From the Editor's Desk: Walking in a Winter BlackBerry Jam Land

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2012 12:36 pm EDT

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I woke up to a big surprise this morning.... WINTER. Seriously. I know I live in Winterpeg, but it doesn't usually start on October 5th.

So for those of you around the globe who think of snow as a novelty, I headed outside to record a little catch up From the Editor's Desk video. Hit the video above and enjoy the quick update.

It's Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, so I'll be back in just a couple of days with another From the Editor's Desk post... once I wake up from the Turkey coma that is. :)



I like winter. And BB10 even more! Kevin: Goatee+Long hair=Awesome!


Here in Toronto we don't usually get any accumulation of snow until mid December.


Love that T-Bird. What year is it.

Kevin Michaluk

That's a 1963. My brothers and I bought it for my dad when he retired 12 years back.... he used to have '62 when he was younger that he loved.

He also has one of the new style ones now... 2002 in black (which I love to drive). 



Looks like a beauty!!!


Calgary woke up to -6 yesterday and in some parts a light dusting.
This is fall on the prairies!

mmmmmmm bird and trimmings.

Have a good long weekend Kev,

BTW, nice work on the forums


Seriously have to move Kevin - way too soon.


Gorgeous in newfoundland, and by gorgeous I meant Fog.


CB style huh. I love snow. Wish we had snow fall in South India.


Hate this video because I am not looking forward to WINTER here in Chicago haha.


ok I thought you were joking when you posted a picture of the crackberry snowman. in waterloo here im not even wearing a jacket and its still the GREAT CANADIAN NORTHERN FRONTIER


keep your snow there Kevin i dont want it here in Calgary lol please stay away from this location :P the cold chill of the wind is enough to get me going nuts.


That's crazy Kev! To think it was about 25C here in Windsor ON yesterday.


Beautiful 77F here in NYC :P


I'm so jealous! I love snow :) but in Toronto its been a few long years since we've had a nice snowy winter :(


You know when you're in Canada when...

That long hair will help insulate!


The crazy thing was just last Sat/Sunday it was almost 30 degrees Celsius! Then this! Got almost a foot of snow in my front yard!


Kevin, what classic car is that?!? why isn't covered?!?


i hope it doesn't delay the completion of Investor's Group Field, yet again...haha


Its Sunny and 18 here in Vancouver


Sunny and 20°C here in Delta BC - sorry to hear about snow so early but I just know we'll get it too in a few months.


Well its 0 and sunny here in Fort McMurray. Now snow yet and none in the forcast. Keep it down there in the south guys. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian crackberry-holics.


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Enjoy the weather in the peg...


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (no snow yet in Central Alberta )


:( lucky

i wish it would snow here in toronto this early :(

PS: Kevin who records these videos for you, do you get Mrs. Kevin to?

Kevin Michaluk

Believe it or not, I'm out visiting my parents for the long weekend. I made my mom hold the SLR for this one. Thanks mom!


You'll need a pair of these warm gloves out there...


I live just a few minutes south of winnipeg, and everyone around me is in the Christmas mode now! The snow sets off something in people. Enjoy thanksgiving all my fellow canucks, and don't worry Kevin, knowing Manitoba, it will be 25 again by the weekend and snow again next week


Snow in the Rockies too. Arghhh....I'm not ready yet!!!!!!!


wow .... winnipeg looks soooo beautiful..
Is that the earliest snowfall that you have ever had?

It's so pretty.
Why don't they bring the Olympics there? You have lots of mountains?


I don't want to see any snow here in the GTA until at least December. I don't want to have to get my snow tires put on just yet. Did you guys skip fall there or something?


What the hell is up with Canada? It's snowing first of all, looks like Christmas......and today is fricken thanksgiving?? Glad I live in Florida.


Dammit, I LOVE the snow. It's not here in toronto yet.