'll make sure you are well taken care of and quick.

PS: eVeek is a completely separate division so contacting them for elecite products probably isn't the best way to get a quick response.

I cant view emails or SMS in Landscape..it will not flip. Any suggestions? typing in Portrait sux.

I downloaded the demo, real nice. Question though, on the homescreen, you have to click to get each option to come up. Is it possible to just touch these as a hotspot instead of having to click each time?

I can see the final selection as needing a click but going from the main to the submenus only needing a touch.

Isn't this a slight copy of that new "one touch for everything" phone from Iran? I know you need several clicks but the whole layout is the same. Either way, nice to have a trial for once.

It's a great idea but it wouldn't be possible because of how this theme is structured. For us to hide certain elements while others show up, we need the click commend not touch, touch wouldn't work. So you'd end up with several menus overlaying each other.

And this theme is actually inspired by ELSE OS.

Possibly...we didn't make it for other devices because we were concerned about the navigation. It might be a little difficult to move around using a trackpad/trackball.

Normally I hate themes, but this one actually performs well. I love how this theme looks on my Storm2 - GREAT JOB ELECITE!!!

This theme is the best one I've seen since I bought my Storm 2 and searching for ways to replace the boring default theme.

I bought this today after I got the trial and it runs very clean on my storm 2. I wish the back button would collapse the menu on the home screen though. Its rather annoying to have to click on the center of the "web" to get the menu to go back so you can open another root. Other than that this skin is pretty clean.

It'd be nice if we could have white on the background when viewing messages. It's much easier to read thhen grey/blue on black.

the dark background is what makes me like this theme. We get white backgrounds on the messages on most themes, this is nice to have the grey/blue background. I have no problems reading it. This is what sets elecite apart from other themes.

Elecite, dont change the background.

Great theme. Never thought I'd pay for a theme but this one is way cool. The free trial was what convinced me.

Man...That else interface looks awesome. What's the story behind that? Is it coming to an actual phone anytime soon?

I seem to have a problem getting some apps to show up in the theme. Namely iheartradio and weatherbug, also folders that were made and show up in the default theme aren't showing up in the home screen of this new theme.
Probably I'm not hitting some button right, but I've moved all the icons to locations that should have been picked up in the custom slot.

As long as those apps are within the first 6 slots on your application screen, you should be able to seem 'em under customer on the home screen.

Unfortunately I think the ability to not set your own wallpaper is a deal breaker for me. Otherwise I would've bought it.

The theme is beautiful, like everything Elecite puts out but I was wondering if anyone had issues with memory. Maybe it's just my device but if I reboot @ 26mb in the morning by 1:00 in the afternoon I'm at 9.6mb (granted we are talking about an S1). When I'm running the boring default theme I don't have this problem. Anybody else?

I downloaded the theme and like the look of it, but when I go to my email or SMS and turn my phone to landscape (which is easiest for me to type in) the message stay in portrait. Im about to take this theme off my phone if I can't fix this problem.

I just went to Elecite.com to see if there is an update as there are a few minor issues with the theme. The theme is gone! poof! No such product, after less then a month! Took my money and ran with no support or news. Thanks for nothing!