Education Apps comes to the BlackBerry Z10/Q10 and also updated for legacy devices

Education Apps
By James Richardson on 2 May 2013 05:54 am EDT

I first met the man behind Education Apps at BlackBerry Jam Europe. He goes by the name of George Burgess and what a nice fella he is - and clever! With the exam season coming up here in the UK this maybe this is the perfect time for the apps to get a refresh as well as BlackBerry 10 support.

The application itself is free to download and then it's just a case of viewing the available content before purchasing the module you require for a small fee - sounds good to me.

With the younger generation here in the UK loving their BlackBerry smartphones I'm sure many will take advantage of Education Apps. Or if you are a parent maybe you should discuss this with your son/daughter?

Press Release

LONDON, ENGLAND… EducationApps Limited, the UK’s leading provider of mobile study apps for students, has released its first BlackBerry apps ahead of the UK exam season. Many UK students begin their exams next week. The apps are available on BlackBerry 10 (both the Z10 and Q10), OS 6 and 7 and can be downloaded for free from BlackBerry World.

The apps make use of the EducationApps Mobile Learning Platform. They consist of three modules: Study, Friends and School. The study module allows students to browse, sample and purchase content, while the friends’ module adds a social and competitive element. The school module enables students to receive assignments and messages from their teachers. Education institutions will be able to use this feature from September.

Additionally, EducationApps has updated its iOS apps so that they are available on iPad. Currently, only quiz content is available on iOS, but the full platform will be available in September.

The apps cover major qualifications for the US, UK and international markets and include content licensed from top academic publishers such as Oxford University Press. Qualifications include Common Entrance, GCSE, A-Level, SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT and medical, law, science and social science at undergraduate level.
Twenty-one-year-old CEO, George Burgess, runs EducationApps full-time having recently taken a leave of absence from Stanford University. “Our aim is to make the new platform available on all major operating systems, ensuring we reach as many students as possible and making it easier for schools to adopt.”

“We’ve brought our revolutionary mobile learning platform to BlackBerry first because of BlackBerry’s dominant position with UK students – they’ve always loved BlackBerry devices because of features like BBM.” He added, “This is just the beginning. We have ambitious plans to produce more apps using the platform, add additional features and expand internationally.

More information/Download Education Apps for BlackBerry 10

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Education Apps comes to the BlackBerry Z10/Q10 and also updated for legacy devices


Sounds like an awesome app to have on hand. I'll tell my girlfriend to download it for her kids.

BTW, ........ FIRST!!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Lol!

Are you kidding me??? The first poster posted 3hrs ago and claimed first already!! Run along n00b!! Run along!!

Some people do stupid isht just because they like to do stupid isht. Is your day complete now that you've done stupid isht? :D

I teach classes online for a Univesity. Blackberry needs to get the University and College mobile apps for all their devices. It would definitely help boost sales.

I host a lot of educational scripts for my clients. One of them is Moodle an eLearning solution. Moodle is a Course Management System. Any educational app like the one developed by George Burgess, is a great project. BlackBerry should have more of the educational app on their smartphone and most important the PlayBook that have a larger screen. Is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks James.

And of course, you all caught that they brought it to BlackBerry FIRST, right? The pendulum swing begins...

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