Elecite- Ace And Halcyon Premium Themes

Elecite- Ace And Halcyon Premium Themes
By Bla1ze on 21 Jan 2010 09:30 am EST

The theme builders over at Elecite have been taking themes to a whole new level these days. Two themes were released almost side by side a little while ago. 

Ace has a "cover flow" app card design that works beautifully. While the apps are not customizable this way, Elecite has made the most common ones used, the ones that show up as cards. Thats not to say you can't customize the homescreen in any way though, Elecite also made the top half under the customize icon like a launcher, allowing you to input whatever apps you do so wish in that list.

Halcyon, was the next theme release. Including a bottom dock that houses 9 locked and ordered application icons: contacts, messages, calendar, tasks, memo, profiles, browser, facebook and twitter (ubertwitter). As well as a hidden today preview screen and visual effects such as over sized icons for easy navigation.

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Elecite- Ace And Halcyon Premium Themes


Ace is definitely worth it.. it runs smooth with no leak.
The only drag is that you get the download link for 2 days then its gone and you have to leave it on your phone or buy it again. And Elecite support is awful, which is sad b/c their stuff is usually nice.

I'll reiterate, $6.99 are they nuts!! Way too many free or cheep themes out there to pay that price.

but most of his newest themes are pretty sweet and if you'll notice most of those free themes will leak memory pretty bad... If $7 is more than you want to pay for a theme tho I completely understand

You get what you pay for.

How many of those free or cheap themes did you download to realize that the font is not the same size everywhere, or the colors are off-compared to the icons or buttons, etc., etc.? Then when you emailed support you were told they could not do anything?

Not to mention that icons are sometimes from different designers in one theme, and you get half the icons that are on every theme out there, different shade, etc.

I am not saying $6.99 is not a lot, but the more you pay the better theme you will get.

I disagree. While often you get a good theme for more money, many more times I think the themes are just overly priced.

I can't speak for Elecite because neither of these themes work for my phone. So these two themes may be well worth the money! (I do wish they were compatible with my phone though so I could try them out. They look cool.)

I just bought it. Sorry guys, but Elecite delivers top quality themes. There isn't a theme around that looks like Ace.

There are always some great looking themes from Elecite, been using them ever since I got my 8700 2 years ago. But lately I feel they have been so heavy and I always have bad luck with the ones I've purchased recently. I feel they slow down my phone, which makes me sad cus they are otherwise great quality and everyone always speaks highly of them. I want to try the halcyon theme though…..we shall see!

** wait its not available for the Bold....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Okay yeah, they have great themes. I won't lie but the biggest problem with these people is customer service! Once they have your money, they don't give a sh*t about you. I have purchased a few themes from them and they are okay. The latest one, halycon is soooo buggy and it keeps freezing my device. I tried contacting them to get a refund or a replacement and I've heard nothing. It's been over 3 days. In my opinion, themes shouldn't be more than 5 bucks no matter how much time is put into a theme. Blackberry does not come with enough memory for big files. I think if they had more memory, perhaps it would be worth the price.

The end

Ummm, what do you consider a big file? I downloaded Ace and it works fine. 1.4MB is not bad, youmay need to clear up some crap on your device and whine to these guys over your issues...gosh...

...on my device knucklehead! My whole point was they charge too much and they are not serious about customer service. I don't care how much they claim that it's important to them. When they step up to the plate, I will post on here that their customer service is awesome. I would be happy to pay the 7 bucks if they had great CS. That's all I'm saying...

Granted Elecite puys out nice stuff. Go into the forums and check the free/donationware themes. My current fav, section8, I would put against any paid theme. Redzapper, Daniellco, Johnny Ringo, Natemz etc etc all put out themes I would rather use. I have bought themes in the past, funny thing, not one of them is still on my phone.

i agree....i only buy them when i have a discount of some sort, otherwise i wont pay the full 7 because i end up never using....i as well dont have any left on my phone

Yea, these people have great free themes but their 'free' themes don't match Elecite's best paid themes. I wouldn't pay a dime for some of their themes but most of them work and they keep your device clean. I like free themes but those theme guys tend to leave things out and you're like, well if you're gonna have it free and say it's so good, don't be half-ass making themes. You don't have theme because you jumped at them and never liked them in the first place, so now you're all on free themes. Keep your mind open man.

I really like the themes these guys come up with. Granted the cost is a bit high, but I have to assume a lot of work goes into these and we all deserve to get paid for what we do.

I am running an 8900 with OS Ace works very well and no technical issues. The only issue I have is that the icons on the home screen are not customizable. They have locked icons on there that I rarely use and would like to change them out to ones that I do access all day long. I think this theme is more for the social user vs. the business user. I honestly don't need music, camera or video access off my home screen. Hopefully the team at Elecite will recgonize this design flaw and come up with an upgrade that allows you to customize the main screen icons.

You do have a "Custom" tab at the top of the home screen, which allows you to change icons but this is a time waster and not very productive.

Dude, why didn't you read the description first. You're an example of what I said to the guy above. It's not like Elecite says "buy my theme or else.." and gives you a crappy description and no screen shots. They tell you about it then show you. Who's fault is it when you buy a theme for $6.99 without making sure you'll like it...yours!

And as I can see from other posts in this thread I am not the only one to have found Ace just a bit confusing. The problem, I believe, stems from the "Custom" tap on the home page. The fact is that their is, at least in my personal opinion, a design flaw with the theme. One should have the ability to place icons on the home page that are relevant to them... not to someone else. That is just my feeling.

No one forced me to spend $7 on the theme. That was my choice and I have no issue with the money spent. I think the guys did a great job on the theme, sans the one issue from my perspective. I will use it and work with it as it is... again, not the end of the world. I would like to see an update that allows the home page icons to be changed out. I have a feeling the team at Elecite can handle that issue if they want to.

So how do I change the "Custom" apps at the top?? Mine are currently Messages, Contacts, BBM, and 2 email accounts but I can't figure out how to swap them.

ACE. I think I figured this out. It takes the first five icons you have after you hit the BlackBerry button. That is totally misleading when they say customizable. I don't neccesarily want the first five icons to be the same...

Plus, when I click the Weather button, it pops up a Messages icon right in the middle of the screen. BUSTED!!

OMG, that first slot is for your weather app you noob. And for the custom set of icons, you don't count the first one(weather app) and the next 6 after that are your choice.

First of all iLovemy bb, are you being paid to troll the comments here on behalf of Elicite or something??

The point I'm trying to make is that it's hardly customizing when you have to reorder your apps to appear on the "Custom" tab. What's the difference between clicking on the Custom tab or hitting the BlackBerry key and bringing up the full list? It's the same number of button pushes - hardly convenient...

Maybe if the theme had some instructions you wouldn't feel it necessary to comment on "noobish" questions. Hmmmmm.

Hey guys,

Thank you so much for all your support!

We pay very close attention to our design and structure of each product especially after receiving some very valuable feedback from our customers on what we can improve on. We spend a lot of time testing and testing on every physical device before we launch it. And just like we take those aspects very seriously, customer support is no different.

We have set up what we call “Tips” page where we tried to answer every common question that we get. A lot of the answers are already there. We have also enabled a user to re-download their link after purchase if the email was never delivered due to spam filters and such. To make it even more flexible we’re working on a system where your links will never expire. We’re setting up a support forum (coming shortly) and will have full time mods making sure questions are answered quickly.

We are also working on setting up an automated system where updates are released more frequently and delivered to every user instantly.

Our support via email is also on a higher priority and we make sure every email we receive is answered within no more than 24 business hours. If it takes longer sometimes, please understand, our staff does not work on weekends.

With all this being said, we pay very close attention to what are customers have to say and do our best to improve in every area we can; from increasing support to improving our products in design, speed and functionality.

he said 24 business hours that's 8 hours per day, meaning it could take up to 3 days...get a life man. They have amazing themes and they are in high demand, give them a break. My goodness.

Thank you and please continue with your life. I have purchased about 3/4 of your themes and I am satisfied, especially with your HT Hero theme; I actually had that one on for over a week. These people don't read your descriptions nor do they check screen shots, nor do they ignore the sign at the top of your page that says "we don't force you to buy our themes" <---- and they may not even realize that the above quite doesn't exist.

...I didn't see the business part.

I think you are an elecite employee for as defensive as you are. mhmmmmm...

Sorry for being so harsh with my responses by I'm an advocate of quality, to so I make an attempt to make sure everyone understands the deal when it comes to business and no I don't work for them. I'm just the guy who appreciates their quality.

Does anyone have the email to contact Elecite support? I have a question about one of their other themes that work for my phone, but I can't seem to find a support link on their site.

Ah, they DO have a support email link, but it doesn't have an actual email address, and tries to open in Outlook when I click it. And I don't have outlook on my computer.

They are both still in my phones app memory. I love them a great deal. I reviewed them highly on their page. I can't wait to see what's next from these guys.