Elecite Releases Premium Theme Focus With Rotating High Resolution Wallpapers

Focus From Elecite!
By Bla1ze on 31 Aug 2009 08:47 am EDT

Elecite has launched a new animated theme for you all. Focus is nicely designed and functional as you have 8 icons in a circular pattern all of which are customizable to your choosing. The animation in Focus is utilized through the wallpapers as hourly they will change to one of ten, high resolution backgrounds and look great on any device.

Focus will not work OS .151 (Storm) or any device lower than 4.6, so keep that in mind when deciding to purchase the theme and be sure to check out all compatible devices and screen shots at Elecite. Focus is available for $6.99 via Elecite's website.



"Focus wallpapers cannot be changed!"

sorry, if i can't use my own wallpaper and am stuck with rotating their 10, i'm not spending the money.


The only bad thing is "Focus will NOT work with OS .151"



If it doesn't work on the Storm, why show the theme on the Storm in the picture?


my thoughts exactly! although many VZW people are still running .148 so i guess it works for that version