From the Editor's Desk: A week to remember

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Apr 2013 08:05 am EDT


I'm a little late getting up my weekly From the Editor's Desk post, but you can't blame me - it was a CRAZY week. Between having a good chunk of the Mobile Nations team in NYC for #TM13 at the same time as we had to work on our BlackBerry Q10 Review, it made for a non-stop week of action.

No complaints from me though. I love being BUSY, and we had some special guests join us last week which made the craziness enjoyable. Geek Beat's Cali Lewis and John P were in town, moderating and hosting our #TM13 discussions. I'll shed some more light on what all this #TM13 stuff is below, but in the meantime you can check out the photo gallery above for a few behind the scenes photos from last week. I don't think Cali and John started the week as big BlackBerry fans, but by the time they flew home I think I won them over. Sell Like Hell, right? One thing is for sure - the BlackBerry Q10 sure looks Qute in Cali's hands!  

Speaking of guests, CB's Adam Zeis dropped by for a visit yesterday, so we recorded up a video to go with this week's From the Editor's Desk. Is it worth watching? Lol... you can be the judge of that one. Catch it above. :)

What's all this #TM13 Stuff about anyways?


Android Central's Phil Nickinson and iMore's Rene Ritchie both wrote up great editorials on Sunday for their weekly FtED's posts, and I encourage you to read both (Read Phil's | Read Rene's), as they talk #TM13 in a very succinct and eloquent way. 

My take on #TM13? Well, it's a cross site editorial event that borrows inspiration from our Smartphone Round Robins of old. The Smartphone Round Robin was an event where we would take a break from our regular duties covering the BlackBerry / Android / Windows Phone/Mobile / iOS / Palm beat, get all of the EiCs together across our network of mobile-dedicated sites, and try out the competition and debate the merits of each mobile platform. It was never about which phone was best or worst, but was conducted with the goal of really helping readers to evaluate what platform was best for them given their needs and preferences. We always generated a lot of great content during the Round Robin too - heck, this is where my notorious Smartphone Hierarchy of Needs theory was born.

We've been wanting to do a new Round Robin style event for a long time now, and with both Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 now here the timing finally makes sense to do it again. What didn't make sense though was running the Round Robin the same we did in the past. In the past, we could spend days arguing over things like hardware specs. Today, every flagship phone out of the box is pretty killer. So in dreaming up #TM13 we thought bigger. I think you're all going to like what we cooked up.

The challenge of having a "virtual company" with editors and contributors all over the globe is that doing things in the same room is impossible. So this past week was the week where we got the group together, fired up the video cameras, and produced a whole bunch of video content that we'll be sprinkling throughout the #TM13 event. We're also going beyond Mobile Nations for #TM13. Mobile Nations will be getting the conversation started, but we'll also be bringing in the personalities and industry experts from beyond Mobile Nations to contribute to the conversation. And we're building out some cool new features for the sites that are going to allow YOU to participate in the conversation like never before. 

As for what #TM13 stands for? Well...  people have been guessing like crazy and nobody has nailed it just yet. It's not a secret... if and when somebody guesses **maybe** we'll let the cat out of the bag. Maybe it's Mobile Nations THE MOVIE? Nah, that's not it. Maybe it's TOO MUCH? Nope. Keep guessing. You'll all know soon enough.

The BlackBerry Q10 Review

BlackBerry Q10 Review

The BlackBerry Q10 Review is up and the Q10 itself is almost here! Some lucky folks in the UK already have their hands on their own Q10 and it's hitting Canada tomorrow. You can feel CrackBerry's BlackBerry Q10 forums are revving up - you'll want to keep your eyes on them over the days ahead.

Working through our Q10 review was a BIG CHALLENGE, especially considering we had all the #TM13 stuff per above happening at the same time. Huge thanks go to Adam, Bla1ze and Simon for helping pull it together. I was using the phone over the course of the review period, and giving them all my bullet point feedback, and between the lot of us pulled it all together in the review we published. Given the time constraints it wasn't quite as detailed as I'd normally like to get, but it still should provide any reader with a very, very good picture of the Q10 and what it's all about. The Q10 really is a great BlackBerry. If you like having a physical keyboard on your smartphone, it's the phone you want. Period.

Over the next two weeks we'll be following up on the blogs here with a lot more on both the Q10 and the Z10. Once the Z10 gets OS 10.1 we'll give it a re-review as well. 

Nearing the end of our NYC Adventure... for now

CrackBerry in the Sky

I have another two weeks in our temporary NYC CrackBerry HQ. From here I'll be flying to Orlando for BlackBerry Live, and from there it will be home to Winnipeg (Canada) for the summer. It's been crazy and awesome to spend so much time in the Big Apple. There are things that happen here that just wouldn't happen in any other city (lots of crazy stories I'll share one day...). I've been living out of a suitcase most of 2013, so I am starting to look forward to getting back to my normal routine for a bit. Though I have a feeling the itch to take the CrackBerry show on the road again will come back soon. So we'll see what happens... :)

Until Next Time...

Keep it locked to CrackBerry! We have LOTS of awesomeness coming your way!



CBL13 - CrackBerry Live 13?

Aren't you glad I didn't say first :p


But you did.

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I saw what you did there. +1 for you. LOL


No. +1 to you, sir, for wrapping up a "first" comment like a pro.


No sorry. +1 for You for wrapping it All up LIKE A BOSS!!


You can make your way home Kevin...snow is almost gone. Go BB

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Top Model 2013?

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Kevin Michaluk

Ha! I like that one. But sadly, no.

benedict gomes

Are you there Kevin??

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benedict gomes

Are you there??

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what happened to Monday Brief????

Kevin Michaluk

Well, it's coming. But here's the thing. We recorded it on a $20k 4k Red Scarlett camera. Which makes the file size huge. And our laptops blow up trying to render it. And youtube cry trying to process it. But it's coming. Stay tuned!


My brother could help you in that area, he used to own one of the best post production studio's in Canada. Won two Oscars....Red Scarlett Cameras are Dwadly. (not a typo)((it's a thing))


Been in that nightmare...

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Great week for Team BlackBerry, let's make this a great year!
Got my Zed at launch and getting the Que as soon as it drops for EE UK.

jojo beaconsfield

Trade Mark 13,that's too easy right?


Kevin...Rick Astley ...Seriously? LOL

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Kevin Michaluk

We ended that show so badly, we just had to end it as bad as possible. The next show can only be better!

Richard Devine

You know, the UK's a nice place to take a roadshow ;-)


Team Mobile!

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Think it's about time you and the wifey permanently move to Toronto. An hours drive to Waterloo and 3 to Ottawa. Of course you also get to leave the treacherous Pegtown winters. To put a spin on Buy buy buy..

..Move move move.


Today's Mobile 2013 ???
Reviewing all of the mobile platforms of today


TM13 = Team Michaluk 2013

I suck at this lol

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Whoever guesses correctly, or if someone guesses correctly, they should win a prize from CB :) Maybe a Q10


why did I think you would moving to NYC for good? That was the impression I had from the blow your mind posts. Well, happy Crackberry is returning to Canada.


A break from the action to grab some food? That's Edamame!


TM13 is Totally Mobile 2013.

Detective M Downs

Which restaurant is that you all are in, looks similar?


@kevin i think the hands thing that you were thinking of is from the Will Ferrel movie where he was a race car driver. I think it is called Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Kevin Michaluk

That's totally it! If you're not first, you're last!


I found the clip on youtube "Ricky Bobby: I dont know what to do with my hands." 

Brian Scheirer

All that wasted time could have been spent talking about the new and awesome weekend coder series, lol.


QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ10101010101010101010. I'm kind of excited....


True Mobility 2013

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Aaron Cake

Cali Lewis is involved with TWiT, and most of TWiT are completely bipolar regarding BlackBerry. Leo himself is the biggest offender. I've lost count when he has actually laughed out loud on his internationally broadcast radio show (millions of viewers) at the mention of BlackBerry and BlackBerry news. He's said the company is failing, that "no one" uses BlackBerry anymore, that those who do are behind the times, that employees of companies deploying BlackBerrys should demand "better" phones, that BlackBerrys are not smart phones, and really any other regurgitation of the typical tech news that you can think of. Furthermore he bashes the Z10/Q10 saying they will only appeal to those already in the BlackBerry universe, saying the devices are hard to use and already dated. Then on the other side, he praises the device for being fluid, well built, fast and responsive. However those praises are few and far between and frankly, the spewing forth of BlackBerry bashing across most of TWiT is fairly frustrating.


Hahaha I for one found it rather entertaining.


i meant, Total Mobility '13

Tomas Carrillo

I'll be pleased for go to the next BlackBerry Live ;-;, this time I had to cancel my trip.

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Looks like Phil is enjoying that lady's hands on his face a bit too much!


Great post Kevin. Keep up for Awesome work.

Posted by my awesome Z10


All I can think of is TM 13- ice beam from Pokemon

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Team Mobile 2013, Tech Police. Now all you need is some marionettes, a cheesy script and make use of the Red Scarlett.


Team Mobile 2013 seems pretty accurate lol

Kevin Michaluk

Ha. I like that idea. Might have to do TM14 with marionettes. Team Mobile, Eff Yeah! Saving the world, every effen day yeah!


I have a question! Is Crackberry sponsored by BB ? If yes! By how much ? I am just qurious how you guys get the economy together! You seem to spend a lot of money!


So I guess you guys won't be in NYC for the release of the Q10?


Tech Mania 2013?

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TM = [Thinking Mobile, Trading Mobile]?


Titty monster 13? Lol

The moment 13?

Posted via CB10 - FINALLY


Totally Mashed
Tech Mofos
Tru Mackin


My guess is that TM13 stands for Totally Mobile 2013!!


Total mobile

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Let the insanity begin!!!!!