Eerie- New Dark Style Premium Theme From Elecite

Eerie- New Dark Style Premium Theme From Elecite
By Bla1ze on 28 Jul 2009 11:17 am EDT

Elecite is back. It's been a while since we have seen a new theme come from Elecite but this time around they have dropped Eerie on us all. Eerie is a darker, grungier theme that really will not suit everyone but will appeal to those who like that darker style, myself included. One unique thing about this theme that works really well on the Storm is its dual screen option. Sadly dual screen will not work across all devices and is not available on 83/88XX devices.

Eerie is available for Bold, Storm, 8900, 83XX and 88XX devices but be sure to check out all the screenshots as theme appearance will differ from device to device. Eerie is available now from Elecite for $6.99.

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Eerie- New Dark Style Premium Theme From Elecite


Unless i'm missing something. It really annoying that (1) they don't show you anything but the basic screen so you have no idea what the rest looks like or how it interacts. It's almost like a fraud. Even in video samples, they just scroll back and forth through the same items (icons) over and over again, no interaction what so ever; and (2) i really wish in the damn dowload information they would state how large a file is. I may like a theme but if the file size is very large, i'm not clogging my stome with it.

Have a nice day.

just felt like saying that ,how about releasing more screens. DOESNT WORK WITH .151 .......EPIC FAIL. well not really since were rocking a beta O.S.

I'm truly at a loss how anyone can complain when something does NOT work on a leaked was never meant for release, something doesn't work..downgrade don't complain about it when u can actually control it.

What about the poor Mexicans who can't use this theme? since their provider "officially" released it.

Nothing says anyone has to upgrade..a quick review through the forums shows it's plagued with issues. Informed descisions are the best way to get over any issues. I don't blame users anyways, finger pointing should be towards RIM.

I love the artwork and design effort that went into this, but I'm hugely turned off by the lack of status indicators on the homescreen. Where's the signal strength or battery meters? Where's the date?

While there're plenty of screenshots found on their site, there aren't any with message indicators for email/myspace/facebook/missed calls/etc. I'd kinda like to know how those things would look.

I wish there were a way to try a theme out for a day or even just an hour. I've spent way too much money on themes that looked great as screenshots but ended up sucking when actually using them.

I just purchased this theme. Easy install and really nice to get use too. It has the look that I have always wanted in a theme. It is worth the 7 bucks for the download.

I bought and installed; its a pretty good theme. But I didn't like how the battery meter don't show up on my phone no more (how can I get it to show back up?)

What a waste. Maybe for the Storm/Bold but for the 83xx it is a half done theme and for $7. Data arrows still bright blue,cursors etc. Look real sinister with baby blue highlights that they were to lazy to change to red which would have matched the theme.

Stay away if you have a 83xx

Well, I love the theme, runs really well on my Storm. But where's the battery gauge? It's like running a really cool sports car with no fuel gauge. No gauge on a Storm? Playin' with fire.

Apparently the folks at Elecite care more about how their themes look than what the customers want or need. The lack of status indicators is a major oversight on their part. So I just deleted my day-old purchase, will take the $7 hit, and move on to patronizing the many other providers that DO know the value of servicing their customer base. Too bad, because the talent and vision part of the business is obviously there, they just don't understand the customer service part. You know, the part that actually makes your company grow.

I downloaded this theme for the tour last week. It looks nice, but am unable to use it due to the fact all of rhe menu's are tiny.. tiny.. tiny. I found NO options to enlarge them. If you have a hard time seeing tiny words then don't waste $7.00 on this one like I did.