Elecite BlackBerry Theme Blowout Sale!

Elecite 2 For 1 Theme Sale!
By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2009 08:00 am EDT

Been holding out on a sexy new theme because of the cost? Well in honor of the upcoming fourth of July Elecite is having a blow out sale on all themes. Grab one theme, get another for free just by using coupon code 241 at checkout. That's it... as simple as it can be! So what are ya waiting for? Head on over to Elecite and get your theme on. Valid through the 25th and 26th only folks.

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Elecite BlackBerry Theme Blowout Sale!


I have been waiting to get some different themes for my Curve and when I put in my two choices and the promo code: 241 it tells me it's not valid for the items in my cart. Help!

Don't do it! They never update their themes. D:

I got PSB and Mechanism a couple months ago, they're STILL on 1.0 and have a bunch of bugs and memory leak like crazy. Totally not worth the 241.

Hmmm. I read this on Berry Review last night and it seems the sale "started" last night and not just 2day and 2morrow. I got 2 themes at Elecite for the price of one using coupon code 241 last night when Crackberry didn't even have this posted yet. :( C'mon guys at CrackBerry, post things earlier if possible. :)

I haven't had one problem with any of the elecite themes, and Noble is the most beautiful :) I'm on the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Tke513, Berry Review showed this sale last night, and it worked. You could have gotten two for the price of one last night if you had known. This didn't appear on CrackBerry til today. :(

Yeah, it was yesterday morning when I was bored at work. Just my luck! No worries though. I like it.

Yep... This is old. I got mine yesterday noble and leopard. Was wondering how iBerry looks? Similar as the pictures?

i got my 2 themes and they keep crashing with an error code
they dont work on my storm 9500 OS 151 what a waste of £5 and there is no surport just a F&Q page not happy

Having installed their Mech theme recently, I am not sure I would buy a theme from them. Hope they release better stuff soon.

Well, that was disappointing...was ready to buy 4, 2 for free then right? No, only one.

Had to cancel..guess I'll go look at some others! :)

You could have bought 2 first then another 2 for the promotion to work... Some people just don't think these days. :(