EE customers able to use their smartphones in the Channel Tunnel from March 2014

Channel Tunnel
By James Richardson on 9 Jan 2014 03:33 am EST

For us folk here in the UK, popping into the rest of Europe is not only fast, but easy too, since the Channel Tunnel was built. The good news for us BlackBerry addicts is that from March 2014 we'll still be able to use our BlackBerry smartphones under the sea - thanks to EE. 

The UK carrier has announced its plans to make 2G & 3G available initially - with 4G rolling out by the summer. As well as consumers, this will be great news for business users as well - who won't need to stop working during the journey to France. Because all BlackBerry 10 devices are 4G ready, this will ensure us BlackBerry users retain super fast data speeds whilst making the journey under the English Channel. 

Vodafone will also be making the service available but the following press release has come direct from EE. 

Press Release

January 9th, 2014 – EE, the UK’s most advanced communications company, today announced  that the Channel Tunnel will be covered by superfast 4GEE mobile services by summer 2014.

The 35 minute journey underground from the UK to France is going to be enhanced for commuting business workers and holidaymakers through access to the superfast 4GEE network. The time underground can be spent online preparing for meetings, checking emails, planning travel routes, researching a holiday destination or watching streamed movies.

Around 20 million people travel through the Channel Tunnel each year, either on the Eurotunnel shuttle in their cars or lorries or on a Eurostar train.

2G and 3G services are also set to go live in the North Running Tunnel (UK to France) in March 2014.

 EE CTO Fotis Karonis said:

“We’re proud to offer customers a superfast 4G service when they’re travelling from the UK into Europe. It’s another technology first for EE, and it’s one that will make a big difference to business workers and people going away on holiday. Being connected is such an important part of travelling now and this will be another route we’ve covered with 4G, making a huge difference to millions of customers who can now make the most of their journey time.”

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Channel journey lasts usually not longer than 20 minutes + a bit longer when your car goes with you :) Good move but using smartphone in Tube is much crucial, IMO. WiFi works quite well and all have access...

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Took them a long time to get that deal in place

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Not bad ;-)

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Be nice if EE could give us proper coverage in parts of London let alone wasting money on channel tunnel.

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Finally Europe is catching up with the rest of the world.
USA could desperately use improvements to their cell service also. Compared to Canada, US cell service is a written off, useless thing.

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Chris Westwood

Awesome :-)

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Dunmanway Emar

Interesting but I'd be more impressed if I could actually get an EE signal on my Z10 in Central London.


I live and work in central London and I NEVER have had any problem getting a EE signal on my Z10 or any device I carry.

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Dunmanway Emar

No signal in my London office (Blackheath). Can't even get a signal standing out in the car park. Various excuses from EE and none of the proposed solutions work. I'm reduced to leaving the EE phone plugged in at home (strong signal) and forwarding all calls to my backup phone (Vodafone) which gets an excellent signal everywhere.


Noted EE have some preference here.
Where are the news from the carriers with more than 200 million customers ?


Gsm and data signal have been available northbound (France to UK) for at least a year. I've used my BlackBerry often in the channel tunnel (car train). It's the southbound tunnel, UK- France which is only now catching up.
On the flip side what's wrong with 25 mins quiet or family time!

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