EE hits the one million 4G user mark in the UK

By James Richardson on 9 Sep 2013 06:08 am EDT

4G has been in the UK headlines over the last few weeks as both O2 and Vodafone rolled out their LTE services. They have some catching up to do though against EE who are already well established in the market. EE was predicting that they would hit the one million 4G subscriber base by the end of the year, but it seems that the good folk of the UK are loving their super fast speeds as EE have hit that target four months early. 

That's great news for EE and for BlackBerry 10 users too as all BB10 handsets are 4G capable. Getting actual sales figures out of a carrier in terms of how many BlackBerry 10 devices they have sold is never going to happen, but Team BlackBerry will be in the mix. 

The other interesting fact here is to do with pricing. Having an EE 4G contract is more expensive than a 3G one on their sister companies - Orange and T-Mobile - which just goes to prove that consumers are in fact willing to pay a little extra for faster data speeds. Contract prices are always a topic of conversation and people are forever complaining, but this latest news from EE seems to go against the norm. 

Are you an EE BlackBerry 10 customer in the UK? Give us your thoughts in the comments regarding pricing? Or are you just going to wait until the end of the year when Three rolls out 4G at no extra cost? 

Press Release

9th September 2013 – EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, today announced that Britain has set one of the fastest 4G adoption rates in the world with one million customers already embracing the convenience and reliability of superfast 4G mobile services. EE has achieved its goal of signing up one million 4G customers by the end of the year, four months sooner than expected.

EE launched the UK’s first 4G service on October 30th 2012 and since then adoption has been driven by EE’s rapid country-wide network rollout.  More than 100 towns and cities are now able to enjoy 4G at speeds which are not only the fastest in the UK, but are also faster than networks in the rest of Europe, the US and Japan.

To thank its one million 4GEE customers, EE is giving each and every one 50% off one of the latest accessories in-store. Details of the offer will be sent directly to customers via text message.

Olaf Swantee, CEO, EE, says: “The UK mobile sector saw a huge shift 10 months ago with the launch of 4G from EE. We set a new standard for UK mobile networks, and the way consumers and businesses are using their mobile devices in this country has been transformed.

“We have seen one of the fastest adoption rates in the world and I’m immensely proud to announce today that we have reached a significant milestone – one million 4G customers.

“We know that all communities across Britain want 4G, not just those in the big urban centres, and we’re committed to continuing to roll out superfast mobile at this record breaking pace.

“EE has the most attractive 4G pricing in the world – and  we’re also gearing up to launch a new range of innovative plans, providing even more ways for people to get the fastest speeds and the best value plans.”

4G Transforming Connectivity for Consumers and Businesses in Britain

 EE’s first 4G Mobile Living Index revealed that:

·       Nearly half of users are using fewer or no public WiFi spots since using 4G, as faster, more reliable mobile speeds give people the freedom to stream, share and download more on the move

·       A third of UK 4G users stream more content over 4G, than they did on 3G, with BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Sky Go the favourite TV services and tablets driving 60% more video streaming  on smartphones

·       4G is also enabling people to go beyond streaming and browsing, with 19% of users shopping more on their smartphone or tablet, than they did with 3G

 Business and 4G

4G is proving to be a catalyst for business growth with companies of all sizes being transformed by superfast mobile speeds. From London’s Air Ambulance cutting down critical response times and Kier reducing the time it takes to set up remote construction sites, to press photographers getting their shots to picture desks well ahead of competitors; entire industries are becoming smarter and more effective with 4G.


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Reader comments

EE hits the one million 4G user mark in the UK


Pretty cool stuff hitting 1M in under a year. EE had a head start but also launched 4G in 11 cities from the get go. So, that's an even bigger head start than that of Vodafone and O2 who have only launched in a few cities.

They also recently doubled their capabilites, I was willing to pay the price but i negotiated a much better deal that one they were giving me before.. because tbh their standard rates are terrible, they charge so much for Internet that you finish fast..

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

I gave unlimited data, unlimited texts and 2000 minutes each month for £36 with T-Mobile. Why would I pay EE an extra £5 a month so that I can have less data and eat it up far quicker? Everywhere I use my phone is 3G which I'm more than happy with.

I'm not willing to pay extra for 4G, instead EE should take a leaf out of 3 mobile 's book and provide it to users automatically at no extra cost. That way plenty of people would jump ship from O2 or Vodafone.

Posted via CB10

Unlimited data! Whaaaaaat! In Canada plans top out at 6 GB, and we're paying premium for that. I mean, a plan like that would cost $85 minimum. Mobile service rates in Canada suck (although I am loving the LTE at no added cost)!

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Wind Canada... $40 (near $50 after tax) unlimited everything.
I would just get a BB on their service... forget everything else.

Got the same contract as you on T-Mobile. Absolutely brilliant. I never have to worry about data as its unlimited. Good thing about T-Mobile also is that they don't cap your usage.

Posted via Vader10

So far I am enjoying the super fast network of 4g with 20gb tariff since Feb 13... when I mean streaming and downloading only take seconds on youtube, iplayer and so on... the only problem for Bbry z10 users is the EE app is crap for keeping an eye on your bills and data usage... it doesn't work majority of the times and plus the app there is no Wifi search or orange wednesday app either like on android and iPhones using orange network...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

20 GBS! Why does Canada restrict us to 6 GB for like $85? It's ridiculous!

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Only one million during almost 12 months in the UK? Something goes wrong - either 4G is not worth paying more for it, or what?

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

Consumers are willing to pay a little more, but I am on the 3 network and when they launch their 4G in December, they won't be charging a penny/cent extra for the privilege.
Just proves that these things can be done and that company's really don't have to charge customers for every single added extra that comes around.

CB10 on my Z10

The speeds I get with Voda 3G compare well with the speeds a friend gets on his 4G EE iPhone. Certainly not worth the extra. EE's 4G network seems fairly weak and coverage leaves a lot to be desired.

Posted via CB10

I love the 4G EE it's fast as he'll tho I am told it's slow in so.e city's in UK. But mine is faster than my broadband. Well worth it

Posted via CB10

EE 4G is definitely noticeable as the speed when downloading, searching, videos, you tube etc, everything plays without a jitter, no buffering no streaming, if you want a superior experience with your smartphone the smart money is on EE super fast 4G, what's the point in having a cutting edge smartphone restricted to a slower network with less features

Posted via CB10

Not trying to raid on the parade of the 3G users but it is nowhere as fast as 4G. I've done numerous tests and the difference is like 7up... so damn clear! Plus.. 4G does not drain your battery anymore than 3G does so it's a win win situation. I agree the tarriffs are a tad scary but man its fast.

I upgraded to the Q10 some months ago, but kept with Orange, as 4G isn't anywhere near my area, & I barely get 3G as it is? I work from home & rely heavily on wifi for internet. Wasn't worth moving over to EE & paying extra for something that I won't be getting for some time in my area, if at all.

Posted on CB10 with my Q10

Maybe then my results aren't the norm. In an area showing strong Voda 3G AND strong EE 4G, using the same model handset, I got downstream results of 6ish Mbps on Voda 3G and 8-9 on EE 4G. These are just numbers, but in real world tests, the difference in loading speeds are noticeable, but minimal.

Not a justifiable speed increase and certainly not the clear and massive difference everyone speaks of.

Posted via CB10

I got my Z10 on an EE 4G plan the week after the Z was launched here. I paid a bit more upfront for the phone and only took a 12 month contract out, knowing that within a year the other networks will have some form of 4g, and the competition will drive down the prices. Which it is doing. I shall see at the end of next January which network is looking the best, and switch or upgrade at that time.

Yes 4g does cost more on EE, but I think it will come down in price. It'll have to come down in line with the other networks or they'll lose a 'shed load' of those 1m customers they've got. 3 has generally been cheaper than other networks here, and I was on 3 for four or five years before I got the Z. However, their customer service is beyond appalling. I had a major disagreement with them about a phantom charge on my bill last summer, and they refused to refund it. Talking to them was like talking to a brick wall. So would I go back to 3 even if they are a bit cheaper....probably not.

I also make use of the EE buy one get one free cinema tickets on Wednesdays at least once a month. And at my local cinema, that's £8 a go.

As for 4g itself, yes I think it's worth it. It's several times faster than my sky broadband at home. I would love a bigger data allowance so I could use it more, and maybe even ditch my home broadband.

Finally, if you read the press release (and I just got a text message off EE saying same thing), any ideas about making the best use of the 50% off any accessory in store??

Posted via CB10

What would be cool is if EE hit the, "one million BlackBerry 10 4G LTE devices activated since launch."

Posted via CB10

EE is the best mobile network in uk it amazing and very fast good customer service but sometimes only picks up on 3G in certain areas

Posted via CB10

I signed up to EE 4G in February expecting to get 4G and I don't. Be cautious with the 1 million number, the chances are a large portion don't actually get a 4G signal in their area.

Posted via CB10

EE are currently offering double triple or quadruple data on plans. £46 a month 10gig data. Bargain. I'd never use my phone for that, but good for some people. Only network to offer truly unlimited is 3, but good luck with finding signal to use it ;-) T-mobile offer unlimited, but after a fair use policy they limit download speeds.

Posted via CB10

After reading this earlier, I came across a new deal on Vodafone. I'm now paying £40 for 6GB & unltd mins/texts on their 4G network which was only £3pcm more.

I'm averaging 35mbps down and 20mbps up. Faster than my friends on EE. Not as fast as my wifi, but colour me impressed!

Posted via CB10