Elecite Releases New Premium Theme Archaic

Elecite Releases New Premium Theme Archaic!
By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2009 09:38 am EDT

Elecite has just released a new theme and this time around we get a look at some cool transitions built right in. You have four "pages" you can scroll through - an icon dock, calendar list, message list, and media page. Crisp icons and an awesome wallpaper set this theme off, so be sure to check it out. Currently available for BlackBerry 8350, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9500 and 9600 series devices and is priced as always at $6.99 and more screenshots are available here.

*As a CrackBerry bonus, Elecite has offered up 30% off for the first 100 people to purchase Archaic, just visit Elecite add theme to your cart and use the coupon code acb *

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Elecite Releases New Premium Theme Archaic


I just downloaded the Archaic theme for my tour and it looks good except when you scroll over the messages and calendar icons on the home page, the actual lists come up on top of the icons instead of directly below them.

Just downloaded and looks good for the Storm. I'm getting stuck when I scroll to the last of the 4 scroll-able pages though(the media page). Any ideas??

Same here. Messages show emails only and media does nothing going to try a few more battery pulls and see. Might be OS.

good theme but i'm going back to my old one. not worth it trying to figure out why not all the today sliding pages dont work and why i cant go back when i scroll through the pages.

good thing i got 30% off ... thanks CB

Thanks for the 30% off.

I like it just wish you could change the background. The threaded SMS is hard to read also. Great ideas. But messages show nothing and media does nothing going to try some battery pulls.

It does state "Archaic is .151 OS supported" and "...Wallpaper friendly for 8900, Bold, 8350i & 8520 only."

make sure not to put your messages or sms on calendar in your top 5 or text will be on top of dock, and the media page does nothing... and you cant get to your calendar events... hmmmm

maybe a little early for release?

I'm running .230 on the Storm. The media page seems to do nothing. Is there something that I am missing? Otherwise, it's a great theme.

Yeah I've done three battery pulls still nothing on media page. Hows your SMS with threaded I can't read mine at all. Just changed it to stripes to read, guess bubbles is out with this one.

I guess I should read comments first, and then pay for new soft :) But , well, will see how it will work on my Storm .230
People, learn from my mistake ;)

All the reported "issues" so far are from people running beta OS versions. You will not experience any of them if you are running an OS officially released by RIM.

Everything seems to be working so far, nice theme. Did have to go from bubbles to stripes in order to read texts, other than that all is well.

Media does not work because they are using this on .151 which still allows you to click the media button. In the higher OS builds 5.0 and up everything in media is seperated, no more media icon...

I just purchased the theme today. You can scroll through - an icon dock, calendar list, message list, and media page, but you can not see the information because of the white font. The signal and battery meter can not be seen clearly on the home screen. This theme needs some work! Please provide a free fix!

Just downloaded to my Bold...awesome theme! Will definetely be talking about this on my morningshow this morning!

Dave Collins
Magic 107 Fm
Orlando, FL

Downloaded it yesterday (Storm/Verizon .148) and it looked good, but shortly thereafter I started having problems scrolling, the hold left side of the touch screen wasn't being recognized. A battery pull seems to have fixed it, at least for now.

As with others, I'd really like something a bit more readable than the white font on a field of green background... I'll give it more time before I decide if it's going to stay for the long term.

I downloaded this to my Tour with the system and when I scroll to the right to bring up the Calendar, the Media, and the message folder it's a blank? Nothing but lines...Anyone got a fix?

I am a new Blackberry user (Tour -love it!). This is the first Premium Theme that I have purchased. The theme is clean and stylish, perhaps the nicest that I have seen. However, there are a few issues. 1. As noted above, the white font is a problem. For instance, in the Messages folder, you can not see if you have an e-mail without scrolling over it and highlighting it. 2. On the folders page the original default icons are still visible, making the screen look cluttered. A battery pull did not fix it. 3. The Elecite support team responded fairly quickly, the same day, and sent me to an OTA update link that unfortunately did not work. Waiting for the next step. I sent them screen captures last night of the three issues. Keeping my fingers crossed.