EE will be first to support BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 in the UK

By James Richardson on 27 Mar 2013 04:16 pm EDT

Some good news for EE BlackBerry 10 business users here in the UK. The company (formally Orange and T-Mobile) have announced that they will be the first UK network to support BES 10.

One of the major benefits to users will be BlackBerry Balance which will give business users the ability to seamlessly switch from work to personal mode. The IT department will still have control over the work side of things but once in personal mode users can download whatever apps they wish without IT having access to personal information.

The other advantage that EE has here in the UK is that they are still the only carrier that currently offer LTE. It isn't nationwide yet, but the cities with 4G are growing every month and by the end of the year I believe that EE plan to have 98% of the UK covered.

Pricing starts at £15 per month for 1GB of mobile data. All BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 price plans include user licenses, server software and dedicated BlackBerry support from EE at no extra cost. 4GEE price plans are available for an additional £3 per month.

Max Taylor, Director of Business, EE, said: “Now businesses can get BlackBerry’s industry-leading security and mobility management solution on the UK’s best and fastest network. Alongside our Secure Mobility management software, the introduction of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 means we are the only network operator to offer enterprise-grade security across all mobile operating systems, covering 3G and 4G devices.”

Rob Orr, Managing Director UK & Ireland, BlackBerry, said: “BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 builds on our decade long leadership in the mobile enterprise space with a unique end-to-end, multi-platform enterprise mobility management solution. Our BlackBerry  Z10 customers on EE can already take advantage of the nation’s fastest mobile network, and we’re delighted that the network’s enterprise customers will now be able to avail of a mobile enterprise solution that blends unrivaled security with maximum usability.”

Looking good EE. Keep up the fine work.

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EE will be first to support BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 in the UK


That is good news but I'd like to see more support for personal users as well such as not delaying OS updates and actually releasing a My EE app so their users can keep track of their usage!

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Hi there,

I already have 25 z10's with bes10 and license cals all provided by O2 business what do you mean they are the first?

Please explain this post?

Posted by my bes enabled Z10 with blackberry balance since 18th of February on o2........

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Yeah, I'm confused too. I understood BES10 was the in-office server and nothing to do with the carrier. Is EE offering BES10 access for small businesses that wouldn't otherwise have access to BES10?

There are BES hosting plans just like email hosting plans and web hosting plans.... Someone else manages the hardware, you access the console

What it means that we as carrier will offer bes10 solution, as cloud so business does not have to worry about install in the service

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I wouldn't be happy with the carrier controlling the BES, that's like getting a great secure platform and giving the keys away...makes no sense...

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EE told me that they are supporting bes 10 which means they provide bes 10 plans and licenses and will provide technical support and account management. It is possible to trial licenses directly from BlackBerry which I've done before and they have some sort of trade up promotion, which explains how o2 got them and sent them to you. O2 are not supporting bes 10, hence no information or announcements from them. Sounds like you've also been misinformed about hosting. The server stays on site and I have full control.

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I don't wanna know how bad they'll mess that!!! EE is the worst network to have your BB on, and I'm not Impressed with the LTE speed

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