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EE hits 200th town milestone in UK 4G rollout

By Rich Edmonds on 25 Apr 2014 04:37 am EDT

EE has today announced hitting a new milestone in the rollout of 4G LTE across the UK. The mobile operator has added the 200th town to its supported list, bringing the total coverage to a reported 72 percent. The residents of Rhyl, Wales recently had their LTE connection switched on alongside 12 other locations. The network began rolling out upgrades throughout the UK back in 2012.

If you're locked into a 4G plan with the network and reside in one of the newly covered locations, you'll be able to enjoy faster speeds. Fear not if you're still in an area with little to no coverage as the mobile operator is continuing to lock down the UK and reach complete coverage.


  • This week, Rhyl has become the 200th town to receive 4G from EE
  • Customers in 12 other towns now also covered by 4GEE
  • EE was recently ranked number one for mobile internet, call, text and reliability across the UK following rigorous independent testing from RootMetrics®

April 25, 2014 – EE, the UK's most advanced digital communications company, today announced that the seaside town of Rhyl in North Wales is the 200th town in the UK to benefit from 4GEE. The UK's biggest and fastest network officially switched on superfast 4G mobile broadband in 13 towns across the UK this week, bringing the total to 200 places and 72% of the UK population.

4G from EE goes live today in: Armadale, Bishop Auckland, Brighouse, Cumbernauld, Hamilton Kirkintilloch, Larne, Newry, Peterlee, Staines, Stockton-on-Tees, Rhyl and Washington. These places will now benefit from superfast internet access on mobiles, tablets and laptops, helping people and businesses to do more on the go, whether that's working or enjoying social media, music and videos.

EE's rigorous switch on requirements mean that locations aren't considered official 4GEE towns until at least 80% of the area is covered, ensuring new customers get the best 4G experience possible. EE continues to switch on hundreds of 4G sites all over the UK every month, and many additional towns are set to be announced in the near future.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE said: "Today we switch on our 200th 4G town just 18 months after pioneering the service in the UK.

"We now have over 2 million customers using superfast 4G. That's the fastest rollout and uptake of any technology in Britain, and means that the UK's mobile digital infrastructure is now ahead of many other nations. We're proud to have been the driving force that made that happen, but we won't stop there.

"Our continued drive to deliver 4G to more of the UK means that our customers have access to by far the biggest network in the country. Hitting this landmark highlights that 4G from EE is available wherever people need it - at home, at work, or enjoying the sunshine on the beach in Rhyl, our 200th town."

4GEE is available from just £13.99, allowing more customers than ever to enjoy the benefits of the UK's biggest and fastest network. The new price plan was launched last month alongside the first ever EE-branded smartphone – the EE Kestrel. The EE Kestrel is free on plans from £13.99, or for just £99 on 4GEE Pay As You Go.

Last month EE was ranked as the number one mobile network in the UK, following comprehensive independent testing from RootMetrics. RootMetrics assessed all four major operators, collecting over 840,000 test samples and driving more than 23,000 miles.

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Really!! EE is a big joke I'm getting 3G on my phone considering I'm their so called 4G plan.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Shame their latest BBW update has made their already glitchy app. unusable.

Posted via CB10


EE's 4G is so bad though... It's affecting every other network. I'm on 3G under the same company and my signal/network of late has been horrendous, to say the least


There are o many places I barely get a true 3G signal that 4G really really does not bother me.. and probably won't for 10 years. I live in a big town in the Midlands and as I say, I rarely get a decent, stable 3G signal. Maybe in a motorway but how does that help?

4G needs to be available in town centres, over residential areas, in shopping malls, in urban areas...not just when you're in open clear land.

And if I were to get a 4G plan, I'd take it from 3 every time as it carries no premium.

Posted via CB10


In the UK only 80% of the country legally has to have 3G coverage thanks to the Government's shortsightedness in the late 1990's.

The 4G contracts require that 98% of the UK gets 4G coverage (eventually) and THAT is the main reason that the future on 4G is brighter than today's 3G landscape. It's not about the speed it's about the extra coverage that will exist by the end of the roll out plans.

Comparing possible future 4G signal reception to current 3G signal reception is largely pointless. You will be able to get a 4G signal in places where you could never get a 3G signal.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1

rasib BBRY

EE.... a network that promised no buffering / streaming... yeah right I still get that horrible buffering sh!t, searching when out is sloe, loading is slow... for 4G standards, with all the hype and expensive price plans there should be a justifiable service, but hey it doesn't exist.

Posted via CB10


I apparently live in a strong 3G/H+/4G/LTE area and to a degree I do get great 3G/4G speeds... when I'm outdoors!!

Also if there was a big pile of lies it's HD Voice - I can only speak from personal experience however regardless of who I call and what signal strength (or even type of connection such as 3G/H+ etc) I don't get HD Voice capability

And don't even start me about there supposed "BlackBerry Technical Support" - utter horse so it is...

So my options are: -

EE / Orange / T-Mobile - when my contract ends, I will be cancelling it
Vodafone - Sales team are excellent, customer service not so much and they are EXPENSIVE!! LoLz to their pricing
3 - I have a personal grudge with them billing me for phone calls to a phone that was dismatled at their repair centre whilst the SIM Card sat in my pocket without being inside a phone
O2 - Cheap but their 3G speeds are slow so god only knows how good their 4G service is AND they are going to be sharing masts with Vodafone so the prices at some point will go up to match them of course

I'm currently debating whether i'll need a smartphone as there are no other networks I would entertain and I won't entertain MVNO's - that's just another world of hurt and awkward compromises


Not sure where you're going wrong but HD voice works fine for me on EE 4G with BlackBerry Z10s and calls from Z10s to Android phones that support HD Voice.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1


The worst mobile provider in the UK. I do not have reception at all in some buildings in central London o.O . Also tried to replace my old big sim card for new micro one to fit my Z10 - cost price 10.20 £. Ten twenty my a..

Posted via CB10


Tesco a MVNO using O2 network are very good inexpensive option who don't charge for 4g. If i go to an area where O2 have 4g my Z10 can use it for no extra cost. I get 750 mins a month plus 2000 texts. As plan originally came with BlackBerry Curve 8510 it's £15 a month but i bought a Z10 so i can change to sim only that's well below £10. I only get 500mgbs but use Wi fi for data mostly and if i needed to use mobile data can just put PAYG on phone. Bill is capped so no nasty surprises. I never thought i would support greedy supermarkets but Tesco mobile are a good alternative. I'm self employed so rely on my phone for work and since changing from Orange 18months ago i can't believe how good tesco are and only charge a fraction of what the other networks are charging. THANK YOU TESCO FOR MAKING MY EXPERIENCE WITH Z10 AMAZING!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Mark Edward Carr

I feel all networks have there good and bad moments.

Only issue I have with ee is when I updated my Z10 to the latest OS, and even since then my phone drops from full signal to e and this happens a lot through the day. But I assume that is a bug in the latest update or a hardware issue.

3 are fine as long as you dont have to talk to customers.

I will be upgrading to 4g next saturday, with ee as I have double speed 4g at home, which I need as my broadband speed is only 2mb.

Currently using tmobile and get around 5-7mb.

Posted via CB10


i am in plymouth and i get a great 4G signal everywhere but my lounge. did a speed test and i was getting a good 15MB download so i am real happy with EE


I'm on t-mobile. Supposed to get orange and ee signal but according to my phone it's never stronger than t-mobile. Almost always on H+ if not I'm always on solid 3G. Haven't got 4G as I'd have to switch to an ee plan which is worse for more money :/

Posted using my z10 running Z10STL100-2/


I'd stick with Giffgaff over EE anyday!!

Posted via CB10


From the sound of it...looks like they are not a good wireless company.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

Paul Mouzer

I checked the EE site today and they didn't offer any blackberry phones.

Posted via CB10


I can't make voice calls on 4G on EE!

Posted via CB10