EE service restored after major outage

By James Richardson on 20 Mar 2014 05:44 am EDT

A large number of EE customers in the UK would have noticed that they had no service at all on their smartphones last night. As BlackBerry users, communication is key for us and I for one was pretty upset (I nearly said a swear word) when I left my trusty Wi-Fi connection and ventured into the outside world yesterday evening. 

EE have issued the following statement regarding the issue and confirm that full coverage is now restored. A quick tip - try a reboot. This morning I still had no signal, but after restarting my BlackBerry 10 handset I was back up and running. 

Were you hit by the outage or are you still having issues? Let us know in the comments. 

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EE service restored after major outage


My service only fully came back this morning, though I did have to go into Flight Mode and back to get it going (I usual do this rather than reboot the whole device).

Had no signal from about 9pm last night. Thankfully it was in the evening when I was at home on Wi-Fi's generally O2 that disappears up here in the Scottish Highlands...usually for ages...

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Yes I didn't actually realise there was an outage until I turned on wifi and received a stream of notifications.

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I wonder what they consider small.... If they measure in impacted locations or size of the population who was affected...

If I'm out and my network goes down phone is straight onto wifi and use the BT hotspots loads around :)

The damn service came back 3:25am I couldn't go sleep, I couldn't even go on the crackberry website 2 check the damn problem because the "EE" website via "EE" twitter didn't even say anything useful more than we are resolving the problem, not even a I'm sorry for the inconvenience of turning of the whole EE Network. #LettingOfSteam

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Felt quite good, actually. Nobody bothered me for a full 7 hours I went to Tesco and did a FOUR HOUR shop until 3am! :)

When one runs a business where one gets calls, emails and messages 24-7 ...occasional non-contactable time is heaven! :P

Erm, 'thanks' EE. Compensation in the form of this month's bill being gratis will suffice. ;)

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Youth Football Coaching - - Z10 UK EE

Might wanna watch out there! Tesco Carparks usually have a 3 hour parking limit, regulated by one of those dodgy parking companies. Of course if you get anything just fight it. Details on moneysavingexpert. :)

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I never thought about that! Thanks.

Tbh, after spending £215, (bill was £250 but my Clubcard vouchers totalled £35), I'd love them to try and impose a fine on me. :)

Thanks again.

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Youth Football Coaching - - Z10 UK EE

Was down from 18:00 last night - no point in asking for compo as if you break it down it only equates to about £0.50 of your contract which isn't really worth staying on the phone for about 30 minutes getting more - only saying as on the VIP scheme and when I emailed my service agent got told no compensation will be offered due to the pennies the customer would be owed

Staying on the phone for tech support would cost EE approximately 15 bucks for onshore or 7-8 bucks for off shore per call.

If every impacted user contacted support - it can add up fast and help hold companies accountable.

Sometimes it's not about the refund ;)

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It's not so much how much it equated to it's more the inconvenience and loss of earnings for business users. I picked up three customers, at gone midnight, in Tesco last night ...but had a deluge of emails and text messages from customers come through on my phone this morning. If I've missed the boat with some of these customers, say they found other childcare provision, then who compensates my company??

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Youth Football Coaching - - Z10 UK EE

I'm on Orange but obviously can use EE.

Currently in a very remote areas of Herefordshire and had no service at all yesterday from about 4pm... but now I have EE now it's back...

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My service went down at 1 am and didn't come back till this morning around 9. I'm in Glasgow.

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It was strange here in Hull the UK some EE customers weren't effected and some were, EE should do something as a good will gesture, as the service was down a while and EE have made no attempt to inform customers what was going on or happening what so ever nothing on their BBM Channel at all and only maybe two tweets on Twitter. The EE is superb when it works however, it's the customer service and administration that let's EE down, they seriously need to improve them, to migrate a number should take 48hrs at the most, it took them 6 days to migrate mine from T-Mobile to EE and as it's the same company they promised I wouldn't loose my T-Mobile credit, but I did. BBM Channel C002C3F42

I am offended due to their referring to BlackBerry customers as small proportion.
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Should make it a habit to turn the flippin' thing off at times, and I mean off as in OFF!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Weird - had absolutely no connectivity problems in North London last night (Wednesday 19th March), but had massive connectivity problems the day before (Tuesday 18th March) whilst in Leeds City Centre

Now it's playing up! (2.30pm GMT 20th March) - most landlines I'm calling, I'm getting the "You've dialled an incorrect number...." message - even dialling my home phone!

I had problems on Tuesday night, had to pop into a pub to get Wi-Fi, which forced me to grab a pint so not a bad result

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I'm hoping they also got to fix their billing issues and haven't charged me twice for all my overseas calls............"again"

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I didn't have network connection yesterday for over an hour, I had to restart any it came back, but I'm in Canada with Bell

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No connectivity problems at all last night in the far North West of England for me or our 250+ EE mobile device users.

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While on the subject of EE and signal, is there any news when (or if) WiFi calling on BB10 is coming to EE in the UK? Really need it where I live as I've never had a 'normal' mobile signal. Come on EE!!!

If your signal is playing up call up a couple times kicking off about signal and get them to waiver the cost of a signal box!

My service was A ok all night and so no problem with me, sorry to those who were impacted. Back up and running now though to you all...

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