Elecite Releases Playstation 3 Based Theme!

PSB Theme From Elecite!
By Bla1ze on 31 Mar 2009 06:46 am EDT

A hot new theme from Elecite strikes two chords with me mainly because it captures two things I love - video games and BlackBerry. PSB is a Playstation3-based theme which looks great and flows well on all the devices it supports.

PSB is set up in a column structure with 4 icons at the top that when touched on reveal a row of four more icons going downward which allows for 20 icons in total on the main screen of your device. Only the first column is customizable though. Icons are nice and fluid and fit the theme perfectly. The only issue I have with this one is that I would have loved to see the Playstation wave red rather then the blue one, but hey that's just me.

PSB is available for the Bold, Storm and 8900 Curve but in my opinion looks best on the Storm as the screen real estate really shows off the slickness of this theme and as it is a premium theme it will set ya back $6.99.

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Elecite Releases Playstation 3 Based Theme!


I love this theme and the idea behind it, but i'm wondering for anyone who has already purchased this, how functional is the layout?

Does the homescreen require numerous navigation/trackball swipes just to find a simple icon? I notice only 3 icons are changeable...

If i download this, will i be better off using the menu button to find apps instead of dealing with the home screen?

Love the look, just question the functionality!

and nice functionality. however, when it goes back to the home screeen it reverts back to zen with the PS3 icons. i really like the the time/batt/bars layout. why is it not on my home screen like that?

nevermind....it is becuz i changed the number of columns from 2 to 1. i changed it back and now im getting the nice layout structure.

Once again EliCite fails to recognize the growing # of 8350i devices out there. Disappointing to say the least!!! Come on guys, we're here and we want some SICK EliCite themes too!!!!!!

Quick question...can you change the wallpaper with this theme? That's the only thing preventing me from buying it

Quick question...can you change the wallpaper with this theme? That's the only thing preventing me from buying it

i was wondering what icons dropped down once you select one of the main icons across the screen. i see the video one has three below it but i was wondering what was under the other icons. if the drop down ones are customizable that would be great.

I made this theme suggestion months ago. Glad someone picked up on it. Going to try it out since I can't resist anything Playstation 3 related.

Now if only someone could build an app which will bring trophies and stats from PSN onto my BB. Dammit, why didnt I learn Java...lol

Im trying this guy out right now. Liking the smoothness/functionality so far.
Just a few things...
This is for the bold btw

On the home screen... under the messages icon (2nd one from left).. on the drop down menu, the first one is contacts and the 3rd one is the browser. But the 2nd one is some wavy picture thing and it has no name and is not clickable.. wut da hell?? :o

Same thing with the calendar icon (4th icon from left)... on the drop down menu, the first icon which is a clock with an arrow... doesnt have a name and is unclickable. While the two below, memopad and calculator are clickable.

Also in BBM.. when talking to people.. the top text below the persons name, which shows received/sent time.. the bottom of the text gets cut off a bit

As well.. when reading messages the color scheme stays with intact with the theme. However when you reply/compose a message it goes back to default white interface. Can this be changed/fixed?

Another thing, there isnt any icon/indicator thing on the home page at the top that shows what your profile status is on (normal, silent, vibrate).. I think that is a useful/good thing to have in a theme.

Other than that, i like this theme lots on my bold. Very stylish, icons are sweet, and smooth as butter. Just hope these minor problems can be fixed :):)

Haha damn i sound nitpicky .. but jus tryin to turn a great theme into a perfect theme, das all!! 8D

I have to agree. The 2 unusable icons baffle me, and seem to be a waste of space. The other thing that would be fantastic would be to see the ribbon move like it does on the PS3!

I recently have been infatuated with animated screens. I think it would be cool if you could get the background to move like the actual PS3 background does :D

Yeah on the Tour, the wavy icon is dead too... the clock with the arrow works though, it's the tasks tab.

I wish you could change all the icons too, not just the applications tab...

Other than that, the theme is really cool.