EE offer up 30 day rolling SIM only contracts in the UK

By James Richardson on 29 May 2013 11:00 am EDT

If you are in the UK and lucky enough to be in a EE 4G area you may want to consider one of their new 30 day plans they have just rolled out. With more and more folk shying away from 24 month contracts due to smartphones getting upgraded so soon this may well be a popular option.

Luckily for us BlackBerry addicts both the Z10 and Q10 support LTE, so until the other UK networks release their own 4G services you may want to consider giving EE a try if you haven't done so before. I'm a huge fan of 30 day plans - just as it gives me the freedom to switch carrier if the need arises - although they won't be for everybody.

As usual with EE's 4G plans they are not cheap. You may get unlimited voice calls and SMS but to get a reasonable amount of data you are going to have to pay for it.

The price and data options are as follows:

  • £23 per month for 500MB
  • £28 for 1GB
  • £33 for 3GB
  • £38 for 5GB
  • £43 for 8GB
  • £63 for 20GB

People of the UK - is this still too expensive for 4G data? Sound of in the comments.

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EE offer up 30 day rolling SIM only contracts in the UK


Compared to US price that's pretty affordable, but I don't live in the UK so I don't know what the cost of living is

Posted Via BlackBerry Z10

Affordable my ass.

I will never purchase a SIM that doesn't have an unlimited plan...I pay £33. What they're offering is not enough for data users, might as well not use data until your at home on the wi-fi or if you find a wi-fi hotspot area.

Far to expensive, On O2 I only pay 37 a month, Fair enough it's not 4G but I paid nothing upfront for the phone.. (Z10)

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Very expensive.

Although I have the 20G data plan. I only pay £44 because I have a family and friends discount from my days working for T-Mobile

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Way too expensive! Giffgaff £20 unlimited data and texts and 1200 minutes. Yes it's 3G but actually rather fast round London, so... way too expensive!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

At today's conversion 23 £ works out to about $36 Canadian. That's a bargain compared to my 2 yr. Plan with Bell ($50 for 1000 min./mo. Calls + 650 Mb data and voice mail) which of course includes the Z10 amortization.

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This is not intended as a knock but those who are saying "Too expensive compared to my 3G plan.........." obviously haven't run a phone on LTE for any length of time. Taking into account the additional speed of LTE the difference in price seems more than reasonable to me.

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I'm sure if people hang on a while and wait for the rest of the UK Networks to go 4G, then we could see a big price drop and hopefully 4G On PAYG. Yes it is way to expensive and I'm sure EE are milking it for as much as they can get. As there the only Network in the UK that have it.

Craig Ashcroft, BlackBerry Elites UK, Z10

Too expensive, still waiting for Vodafone 4G, if same price will be sticking with 3G and my unlimited Wifi with BT

I think the prices are worth the money considering that with my plan of 20 gigs plan, you get free wife hot spots plus the ability to tether without additional charges and many other add ons... I don't see what the fuss is about... you get what you pay for I guess... anything above £41 you get tethering and free couple of gigs wifi which with other networks you may have to pay extra for this...

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You can do all that and pay a third of the price. I suppose if you like getting ripped off, then your right at home.

That's expensive on EE, I'm on GiffGaff and pay 12GBP/month for 250 mins, unlimited SMS and unlimited data. It's not LTE but it's a great service.

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That's almost an extra £10 a month and with less data than I'm already getting, ridiculous pricing! Sticking with 3G until the price reduces

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Way to expensive, the price shouldn't have to go up, especially on Internet it's a good plan because they know less people using texts and calls and using the Internet more, thankfully the '3' network have said they won't be changing prices for their 4g, for more relevant, interesting tech news, see the tech signature below :)

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By the way I'm on ee, u was on contract 35 per month 500 mb unlimited texts and calls, but kept finishing my Internet obviously, and they make me pay £42 just for an extra 500mb..

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What???? £33 for 3gb???? I pay £41 for the same amount and that's on an EE 24 month contract!!!

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Yes, but you're paying for the phone too? The rolling contracts you have to buy the phone outright, like Payg..

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It's too expensive for me personally. I think EE missed a trick there: If they'd offered really competitive options they could have lured those of us who are out of contract over to their network. As it is, I'll wait to see what O2 and the others have to offer.

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Far too expensive and the fact that if you go to another European countries say France and use orange France you have to pay again, it's not coming off your data plan. It's about time the operators come into the 21st century and stop fleecing their customers.

Not so happy anymore.

£26 a month with all you can eat data on 3 for a Q10... would never consider moving to EE. Although I do wonder if 3 will have to rebrand as 4 when they go all 4G on our asses.

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For me this is way to expensive. Especially in the current financial situation. I don't have a 4g phone at the moment. Still happy with my bold 9900. I will upgrade to a Q10 at some point but for now am happy. I get decent speeds on my 3 network even though it is only 3G.

For the UK it's far too expensive, but what can be expected when Ofcom (the supposed regulator for UK communications) allows a monopoly of 4G...

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EE are milking it, if you ask me. I'm content with my £10 Virgin monthly sim - 250 mins, unlimited texts, and 1 Gig data on 3G. London based with home wifi in use much of the time. Suits me.

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Rather than Plans a better comparison may be PAYG. Tesco provide 1G on O2 for £15, includes 500 texts and some voice. OK, so it's 3G, but worth the premium EE are charging for 4G?

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James on Three (Indian call centre) tho you get unlimited super fast 3G in the Glasgow area for £13/month and a free upgrade to LTE once available. For me it's not worth the price to be honest. Rather save some cash for pubs!

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