From the Editor's (Standing) Desk: Monday morning quickie

From the Editor's (Standing) Desk
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jun 2012 11:05 am EDT

Hair Strike! It's true, I'm growing out my hair until BlackBerry 10 is released. Hurry RIM!

So my plan was to write this post yesterday, but it turned out to be a Sunday of sports instead. I kicked off the morning with 13.5 mile jog (running the half in the Manitoba Marathon next Sunday), then took in the Italy - Spain matchup (EURO2012), then it was Formula 1 time with the Canadian Grand Prix, then the Ireland - Croatia match. After all the excitement the last thing I wanted to do was sit and type. So with my thumbs well rested, I'm pumping this one out on a Monday morning.... So Happy Monday morning y'all, let's get to it!

BlackBerry News

On the BlackBerry news front things were pretty quiet last week, though we did see lots of Research In Motion in the headlines again when the stock dipped below $10. Not exactly the kind of headlines we like to see. Between now and the release of BlackBerry 10 later this year you almost get the feeling that no news is good news for RIM. They need to just fly under the radar and get work done without distraction.

This week should make for some interesting BlackBerry stories though. Our own CrackBerry Zach is actually in Waterloo visiting family as I type, so we're hoping while there he'll be able to report back with a story or two. And later this week he'll be in Toronto for the grand opening of Canada's first Porsche Design store, which will no doubt be selling the exclusive and expensive Porsche Design BlackBerry. I'm also tracking a story about iOS apps running on BlackBerry, and in talking to the developer behind it things are actually looking pretty real. More on that coming soon.

In case you missed it, my favorite post of last week was asking CrackBerry Nation what they're looking forward to most in BlackBerry 10. The post got a huge response with a lot of great input. I'm going through all of it and will break down into a condensed top 10 this week. If you haven't dropped in a comment yet, do so. And stay tuned for the followup report.

Mobile Nations World Tour - Stop 1, Android

While things may be a bit slow at the moment on the BlackBerry news front, I'm busy as all heck thanks to the Mobile Nations World Tour. The month of June has me trying out Android. It feels like I'm in school again, learning absolutely as much as possible as fast as possible. There won't be an exam at the end, but I will be doing up my full report of what I have learned and experienced. In the meantime, I am making some posts on our sibling site AndroidCentral, so if you want to stay on top of it you can follow my blog there as well. It's our first time attempting this type of a World Tour type of event so we're very much feeling it out, but overall it seems to be extremely well-received so far. I think everybody agrees that knowledge of the competition is a good thing. 

Brace yourself for an onslaught of Apple News...

This week is Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, and in a few hours will be the keynote address, which means the interwebs will be flooded with Apple stuff this week. The iMore team is on hand and will be reporting back on things live. There's been lots of speculation about what we'll see... iOS 6, etc.  

Honestly, I only care about one thing getting announced, and that's a new/updated Mac Pros (the desktop computer). I've been waiting forever for a new one to hit the market, so the second that's available I'll be ordering it. I want to take my standing desk command center to the next level.

Until Next Week!

I'm going to finish this one off with a question.... what day would you like to see the From the Editor's Desk post hit the homepage? Mondays when things are busy? Sundays when things are quiet? Maybe Friday's to get ready for the weekend? Let me know what you prefer and I'll *try* and stick to it.

Reader comments

From the Editor's (Standing) Desk: Monday morning quickie


Here's an update for your macbook. Lenovo X1... for those who do. I thought owning a Blackberry you were one of the people who do, but I guess not.

Seriously put your fingers on a Lenovo keyboard and you'll never touch a mac again, pure heaven.

I'd try that for a laptop... what I want updated is the Mac Pro though. The desktop, not the laptop. Was a PC user for ever... pretty much from my first 386 all the way up until a few years ago. Need the Mac Pro so i can drive three 27" monitors off it nicely.

Was a mac user forever, but windows 7 plus thinkpad keyboards ... wow.

Desktops are passe. I hope the new BB10 will be running 3+ screens and all we have to do is plop our phone within range. I trust RIM to make a keyboard that can challenge the thinkpad, but no one has yet.

For me I just don't get it. Why buying a Mac? At least if you don't do much with vids/multi media stuff. Or I'm just too much pc (win+linux xD)

Or because I'm from a country which is known for it's liking in Hasselhoff, esp. the singer. (not that I like it, and also don't know anybody who does ;) )

I can second that. Lenovo/IBM laptops are pretty awesome, T-series especially. It's build and quality is second to none in my opinion. Also has the best keyboard for a laptop.

Been using a T61 since 2007 and it's still going strong. Currently loaded with windows 7 and it still smokes some of my friends recently purchased i-core laptops. haha

I third that IBM/Lenovo motion :)

I work in the IT field and I only recommend ThinkPads when it comes to windows laptops. However with that said, Apples are different, so you need to choose what OS you are ultimately comfortable with.

Personally, I have a T60p, a T61p, an X60, X61, as well as a T410s and they're all going strong and are great machines.

Slap an SSD in any one of them and they have stellar performance.

I still have an old "real" IBM Laptop here, before Lenovo bought it. Undestructable... (steal hinges? correct word? and still no scratches visible)

Fourth . . . Have a T510 . . Big and heavy like a tank but sturdy quality build . . Want to afford the new x1 though =)

I got an R500 (i think it was replaced by the T line) its built like a tank, never overheats and its cool to the touch even in adverse conditions (even on beds which cause almost every other laptop to get hot enough to actually burn you), going on almost 4 years now running Win 7 hands down the best laptops!

+ 1

I agree, there T and W series are awesome. Had a T40 for work, loved it.

Thanks to my work T40, I bought a W510 as my home machine. Loving it as it works and has been reliable.

One reason I love Lenovo, they seem to really support there devices and are built on the idea of reliability, (I guess they want to keep the business users).

*BTW: I got mine W510 for cheap on Black Friday Canada. Lenovo has some really awesome discounts at that time!

You don't have to go with the top of the line Nvidia product (unless you want the ultimate gaming experience), I think most Radeon cards support three monitors (and I am sure Nvidia does).

AMD ATI, up to 6 monitors ("AMD Eyefinity Technology") AMD is here a little bit better than Nvidia. Even my 7770 (~ 120 Euro) could support up to 6. But my two 24" are enough for the moment :D

3 27" monitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geez i have a single 17" on my pc still a CRT actually but i never login to that one as i use my laptop (lenovo X60) and playbook. I find a laptop/playbook so much easier to use and can be used anywhere in the house or on the deck :)

Hi Kevin,

I run three 20 inch LCD monitors from my 6 year old ThinkPad T60P.

I used to have desktops running multi-monitor setups for ages, but really needed to have a laptop 6 years ago and found this ThinkPad T60P that could do it using the ThinkPad advanced dock and I haven't looked back! No desktop needed! Its great to be able to take everything with me and not worry I forgot to copy something. I would recommend a T-series or X-series ThinkPad without hesitation, though to do the multi-monitors, you have to get a ThinkPad with a discrete graphics chip, NOT the integrated graphics chip in the main proc.

I also have a standing desk too and love it! I can send you a pic of my setup if you like. I can't wait to get a new ThinkPad, but I am waiting for Windows 8 to come out, so maybe next year...

I prefer the "From the Editor's Desk" to be posted on Sundays. It's not busy and the blogs are dead usually so its a good way to keep it exciting as I love reading you're blogs Kevin :D.

Ok, ok. I'll do my best to make it Sundays. It's always a busy day for me though. And I don't like pre-writing stuff like this... just want to write and post. I'll make it happy. Sunday morning espresso and blog post or something like that. And if it hits the odd monday, don't shoot me.

Kevin I am really worried about you...Smh darn it Rim can't you see we are losing him!? Get blackberry10 out the door ASAP!!

Hang in there Kevin...and don't do anything stupid!

I hope your team is keeping an eye on you,I'm worried to death!

haha. don't worry. i'm not going anywhere.

though of course i DO want BB10 out the door asap. But i'd like it out the door kicking ass, so if that means waiting a little longer that's ok with me.

it's actually interesting.. using android has me more excited about BB10 actually. i can clearly see where RIM can differentiate and position themselves in the market. will be interesting to see what apple announces today.

but really... no need to panic. :)

cool bro, I was getting a bit nervous here too. I do agree, staying abreast of the competition is the only way to keep your competitive intel keen. It is also going to be interesting to see what Apple steals, later patents, then sues for. lol


Kevin - on that Android phone, how many times have you double tapped the space bar - only to find it doesn't give you what you think it will :-)?.

Either Sundays or Monday would be fine. By the way Kevin, I'm not too worried about you jumping ship for Android. Windows would be more of my concerns. I've seen it in action and it's the only platform that I see to come even close to BlackBerry and getting things done

I would like Monday's due to the fact Sunday's are for sports and relaxing esp. since football season is right around the corner. Next it gives me something to talk about when it comes to the people that constantly pick on me at work because they are using Iphones and they refer to my bb 9930 as outdated hardware. When I mention what bb has in store they suggest I should just buy stock and become a poster boy, my reply is I would rather remain an a indiviual than get a phone just because the its the "in" device at the moment.

With that being said keep feeding me stuff (on Monday's) to feed to the brainwash!

Oh - you mean the 'real' 'American' FOOTball where they pass the ball with their hands and wear so much protection - the pansies. If they had just an ounce of the skill soccer players show - they'd be in heaven LOL!

When to post? - either Tuesday or 1-2 days before your peak traffic day on CB.

Hair: Here's hoping that it doesn't get past your ears! Thanks.

I think the iOS apps running on a Playbook can really create sum buzz for the Playbook, a device that is already over a year old. I still see the HP Touchpad selling on eBAY for $200+, and I am guessing people are putting the Android OS on it.

I would like to see it on Saturday. That way you can sum up everything that has happened between Sunday and Friday of that week.

I was just in Toronto this weekend, what day does the 9981 go on sale and where is the store going to be at?

Also, The Kings just won The Cup, so playoff beards are over (they don't work for 15/16's of the teams anyway) plus wouldn't a hair strike mean that you are going to shave your face and head until BB10 comes out, instead of the opposite, of not cutting it?