EE in the UK to roll out reduced EU roaming charges from July 1st

By James Richardson on 22 May 2014 07:27 am EDT

Good news for UK BlackBerry users that are on the EE network. From July 1st if you travel into Europe your roaming bills are going to be a wee bit cheaper!

Roaming charges have traditionally been ridiculously high in all parts of the world but thanks to the European Union working towards reducing the costs for travellers we are now making some real progress.

From 1st July the new EE charges will be as follows:

  • Sending a SMS - 4.9p

  • Making a call - 15.6p per minute

  • Receive a call - 4.1p

  • If you don't take advantage of one of EE's data packages then you will be charged no more than 16.5p per MB

  • Data add-ons start from just £2.50 per day for 100MB

It's still far from being inline with our domestic charges but any reduction is a good one.

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EE in the UK to roll out reduced EU roaming charges from July 1st


Here we gooooo!

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O2 only charges 50pence per call for the first hour and you normal bundle..... they give only 15MB a day for free, however. Additional 15 MB cost 1,99

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At least this will avoid the mega-bills of the past to a great extend when you were silly enough to roam and use it the normal way, like you do at home.

Here in Australia, roaming abroad on a Telstra contract still is financial suicide for all but the most affluent.

Like several dollars (up to $15 !) per MB or minute is just ridiculously expensive. They changed it a bit recently, but still too much.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

It's still far from meeting the "Roam like @home" mantra...

And those prices are available from ALL UK networks. Thank you the EU.

Vodafone charges £3 per day and you can use your phone as if you were still in the UK; and I think that's going to be reduced to £2 per day very soon. So it's a much better deal from Vodafone. Shame their reception isn't very good though...

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Did that last year. paid the £ 3 per day for a couple of days out of a week and was on the phone for hours each day from Portugal to UK. Have unlimited minutes and reception was brilliant - probably better than when I'm in UK.

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Exactly my point. We may as well stay abroad and make calls from there to get better reception with Vodafone lol.

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Just had the Vodafone UK text too, although they've countered the roaming fee reduction by saying they'll charge more if you exceed your data allowance. Ho Hum.....

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