EE stores getting rebranded in the UK - The Everything Everywhere sign is no more

By James Richardson on 1 Oct 2012 08:07 am EDT

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for EE (Everything Everywhere) here in the UK. Formerly Orange and T-Mobile, the company first announced its new EE branding at the launch of its 4G LTE roll out, and just the other day we saw the the network provider name on some mobiles switch from Orange or T-Mobile over to EE.

This weekend I passed my local Everything Everywhere store and instantly noticed that the sign above the shop had been changed to a new EE one. As you can see above it looks kind of odd, and almost lost, but I suppose it will just take some getting used too. As smartphone geeks many of us Brits will know what to expect when we see the EE logo but I suspect many members of the public either won't have a clue or will not even notice it and will just go into the shop as they know its location.

The funny thing is, that only last week I was in the shop, being nosey, and I asked the sales assistant if he had any idea when they would be getting new EE signs. His reply was "We only got the current one a couple of weeks ago", which made me chuckle this weekend when I saw this new one go up.

Here at CrackBerry we are waiting patiently for the UK networks to announce who (if not all) will carry BlackBerry 10 devices. Fingers crossed EE will as it will be the first 4G BlackBerry in the UK. What do you think of the new logo? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Reader comments

EE stores getting rebranded in the UK - The Everything Everywhere sign is no more


It looks like a relative of the EDF icon Zingy.......

But I get the point of EE, 2 overlapping circles showing the unification of the 2 networks, its clean.

It's a colossal mess. Somebody was smoking crack when they thought of "Everything Everywhere" which was bad enough - but replacing global superbrand Orange with "EE"?! "EE"? Seriously? It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it. And to top that off they've designed a vertically stacked logo which disappears into anonymity on their highstreet stores. What a load of old shit!

"Global superbrand Orange"
You jest, surely?
I remember, when Orange was expanding in Bristol, having to visit one of their offices for a meeting and discovering that there was no Orange logo on the newer buildings, and the numbers couldn't be seen from the road. I had to phone the convenor and ask him to stand outside the correct building and wave.