Elecite Contest - 100 Copies Of Spear Theme To Be Won!

Elecite Contest - 100 Copies Of Spear To Be Won!
By Bla1ze on 23 Sep 2009 08:23 am EDT

Not too long ago, Elecite announced their latest theme Spear was available for download. This time around, rather then announcing a new theme's availability, Elecite wants to give a little love back to the CrackBerry community by offering up 100 free copies of Spear to some lucky winners out there.

So as with all CrackBerry contest, process is simple-- leave a comment on this post letting everyone know that you'd love to get a free theme and you may be one of the lucky 100 chosen for a free copy of Spear for your device. (Bold, 8900, 8350, 9630 and finally 8520 owners only, Storm version is not available sorry!) Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Elecite Contest - 100 Copies Of Spear Theme To Be Won!



Hey everyone at crackberry, I think winning this theme would be awesome, I have bought a few other Elecite themes and love them on my bold!

Awesome theme, I like the color, kinda looks like the X box theme for windows XP, totally count me in on this one. It's WICKED!!!

I have been waiting for a great theme to start shining on my new Tour, this looks like just the one! Thanks Elecite team!!!

I endorse the phone I use on my radio show here in Orlando...would love to talk about this app on the show as well! Looks very cool!

I am a new user of a BB-Bold and discovered a nice community here. I used to use for over 6 years a Palm OS. I am very happy with my Bold..... hihi.

Thanks a lot.


Daddy needs a new theme because this Candi Theme is getting LAME! Also, all the girls would want me more with this sweet Elecite Theme! haha

Elecite always is my favor theme maker, I owned two of their themes. Now wish I could have a free one :D

Have a nice day :)

Crackberry.com and all other Crackberry Addicts...I LOVE FREE Themes...I like switching it up every once in a while...almost like haveing a new phone!!!!


I would luv to get a free game. I just bought my crackberry and trying to get my wife to convert from her Lotus. She took a look at bb and seemed to be very interested but I would like to blow her away with the games and themes. Pick me so I can show off to my corny friends and beautiful wife so I can put the crack down on her azz!

im so tired of my old sucky looking themes so i would definitely would love this.sleek cool and just awesome looking so pick me

Only after a recent visit to the cell phone store did I find that there are so may cool things to your phone. I have added some new ringtones over the last couple of days. Simple to add - simple to delete.

A bad experience was with a $21.99 application on my phone. Therefore, I am hesitant to pay for anything else I add to my phone. How does one choose excellent applications for their phone?

Therefore, I would love to try a Spear theme on my phone. I live on a very tight budget, so I try to make every purchase worth it.

If I win one of the 100 themes being given away, I may be their next loyal customer! And everyone knows that word of mouth by a happy customer is the best advertisement any business can get!

Good luck to all!


Had a bad experience before accidentaly entering and winning a theme that wasn't for the Tour. Hope I could win this. :(

Still love Crackberry.


Would love to win a copy of this theme for my Bold 9000, I have purchased almost every Elecite theme for the Bold and this one would round out my collection on my BB!!!

Purchased an elicite theme for my storm. acarri 2. the theme does not work properly, has a huge memory leak that doesnt happen with any of my other themes. tried to contact elicite with no response from the company. customer service poor, product poor!

Why do Elecite themes almost always look damn interesting, modern and different and sexy?

Is there any other theme composer who creates such good themes?

I love them (and own many of them :) ).

Would like this one too, of course.

Wow, it looks so coolicious!! Looks so futuristic!! Lemme have it!! The black and the green is a perfect combo colour!!

I work for Verizon Wireless in Southern California. If I win the Theme I can "Pitch" it to all my Clients and possibly show it off!! I can also let them know that it is available on this website!!

Look I can't stop checking it out and I'm at work. I wanna show off to wife and make her jealous. She has a lotus(corny) I want to show her what it's like to be a crack baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just look at that theme! Dashing! Really stands out from the rest! I'd really love to have a free copy!