EE to consider terminating its relationship with Carphone Warehouse

By Rich Edmonds on 9 Jun 2014 07:35 am EDT

EE is looking to pull out of its partnership with Carphone Warehouse, with a decision to be reached following a review of its consumer retail strategy. Should the largest mobile operator in the UK terminate dealings with the retailer, it will be a sizeable blow leaving just O2 and Vodafone as viable options through Carphone Warehouse. The move would see EE deal directly with consumers, eliminating third-party retailers.

The UK mobile operator is a joint venture between Orange and Deutsche Telekom. Gervais Pellissier, the deputy chief executive of Orange, commented on how he wanted to see EE rely less on third-party retailers and drive sales by dealing direct to consumers. A EE spokesman failed to comment on negotiations, but did highlight how the company is reviewing its strategy:

"While we do not comment specifically on ongoing negotiations, we can confirm that we're formally reviewing our distribution strategy, primarily in the consumer space, with a view to fewer, deeper partnerships, based on value and shared ambitions."

Carphone Warehouse is currently looking to merge with consumer technology retailer Currys (owned by Dixons), which would be hit hard by potential retractions. EE will also be reviewing its partnership with retailer Phones 4u.

Source: The Telegraph

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EE to consider terminating its relationship with Carphone Warehouse


Hmmm that has been the situation with the 3 network for many years and they don't seem to be doing the best so I don't know if this will be a hit for EE as well.

Mmmm interesting.
Wonder if Vodafone will follow shortly with the same.

Timely with Carphone merger with Dixon group, wondering if they knew this severing of ties before and now whether this will derail the merger??

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This would be horrible! They're forcing me to leave them if I want a Z30!

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They are not, I'm looking forward for my contract to finish to move to Three UK.

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BlackBerry do the same, opposite way.

Don't cut off any more carriers (like T-Mo USA), but deal more with customers directly.

Shop BlackBerry should finally start selling directly, on a global level. Man, even on eBay or Amazon.

Haha, let Foxconn do the manufacturing, and Amazon the warehousing. Classic drop-shipping, BB just gets the cheque in the mail. Only half-kidding ...

Main thing is, we get our devices and they rock.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I disagree. EE are a valuable network on a number of fronts. Their deals are coming down in price to reflect competitive 4G plans. They have the lowest price 4G plan and it's a hit at CPW. They offer wider coverage 3G and 4G in a lot of the country and their customer service is sterling. CPW subs were made up of about 30% EE when I left the company.

CPW don't have a business model if networks pull out. Vodafone were talking about it 6 months ago and 3 went ahead and did it. Without impartial retailers like Carphone there won't be competition. You'd be signing up to £60pm contracts when your upgrade rolls round.

CPW are getting into bed with Dixons which has the lucrative possibility of changing the digital home with the Internet of things. Networks are going to want a piece of that too. They should want a piece of that too. Carphone needs them. If EE go, Vodafone will follow and that'll leave O2 in a difficult position.

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The only reason I am with EE is because I get a discount, hell iv'e been with them when they were called One2One! But now every time I try to upgrade they try to screw me over.
I really don't not think they are a very good company any more and have lost all loyalty.

The main reason they want to ditch the Retail sector is so they can tie people to their network, Carphone Warehouse only sell unlocked phones.

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Carphone Warehouse are the only High Street store that supply a full range of BlackBerry Devices and the only store that stocks the Z30. They were however well overpriced for both the device and contact when I upgraded my Z10 to a Z30 back in January were very much cheaper and supplied the phone within 24 hours for only £20 compared to the £200 Carphone Warehouse were asking plus the contract was £10pcm cheaper.

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Vodafone also still sells the Z30 and all the other BlackBerry 10 devices. Just CPW and Vodafone have the Z30

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EE is shit anyway they can go to hell.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

I don't normally quote explicit comments like above however since I joined EE in January 31st 2013, I'm afraid I have to agree with the above statement

Just another way of shafting the customer in my opinion

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I took an EE contract on 1 Feb 2013 and it was the worst business decision of my life. They may claim the best national network coverage but it's non-existent in many places where i want to use it. It took them 2 months to get their call-forwarding fixed and it's BB10 app has never worked properly. My contract runs out in Jan 2015 and I'm counting down the days. My only consolation was that they recently invited me to take part in a customer survey and I was delighted to give them a perfect Zero score on all categories.
Good luck to Carphone Warehouse if they can shake the dust of EE from off their feet

Agree, I know lots of people on EE and their phone reception is awful. Don't forget T- Mobile are EE now and we know what they think of Blackberry!

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That's T-Mo USA, totally different management, and they are probably not as "legere" over on the islands (look up the French translation of the word!)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Tried Orange (zero range) for 1 contract, went straight back to Vodafone after, never again will i have another contract with Orange!!

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In my experience EE are getting a reputation for dropped calls and unreliable network availability regardless of the marketing hype.

I've been on EE since 31st January 2013, the missus on Orange 3g, my sister on T-mobile and we all get dropped calls quite frequently. I've had sim cards changed, new handset from z10 to z30(which I had to get online on the big E) but the same shitty (not a swear word but I've used it to describe appropriately) unreliable network.

I can't wait till December I'm porting to Vodafone whatever the price because I'm just fed up with EE customer service - all talk no action!

By the way if you haven't typed on the Z30, you haven't lived life. Believe!

Blackberry since 2007, Z30 since 2014

I was recently in the UK for a quick trip and was looking for a deal on a local SIM and found Carphone Warehouse to be by far the least helpful/friendly/informative of the 3rd party retailers I visited. I ended up re-booting my existing T-Mobile/EE SIM as I found their call centre CSRs to be everything the staff at Carphone Warehouse et all weren't.

Great point, but if blackberry don't come out with a new high end touchscreen device by Christmas, I will have lots more to worry about than where I buy from! :)

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