Quickly edit photos on the go with Effetica for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 24 Aug 2013 08:35 am EDT

Raise your hand if your handset is your primary camera? As we carry our device everywhere it is no wonder we quickly snap images of our lives through that tiny camera. While I am no expert in photography by any means, that doesn't mean I don't love manipulating or editing my photographs to improve them for posterity.

Rather than use Photoshop on my PC there is Effetica, a 'Built for BlackBerry' photo editor with various manipulation tools and filters to ensure your memories are forever preserved the way you want. It's quick, easy, and allows you to apply more than one filter at a time to an image.


  • Customizable auto-levels tool
  • Brightness and contrast tool
  • Color Balance
  • Hue and Saturation
  • Invert with Color Channel Selection
  • Sharpness
  • Blur
  • Crop with aspect ratio choices
  • Rotate and Flip
  • Resize with free and fixed options
  • 40+ high quality customizable filters
  • 20 highly customizable classic frames
  • 40+ high quality customizable overlays
  • 10 high quality customizable noise patterns
  • 16 high quality customizable surface patterns
  • Customizable tilt/shift effects
  • Support for output picture quality (use application menu Settings)
  • Support for pictures up to 16 MP (4000 pixels largest size)
  • Support for landscape mode on Z10 devices
  • Effetica is EXIF-friendly, it can properly handle EXIF orientation and preserves all image info in edited images

Effetica is an application similar to Instagram in that you can edit and add filters taken with your device or ones already stored and can share with your friends and followers. In addition to the standard filters, they offer the ability to adjust hue and saturation levels, brightness and contrast, color balance, invert, sharpness, crop or rotate, flip or resize, or add a blur effect just to name a few.

As a native application, selecting each one is easy and smooth. While there is a slight pause to implement, it is a fast process nonetheless. All you need to do is choose the effect from the overflow menu, scroll through the list if more than one option and apply the one you want. Certain tools such as the color balance do offer a slider bar to adjust which takes effect the minute you lift your finger off the screen.

If you worry about copying over your original image, modifications are not permanent and leave the original untouched. At the bottom of the screen there is an undo and redo button though once you exit out of an effect before applying it is reset anyway. Once all your effects have been added, simply tap on the save button at the bottom and a new file is created on your device. However, it does offer SD card support to store images directly there.

For all you amateur or professional photographers out there this is a full featured photo-editing tool. It offers multiple options, a fluid interface to quickly load, apply and save, sharing options, and endless possibilities for the hundreds of images already taken or those still to come. In case you were wondering about where some of your favorite features may be, the developer stated that more tools are on the way in future releases. These include a text tool, gamma correction, color mixer and highlights and shadows.

There is a free demo and premium version available for $3.99 that differ in two respects: the demo saves images with maximum size of 600x600 pixels and does not preserve EXIF information of the original photo, while the premium saves with maximum size of 4000x4000 pixels and does save EXIF data. From loading and editing, to applying and sharing, Effetica gives a great user experience and is compatible with the BlackBerry Q5, Q10, and Z10.

The Good
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Apply multiple filters or effects to the same image
  • Offers undo and redo options
  • SD card support
  • High quality effects
  • Quick access to an array of filters and editing tools
  • Ability to adjust levels or use auto feature
The Bad
  • For effects that zoom in would like the ability to preview as a whole as well
  • Film noise option is not always noticeable in the preview or end result
The Bottom line

They've presented us with a nice array of editing options packaged in an easy to use interface. I find it has a lot of potential to grow even after the initial updates are implemented and is definitely one of my go-to camera utility apps. Whether you're a novice or a professional photographer, you can't go wrong with purchasing the premium version for the convenience of editing, preserving, or having fun with your images no matter where you are.

More information/Download Effetica Demo
More information/Purchase Effetica - Photo Editor

Reader comments

Quickly edit photos on the go with Effetica for BlackBerry 10


Just bot this App, absolutely awesome. It cleaned up 30 pictures of mine with the Auto Levels function.
awesome awesome App

Question - I already have the PhotoStudio Pro, Picshop full, which to me cover anything a regular or even professional might be looking for on a photo app... so is this one worth the purchase considering what I already have?

Posted via CB10

There's a reason that Snapseed, Kitcam and Instagram are popular. They are excellent photo editing apps. Snapseed is awesome in it's editing ability. While Kitcam and Instagram do phenomenal job on the filters. Kitcam is very underrated app. The filters are applied while taking the picture not post like other editing apps. Instagram gets made fun of. But it's filters are top notch. You would need Photoshop to achieve Instgram filters. Snapseed is my favourite photo editing app. Jut top notch.

Everything else is huge step back in terms of editing. Don't waste money on this if you have PhotoStudio Pro, Picshop. Those two are the better Blackberry photo editors. Unfortunately, they are also far behind Snapseed, Kitcam and Instagram.

$3.99 eh. I just canna. Just canna. As a money pinching penny hogging spend thrift individual who is saving for his non existent kids education this is just not a figure I can work around. It's just not in the free category but you know there's a demo at least to help selle on that $3.99. If all other developers did that I'm betting I would actually BUY some of the other apps that have been reviewed in the higher price tag but lack of demo or trial version means not happening. So this developer has optioned that in, I Will
Of course try it and if enjoyed buy it. Thanks

Posted via CB10

Once again, great review!

I have downloaded the demo and made a quick test.

Looks interesting and promising, but I don't like all the hidden menus (behind the three '.').

Would like to have the menus in peek mode, with the possibility to pin them. Similar to what we have in the hub or BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

I just bought this and now downloading the full version app, got plenty of 5 star reviews so it must be very good...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Have the demo of this app (almost premium) love it together with the other app of the developer which is Filterbox

Posted via CB10

Wll this app in full version allow me to plug in a micro usb SD card reader on the side port and view my external SD card photos taken on my underwater camera? This is a function u am really looking for but cannot find

Posted via CB10

Demo didn't even load my pics to edit :(
Was looking for another good photo editing app, liked the option to try as then purchase! Good play by the dev

Finger flicking good! Z10

Thanks to your article, I just bought this app from BB World. :) It works great on my Q10, I'm impressed with it overall, especially considering it's a first release. I look forward to it's further developments.

Absolutely! In my opinion, the BB10 native camera editor functions are fairly limited, although I'm sure it will improve with further updates.

Thanks Alicia for this review, at first I was a bit hesitant because of the high price and this app is totally worth it! Tons of functions and it is easy to use.

I'm using it in my Q10 btw ;)

To the developer: Keep it up, this is such a great work mate!

Blocked or not available from the Blackberry World App store on ATT's network in the US.

Something has to be done about these cell phone carriers choosing what apps are available as it is a complete joke and killing the BB10 platform in the US.

How long did it take ATT to even let BB10.1 out .... four months?

But then again ATT and Verizon and Sprint all have their reason to wreck the BB10 platform as how else are they going to sell all those billions of dollars of iPhones they are under contract with Apple to sell or they owe them the cash.

Good app from what little time I have spent to use it. Love using this app to resize and clean up 360 Panorama images as the native BB10 photo editor app only does lower resolution images output and with Effetica you can control the scaling.

Oh and I like how it works with the 2nd SD media card and makes its own folders for output.

Wish you could get an info screen on the file being edited so you knew the name and overall photo characteristics.

Opps not blocked typo when I searched for things. tried to delete this post but I don's see a delete button. But the part about the US carriers on my rant is so real.

Regarding the issue listed as a "bad": For effects that zoom in would like the ability to preview as a whole as well...

You can preview the whole image by double tapping the zoomed image. Cheers!

Posted via CB10