EE in the UK open up a pre-registration page for the BlackBerry Q5

By James Richardson on 7 Jun 2013 12:34 pm EDT

Don't get too excited by this UK folk. Although there is now a pre-register page from EE for the BlackBerry Q5 we still don't have any confirmation of dates or pricing - but at least we know that the only current 4G UK network will have it in the near future.

With the youth of the UK being so big into their BlackBerry Curves the Q5 will be the natural upgrade for them and in fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if here it outsells the Z10 and Q10 in time.

In addition, by registering your details, you will be automatically entered into a daily prize draw to win £100 Love 2 Shop vouchers.

Register with EE here for updates.

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EE in the UK open up a pre-registration page for the BlackBerry Q5


Only about 39million people in Canada, about less than half are of age to have income to purchase a smartphone (say 14yrs old) and many of those already upgraded less than a year ago.

UK has much better pen et rational numbers going for them.

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BlackBerry needs to do this properly and price more competitively than they did with the z10 and q10.
There is no incentive for the teen market to pay over the odds for a q5 if they can get a better deal on android. BlackBerry 10 just has not impacted enough to shake off the stigma and BlackBerry have only themselves to blame

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@DarkeHawke the Q5 won't be priced the same as the Q10 and the Z10 it is basically the Curve of BlackBerry 10

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I will buy this as soon as it is released! I have dismantled my Pearl 3G to fit a new LCD screen and I have reassembled it and it is working (albeit with a lot of double sided tape to hold it together).

I will not only buy a Q5 but also an ultra tough case for when I drop it :)

I night need one of these to go with my Z10, cheap access to keys! Will it be on PAYG do we think?

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