From the Editor's Desk: Time to buckle up and buckle down!

Waiting isn't just the hardest part, it sucks
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jul 2012 10:45 am EDT

Where do I even begin? I know. I'll start with the photo above. Friday night I was in San Francisco and had a great evening out on the town drinking the agony of Thursday's BlackBerry 10 delayed until 2013 news away. Flying home Saturday, it was mission accomplished - the bad BB10 news was temporarily drowned out as my thoughts turned to the hangover I was nursing.

Reality kicked in again on my three hour layover though. Walking past the BlackBerry store, which normally has at least a few people in it whenever i walk by, I noticed it was empty. After grabbing a quick bite I walked by again. Still empty. I then sat down on a chair in the concourse and worked on my laptop and watched. Over two hours went by and a total of zero people walked in. Yes, it was a Saturday, which is a quieter day at the airport with less business travelers, but during the same time I still observed a fair amount of people checking out the all-brands gadgets retailer on the opposite side. The scene summed up quite well the challenges RIM is facing (especially in the US). Eventually I couldn't take watching this lonely guy sweep the floor anymore so walked in and bought a stylus since I had just managed to lose mine that week (shameless plug - we definitely have a better selection and pricing on styluses at ShopCrackBerry). Seeing this article today, it sounds like the guy at the Farmington Hills store is just as lonely.

The takeaway from this experience? It's already been a bumpy ride for Research In Motion these past 18 months, and with last week's news that new phones won't be out until 2013 things are going to get even more turbulent for the company and its employees. And unfortunately, trying to hide from the challenges or sugarcoat the situation (or forget about it as I tried to do Friday night) won't work. There's only two things for RIM to continue doing. Buckle Up for a bumpy ride and Buckle Down to get the work done. Either RIM is going to get the BlackBerry 10 plane built while flying and arrive to its destination safely, or it's going to crash and burn. 

Buckling Down - Limited Summer Holidays for RIM employees

Super Dan!
We need Super Dan and the QNX/RIM Ottawa team to deliver Super Hero Effort!

Nobody here wants to see RIM crash and burn and RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins has said before that "failure is not an option", so it appears buckling down is exactly what RIM is doing. Browsing the CrackBerry Forums this morning I came across this article from the Ottawa Citizen that says RIM is cancelling summer vacations:

Research In Motion Ltd. is limiting summer vacations and ordering six-day work weeks for many of its Ottawa staff as it scrambles to push out its much-promised BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Ottawa is the "epicentre" of development for RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 10 (BB10) devices and software. The company, which this week delivered a bombshell announcement that its next generation of smartphones will be delayed until next year, confirmed Friday that the intensified work hours are due to the focus on getting BB10 out to market.

"The successful launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform, and the delivery of high quality, full-featured BlackBerry 10 smartphones, remains the company's No. 1 priority; and we're incredibly proud of the commitment shown by all RIM employees as we work toward this goal," a RIM spokeswoman said in a statement.

The heart of BlackBerry 10 development lies in Ottawa, which is where Dan Dodge's QNX team lies. From the sounds of it, this is the bottleneck in the task of bringing BlackBerry 10 to market. We've referred to Dan Dodge as Super Dan before, and we're really hoping him and his team can deliver a super hero effort over the summer months and into the fall to get the work done quick. Every day that BlackBerry 10 isn't on the market things only get more difficult for Research In Motion. These guys are smart. These guys know that. It's all about executing. I hope nobody on the QNX team is reading this article... they have work to do!

More on BlackBerry 10 / Delays / etc....

There are a bunch of topics we want to dig into this week on the blogs related to the delays, RIM's challenges, RIM's hopes and more. I don't want this to get too long, so we'll leave this discussion for now at the fact that RIM HAS TO HUSTLE.

Long Hair, GoJo and Google I/O....

Productivity Win or Douche Bag? I'm thinking the latter... find out in the full review coming soon!

And some of the things happening in my world of mobile...

Long Hair: I committed at BlackBerry World that I would grow my hair out until BlackBerry 10 phones hit the market. I was banking on October at the latest for this. Now I'm scared. The above was my hair on Friday. If BB10 = March 2013... geeeez. I don't know what to expect. Hurry RIM, Hurry!

The GoJo: After knocking the GoJo hard on the blogs as the worst mobile accessory EVER, I had to buy one for myself to give it a try. The full review is coming soon. Will I be able to hold a laptop to my head? You'll find out soon!

Google I/O: I was in San Francisco last week with Phil, Alex and Jerry from our Android Central team taking in the Google I/O experience for the first time. Since I'm using Android right now as part of the Mobile Nations World Tour, hitting up a conference felt like a no brainer. It was a really interesting week for me in a lot of ways, from using my HTC One X roaming in the US (data hog!), to hanging out with a bunch of Android fans, to seeing how Google puts on a show. You can catch the debrief video below and I'll be reporting on some of my insights soon here on an upcoming Mobile Nations World Tour podcast and post.

Mobile Nations FTW!

While we're going to have to deal with a lot of less than stellar news and that kind of thing on the BlackBerry front directly on CrackBerry over the months ahead (don't worry, we'll make sure there's a lot of good stuff happening too), overall I have to say I'm super excited about where things are heading. I think most of you should know by now that CrackBerry is not a standalone entity. We're part of Mobile Nations which includes other leading mobile sites like AndroidCentral, iMore, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation. Just as CrackBerry is to BlackBerry, within their platform niche each of these sites is a leader. Add it all up and we really do have the broadest and deepest footprint in mobile today. 

Just over a year ago now, in addition to the role of Founder and Editor in Chief of CrackBerry, I became the Chief Media Officer for Mobile Nations. When I'm not tossing up stories on CrackBerry, behind the scenes the work never stops and we've all been working our butts off on a lot of great initiatives that are going to take what we do on all our sites to the next level. We've already accomplished a ton in the past 12 months as our sites continue to evolve and grow, but there's still soooo much coming. The latter part of the year and into 2013 you'll see us put our foot down on the accelerator pedal. 

So even if the BlackBerry news gets a bit quiet and we won't have new phones to get excited about and review for a while now, we won't sit still waiting. We'll be hustling like crazy - by the time the phones get here you'll have a CrackBerry that's better than ever. 

Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: Time to buckle up and buckle down!


My Torch 9810 and Playbook do wonders for me, and best of all I didn't have to pay double or triple like my iFriends, but I guess that makes me a RIM fanboy, or just a consumer who wants to spend wisely when it comes to technology which we all replace every 3-5 years or less anyways? Torch cost nothing and Playbook was $199 at the time. I pay less than my iPhone friends for same plan and their phone cost $200 on contract. For that money I would keep the BlackBerry and buy myself an iPod touch to play games on. I can just tether it to my BB, which by the way I do beautifully with my Playbook for no extra cost!

I actually use my phone to make calls, message, take photos, map and browse the internet, which BlackBerry does quite well and affordably. That is not to say iProducts and Droids don't either, they do... But at least for iProducts at higher costs and Droids at less security and more OS fragmentation. They are good devices too, but BlackBerry also works.

I love all the troll comments below... But they are not well informed. RIM has resources to continue for a while, and we will see BB10. Hopefully, they will keep it SECRET until a few weeks before, and then do something like what Apple, Microsoft and Google did with their recent announcements for the iPad, Surface and Nexus 7.

Dear RIM if you read this, do not tell me when BB10 is coming out. Just make it awesome and announce that something special will drop in 2 weeks time before it comes out. Then hold a press announcement, keynote or whatever, and show off the features. Make it available within a few weeks and get pre-orders immediately after the announcement. I do not want any more media news or attention or distraction... Dear RIM... Just work through the midnight hours and say nothing to anyone outside until you have an immediately deliverable product at a killer price!!!

Meanwhile, there is a large emerging market that is new to tech of smartphones and Blackberry manages to compete quite well there, and seems to be what is keeping them afloat for now. Eventually this base will upgrade and many will stay in the BB ecosystem, so it is banking on future brand loyalty when new BB10 devices hit shelves. BB10 also has way longer future upgrade potential so while eventually Apple and Google will hit a bottleneck with their OS's, RIM will shoot ahead with QNX.

@edyb, Good comment. I'm on the same boat as you. Will wait for BB10 when ever it is ready till then rocking on my 9900 and PB combo.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMFAO @ the BlackBerry store pic. That guys job is to sit there and do nothing. LMFAO. You should have taken a time lapse video of the 2 hours instead. LOL

You trolls are all a bunch of MORONS. Are you all so bored with your iTOYS that you have nothing constructive to do with your time so you come over to CrackBerry and insult us?

GET A LIFE and leave us alone.

Stock is already down to 7.20 and falling, next quarter results look to be even worse than this one - time to start thinking seriously about who will buying rims assets and infrastructure - it's doubtful bb10 will ever be released (who really believes they will make their new deadline?).

Do you read what you write? It reads like a whiny loser.

It's time to step-up and take-on a positive attitude.

OS7 phones are still great and BB10 will be out in Q1 and it will be excellent.

Looking forward to playbook updates and more apps...

Unfortunately, even the folks at RIM don't believe they will make the deadline.

Personally, I don't think they ever intended to build the device. I think they've been trying to position themselves for a buyout last quarter based on the promise of BB10 but it didn't happen.

Quote your source or be quiet and close your CB account. Take your buddy with you if you believe RIM is done for.

Kevin, you have to be commended for your optimism. But face it, BB10 will never see the light of day. Research in Motion will not exist as we know it by March 2013. And BB10 with a querty a year from now? Come on.

Are you out of your mind? QWERTY phones are BlackBerry's best sellers. Any professional person will have a QWERTY phone. I don't care how great autocorrect might be, it's simply not professional.

Qwerty phones are RIM's bread and butter. No doubt about it. Demand for querty is dwindling across all platforms, so who knows what will happen in Summer 2013?

You are confusing who RIM's customers *were* with who they are now - the majority of phones they sell now (outside of corporate volume sales) are to the poor in emerging markets or teenagers in the first world who have a limited budgets. Professional who get to pick their own devices are selecting android or iphones.

RIM themselves acknowledge that in the more recent earnings call.

The poor in emerging markets? Haha. I guess that's why the P'9981 launched in the poor emerging market of UAE.

Qwerty's are meant for doing, you just can't do serious work with soft keys, thats why i've got my work stuff on my 9900 for serious work and my second phone is an android for playing games and surfing on the go. RIM knows that if they dump that qwerty, they lose their true blackberry customers!

Wrong! Half of the lawyers and judges is see use iPhones or Droid. The others use BB. You can get a lot of isht done with other brands.

Only reason I still have a Blackberry Bold 9900 is for the keyboard, I love it. If they get rid of the keyboard, I will get rid of my BB

It is a SAD story. I have been a loyal user of Blackberry for almost 12 years and seems like too many screw ups there still continues. One of Son's God parent work there at a senior level and the person told me even after the cuts announced, they are spending the money lavishly. Such as flying to Europe or Japan 3-4 day prior to their meetings and they stay only on Pure Luxury hotels, Limo to take them to meetings. Night life expenses are covered as long as you claim it as Meals. Here I lost almost 150K in the RIM stock (I have no choice to hold it now. Lost too much) and hoped the BB10 would change things around but I have a feeling Thornston Heinz wouldn't even be able to make the turn around.
If the comany is smart, do whatever it takes, Double shifts or around the clock shift and more engineers to complete the tasks and release the BB10 if not by BTS at least by late october for Holiday season. If not this will be a disaster.
*** Would RIM consider any new phones even with OS 7 untill BB10 comes out?

They should already have been working on extended hours and increasing the staff to bring BB10 to market before next year. What a refreshing thought, that due to hard work and deep commitment to BB10, that RIM would announce they were wrong and that BB10 will be released in time for the Christmas rush. I wonder how the Market would react to that bit of fantasy turned into reality?

Six day work weeks with summer holidays slashed? Not to mention impending layoffs. Morale there must be at an all-time high.


What a fantastic place to work RIM must be right now. Hey guys, no bonus, work holidays and weekends, and also you might not have a job next week.

Smart people don't have to tolerate that kind of crap. The only people who do are those that have no choice (ie. lifers). What we're going to see is an incredible brain drain at RIM further killing their ability to put out anything worth a damn.

I agree that RIM must be a really bummer to work at right now. How, as an employee of RIM, can you wake up every morning and feel good about your job knowing it may not be there tomorrow? I feel for the employees.

My only hope is that BB10 somehow gets done earlier that they thought and we get a pre-Christmas surprise.

My 9810 works great and I'm happy with it. I'm holing on, get it done QNX!

I think it is inevitable that RIM is bought out. The terms of the buyout and what it will mean to the future of Blackberry phones are the questions that we are facing.

Problem is who would buy them?

The figures show RIM is failing. Any other Phone company is making shed loads of money (or more than RIM anyway). why would any of them buy into RIM?

I'm guessing the rest want RIM to fail as that means the others can fill the market without having to buy a company that is offering nothing new.

I'd love to see RIM make a comeback but I think they have already shot themselves in the foot.

Regards Simon...

They want RIM to fail and they don't give a flying FUCK about the ones who will end up getting put on the street to then be unemployed. People have families and those that want rim to go out, have no damn idea how those people will feel.

BB7 device sales will go to zero as people like me are waiting for BB10. There could be an explosion of sales to follow.(I hope)

The only way to move current inventory is to slash prices by 50%. Maybe offer them on reduced contract terms. Carriers would advertise the 50% off sale heavily. RIM could even help out with that.

These next 3 months are gonna be interesting, I predict RIM will be either bought or a Windows Phone client by December. I think it is abundantly clear that RIM will not survive on it's own.
That said, I am terribly disappointed in Thorsten Heins. RIM needed to bring in an outsider to run the company, instead of a former lieutenant. Failure may not be an option, but apparently "not shipping on time" is. The old RIM culture of missed deadlines continues in Waterloo, ultimately to their demise.

Would be too late at this point to try a new CEO.

We are all going to have to continue to live with the decisions the Jim and Mike made and the course that they set for the Company. Thorsten is really just along for the ride it appears...

Westerx74, Nokia brought an outsider to run the company, but the results aren't much better. There is no simple solution to RIM's problems.

There is a simple solution: release an Android phone with BlackBerry exclusives. Android user wants to communicate through BBM? The recipient has to purchase a BB Android device. They could also interact with the existing BBM subscriber base.

Nokia brought in Elop who IMMEDIATELY shook the company up and charted a new course with a VERY strong partner. I believe Nokia will survive with Windows Phone 8. Which is more than I can say for Blackberry. I agree that there are no simple solutions now, but there were far less painful solutions the last 24-36 months. That's what makes RIM's death so painful. It was virtually a suicide.

I love that everyone in these comments just makes a claim and throws it down. Everyone wants to be right, but I'm sick of listening to the opinion of some non-contributing nothing.

Nice article though, Kevin!

that's why the section is called "comments". you don't "have" to read them, that's why they are tucked away at the bottom.

Had RIM actually listened to the comments instead of ignoring them as you seem wrought to do, RIM would not be in the position that they are in - they ignored what consumers wanted; they ignored what the publc wanted; they ignored the signs of where people were going to; and through their own arrogance and ignorance brought what was once the #1 company in the smartphone platform to an out and out disgrace, embarrassment and utter joke.

What comments did you geniuses make? Please do tell. Did you write a mobile OS on your own capable of matching iOS and offered it to them an they didn't listen to you? All you arm-chair analyst need to go get lives. They messed up just like every other OEM messed up and didn't pay enough attention to Apple. If not for Android there would be more manufacturers like RIM now. And how many of them are even making enough margins to sustain their existence save Samsung and very marginally HTC.

This "RIM was arrogant" BS is so 2009/2010. We are past that, BB10 is what we are looking ahead to. They chose the hard road to correcting their mistakes and are paying the price for it and there is no other way to define a hard road but..err hard. So deal with it or go buy something else. Or better still start up your own mobile company and lets see how much of a better job you can do.

Its high time we started displaying people's jobs along with their profile up in here so we see if a lot of the people who keep ranting and raving actually are doing anything worthwhile in their own lives or just plain losers looking to find someone else or some company-else to look better than. And if that is so, it is just sad, because there are much better things to do than that.

RIM has only been arrogant in 2009/2010? Seriously, try the last five years ever since the first Iphone came out and RIM's former CEOS openly laughed at and mocked it - the very height of arrogance. And they are still arrogant for their audacity to think that consumers are simply willing to wait, yet again, still, continously, incessesantly, while RIM promises much and delivers nothing but delays.

As to the comments that were being made; scan through Crackberry's own forums and go back four years and you will see people indicating what they wanted to see in a phone; they were telling RIM via surveys what they were wanting to do; with much of the comments being ignored. You will see people indicating that they were giving thoughts to leaving RIM in favour of other platforms that could do more. Had RIM listened to these individuals and realized that the marketplace was shifting in its direction from simple text messaging and writing email on a phone to something much more complicated, things would be different now. But no, RIM was arrogant in that they couldn't believe that the marketplace wanted a true multi-media capabilities on a phone; that people wanted a browser on a phone; that people - gasp! - would actualy watch movies on a phone.

Oh, and it's irrelevant that these "arm chair" people can't write code; that's not our job - we are the consumers. It is, and was, RIM's job to listen to the consumers and supply the consumers what they wanted. They failed.

One only needs to compare the number of BB units sold with iPhone and Droid, plus look at the lineups whenever Apple releases a product, to understand that the consumer was speaking very loudly about what they want.

RIM should have seen the shift happening in front of its eyes and adapted to the marketspace. Arrogance lead them in a different direction.

they know what's going on, but you have to understand that the US is not the world. in other parts of the world its a different scene. its not all about apps. its about production and getting things done.

I had the same experience at Boston Logan back in April. Came through security to see a BB Store front and got all excited. Only sales guy in there. Probably stood there chatting about his store and RIM for 20 minutes. No one else came in. Sad. Needless to say even sadder BB10 not out until Q1 2013. I had my hopes up for this Fall, but maybe it's a good thing if they can get through the rest of the year without too many more hiccups.

I don't know if this makes any sense but, my confidence in BlackBerry products is still unshakeable, however, my confidence in RIM actually making it through this rough time has been severely shaken.

If they are delaying the phone, then they should work hard to release both touch and qwerty versions of the phone.

This may soften the blow. However, it has to be all around quality: Both hardware AND software AS WELL AS a strong app world ecosystem.

I feel that this is the only way RIM can start to, albeit slowly, climb back upwards.

They have their work cut out for them.

I'm sure Heins stated that a QWERTY is coming out soon after the touchscreen version so your wish might come true.

I wasn't expecting a new qwerty BB till first quarter next year. Hope they both come out at the same time!

I think they need more time for searching new can be one...they have money and rim have a lot expirence with build hardware...

Until RIM tells us something different in the Q2 Webcast, we aren't expecting something worse then this past announcement. We are comparing 7.8 million handsets sold and 260,000 playbooks sold with sell through that is much much higher, so if anything, we might get a surprise to the upside. As for cash, they stated cash on hand will remain unchanged for Q2 unless they rush firings and dump more costs on Q2. So Q2 should be a non-event compared to Q1. The only positive in all of this was sell through of 10.5 million handsets meaning carriers are successfully reducing inventories big time. If that number is close to the bottom in the US, we could see some good numbers for Q2.

Other than that, I might have to travel to Waterloo for the AGM as they are really droppiing the ball here.

If you attend the AGM, make it worth your while. Speak up! Speak your mind. Only one guy took the mic last year and challenged RIM's top brass. If you'd do that you'd have more kahunas than CrackBerry Kevin!

They screw up alot.. better come uip with an inferior product than have no sales.
Death because of overhead.
Lost quite alot in its shares but i've cut my losses. it will be much worse the next 2 quarters.
If I were RIMM I will come up with BB9 even if its to buy time.

Come out with an inferior product, have the reviewers rip it apart, and they'll be in a worse place than they are in now. I'd rather see a three month delay and get it out right. I mean come on, it's just three months (I know, I know, it's the second delay).

A three month delay in today's day in age is an eternity. It's unacceptable. Especially with the fact RIM was pinning their comeback hopes on BB10.

Yes, but launching an unfinished product would have been assured death. In this case, a three month delay is better.

I totally agree. RIM has to launch a BlackBerry that is the absolute best it can possibly be. Otherwise what's the point.

I truly feel if Mike Lazaridis, a genuis and the Inventor of the BlackBerry, is allowed by the Shareholders to take an active role in the process, RIM will indeed produce a Winner.


I am going later today for my annual upgrade with ATT small business account: 9800 to 9930. Been wanting that more than the BB10, to tell you the truth!

For all the great new features BB10 will bring to my next upgrade, what I need (want?) now is the increased speed - both phone and network (just saw a billboard here that said "ATT 4G LTE is now LIVE in Baton Rouge" - I know - no LTE on 9900, but pseudo 4G), the keyboard (especially for Bridge), the NFC shortcuts with tags, etc., although I will miss the screen size of the 9800 (considered the 9810, but 9900 it will be).

OS7.1 will keep me very very happy as longtime BlackBerry user.

****EDIT**** Oh yeah - buying a third PlayBook, too. A 32gb for my GF to complete the family - I have a 64gb that I use for work, 16y.o. son has a 16gb (he just moved to AZ to live with his mom - love the Video Chat!!). Might get one more, or wait for the 4G version as my 2nd work PB.

When do you think the 4G PlayBook will come to market? I doubt it would even be offered by North American carriers. Waste of space.

It's a REALLY attractive looking store! The problem is that it's not attracting new and existing customers right now.

What makes anyone think the first version of BB10 touch phone will be as good or better than iPhones in it's 5th version and Android phones in it's 4th version?

Applications are the brains of smartphones. What makes app builders want to spend anymore time on BB10 software since they have working on BB10 apps for the past 12 months?

I was a Crackberry addict with a Verizon BB Bold but jumped to a Android Galaxy Nexus back in December. I didn't know what I was missing out on...

Good luck to all BB users.

If you would have tried the PlayBook OS2 to its fullest capacity, I mean all features and all options, and witnessesd the raw power QNX has to offer, you would have your answer.

BB10 will just be a better version of PBOS2, and honestlym. better than the iphone? No contest, ios is an app launcher, Android would be the acctual competition, android's selling feature is the Operating System, ios' are its appsm

It seems that RIM is pushing these phones back to buy more time for some kind of acquisition or re-structuring. BB10 looked pretty good, unfortunately, its looking more and more like it wont make it to market. I'll still wait it out, mostly b/c I have a Bold 9930 that I love and my contract isn't up for another year and some change, but I'm not holding my breath for BB10 to be big enough to make me want to upgrade early. :(

Kevin, I agree the next 6 months will be aweful at best. Some things to consider where we don't have any insigh:

What % of their base is to government, legal and secure corporate companies and how much revenue do they generate?

How much is invested in supporting opperating systems over OS6?

They are expected to still have close to $2 billion cash by end of the next qtr, so likely won't be going bankrupt soon, but no new products will continue the bleeding.

Consumers, consumers, consumers - in N. America they are dropping the ball huge when it comes to marketing. Most consumers who read the poorly informed headlines think they are already bankrupt..... here's an idea:

.... anytime an article is writting that contains mis-information threaten a lawsuit. This would accoplish 2 things - more free press and hopefully force the media to do their jobs properly. Unfortunately not much you can do about poorly informed opinions.

Back to the consumers. The vast majority of consumers don't care about the brand or the operating system. It's about how much it costs, how the phone looks and will it do what I want and what my friends can do. If RIM can do this they will survive, if they fail I suspect RIM as we know and love will not look the same.

I'm hopefully, but cautiously hopeful.

I love my Playbook but I highly doubt there will be enough updates and new apps coming along to have made that a smart purchase - and I had considered returning it within a few weeks of purchase back in Feb. as the bad news started coming out. RIM seems to be doing nothing but sitting on the end of a limb sawing themselves off. I am ashamed to suggests that this time the "Canadian" way is killing them and they are sitting back watching and letting it happen.

Where are the high energy ads for what they have not what they don't have? Where is the magic that other companies including Apple managed to find during their tough times? Too little, too late seems to be their tune now that they have to work for what they want.

I think it's a little late to be suspending summer vacations now when this should have been done and announced earlier this year in order to get BB10 to market.

IMO, this measure should have been implemented months ago with the mindset of getting the OS to market on time. I'm sure they new what problems may pop up back then.

I'm a loyal BlackBerry user, but the missteps are really trying me right now.

Its quite simple you either like or want a BlackBerry or you don't. I bought the original iphone in 07 and i have seen that all Apple does is give it a facelift every now and then. It still has the same UI that it had 5 years ago. I wouldn't touch and iphone or an Android. I love the BlackBerry ever since i saw them. I have had 6 BlackBerry phones. If the BlackBerry is not for you that is great but then don't sit here and say oh well am going to go somewhere else. Go no one will miss you. BlackBerry is far from being dead. With 78 million subscribers around the world. 8 million were added in just the last year. RIM isn't going anywhere. There is a market outside the US which is the only country that is turning their backs on the BlackBerry. Half the rest of the world want and love the BlackBerry. Again RIM isn't going anywhere.

I guess you are totally oblivious to RIM's current troubles. Enjoy your Blackberries. RIMM stock $7.24 Yeah they sure aren't going anywhere!

A stock does not determine if a company lives or dies. How many companies have not been having their stock selling at less than $10 or $5 dollars yet still making huge sums of money and still alive. Two huge examples Ford and Sprint. You people are so ignorant.

You missed the whole point. Do you even know how stock actually works? People like you just need to go away. Just go and buy your iphone or whatever you will buy and leave us the people that actually care about RIM alone. As i said it's quite simple you either want a BlackBerry or you don't.

The way shares work is that when they tank enough someone offers the shareholders a slightly higher price for the assets and then breaks everything up, keeps the bits they wanted earlier, and sells off the rest. Then the someone laughs all the way to their bank account in Redmond, WA.

To make your point clearer to some people who might not be aware, the stock was almost $150 a few years ago. That is almost a 95% drop and in the last year has dropped 75%. Even Stevie Wonder can see this. I do admire the passion some users have for the BB but at some point the denial becomes ignorance.

Actually RIM misses every customer they lose. This "oh your going to apple/android? See ya, we wont miss you!" is dumb....looks like over the past few years people have said it enough to end up where we are now.

Actually RIM misses every customer they lose. This "oh your going to apple/android? See ya, we wont miss you!" is dumb....looks like over the past few years people have said it enough to end up where we are now.

Kevin, your positive attitude is commendable. But the above picture represents a by-gone era in RIM's history. It no longer represents the "field of dreams" for smartphone users. RIM forgot Retail 101: new products create traffic in stores. Unfortunately, RIM is not executing on many fronts. It's all very sad really and totally avoidable with proper leadership and planning.

The old RIM is gone now and a shell of it's former self. Someone might purchase RIM in first half of 2013 but at what price? It all depends if BBOS 10 is not delayed any further.

You all people sound so ignorant when saying someone will buy Rim. You can't buy something that isn't for sale.

lol Jason. That's the funniest thing I've read so far. RIM will not publicly advertise they're for sale. Any offers from a potential suitor are done in the boardroom.

The message that I got from this story from Crackberry Kevin is that if you are leaving RIM (and Crackberry) as everyone seems to be, please drop by our Android, iPhone or Windows Phone sites.

It feels like we are close to the end . . .


I'm glad someone else read that subliminal message in those words too. I thought it was maybe just me.

BTW: The WP Central forums are great if you haven't tried them, full of the same spite and vitriol as the CB forums. I'll be visiting them again soon. :)

It's not time to "buckle up and buckle down", it's time to abandon the sinking ship.

You can spin this all you want, but the game is pretty much over.

BB10 will NEVER be released - RIM is too far behind and too inept to get it out and working right.

The sooner RIM customers accept this, the easier it will be.

Actually the subliminal messages are working. I already added iMore and Android Central to my bookmarks.

"...the roof is on fire, we don't need no water, let..."

I no longer trust anything that RIM says. They are obviously having huge challenges moving over to BB10. Nothing that RIM does will save them, they had their time and blew it when they had a chance to do something about it.

RIM reminds me of Internet Explorer.

Really? You are so ignorant. Two huge different things. Betamax still lived up until just recently and RIM just added 8 million more subscribers in the last year.

Doesn't matter if RIM added a gazillion subscribers it does nothing for their bottom line. RIM is going broke. RIMM $7.24 as of right now. The Betamax analogy is spot on weather you agree or not.

Going broke? Isn't this one of the first loss figures? Aren't they usually profitable, just because you sell less doesn't mean ur broke.

You're all kidding me right?
So RIM came out with a bad quarter and some loss figures, the media is spewing fire from every hole they can find and everyone is running to the hills without getting to the bottom of this. I mean seriously, don't believe the written press without at least a bit of scrutiny on your part, it's always something they "forget" to say or "leave out" to give the story the sensation it needs. Oh and in case you didn't realize, i'm pretty sure that about 90% of the articles posted here from other sources and articles on other blogs you're reading are written guessed it Americans. RIM is as good as gone in the USA so don't expect any rainbows and lollipop articles.

Let's look at the facts.

1. RIM is doing....not so well

This is true although you need to differentiate between hardware and services. Hardware division is tanking but not because it's bad hardware, it's because prices of hardware components have gone up and the profit margins have drastically diminished.
Services are going steady and are providing RIM with a steady income, even growing in certain key areas (EMEA, Africa, ASIA)

2. RIM can't be doing good....look at the lay-offs

While it's always unfortunate to see people getting the boot, it's also an intrinsic part of doing business, especially when you're a billion $$$ company. These company get so big that in good times loads of people are hired and in bad times loads of people get fired. Again, it's unfortunate but a necessary part of the process. RIM is just trimming the fat. It's common practice and while I agree, businesses that are doing well aren't laying off people, i'm sure we can all agree that nobody would shed a tear if the marketing departement get's booted.
Here's some fine reading: and

Lay-offs are the number 1 tool to get a company's expenses in check, it's also the easiest.

3. RIM is flailing.....and will be bought

Seriously? You show me someone interested in RIM.....i'm waiting....
Point of the matter is, most companies that are on the takeover posts we see flying by every week or so don't need RIM, they either have their own problems or are just happy seeing a competitor struggling. The only reason RIM is interesting takeover material is their patent portfolio, which people can get to without buying the entire company.
What i'm expecting to see is a licensing scheme for their new BB OS 10 which will allow handset makers (i'm eyeing you SAMSUNG)

4. RIM....what's it doing?

RIM is currently in a transition, they went from 'we-own-the-smartphone-with-keyboard-world-and-we-don't-need-no-stinkin'-touchscreens" to "damn, most users really don't need the keyboard". They're catching up, that's what. Hardware-wise, they missed the boat, continuosly shipping 'new' phones with outdated hardware at ridiculous high prices. Pretty obvious the negotiations with the hardware suppliers was a dud and while OS 7 did it's best to handle the sub-par hardware, it's just a slow OS on a slow device. Lock-ups, spinning clock, reboots, it's all too common, unfortunately.
What they're doing now, will get them back in the software game, using QNX as basis for the new OS 10 will allow everything to go smoother and more natural and hopefully, that damn clock will be a thing of the past.
While nothing really has been leaked about hardware (not the end hardware at least) i'm pretty sure their first OS 10 handset will be a competitor and to be fair, if the software flows and everything works as fast as it should be working, then who cares if you're using a second rate CPU, nobody will know. They just need to make sure the software works.

5. RIM....finally

RIM is transforming, their finances are still good (hey, do you have 2,60 billion dollar laying around?) and they're working on a new product. So it's not all bad. Yes, revenue is falling, yes people who once worked at RIM arer finding themselves without a job, but didn't you see this coming?
I mean when i try out an iPhone and a high-end Android phone, i don't get the dreaded clock, i don't need to pull out my battery when i install an app, i just don't need to get technical. I mean, do you expect your mom to login to her carrier's BIS page, set up an account to receive email? Didn't think so. And still, these are RIM's customers. Business people, soccer moms on the go. People with an age of approx. 35-65. They neglected the 14-35 age group and Apple and Android ate it all up.

So Rim is transitioning, from being a technical, high-end, serious (even elite-ish) company, to a more relaxed, easy going, still business but also non-business company.
I say we let them, we stay positive, keep an eye on it and wait for the BB OS 10 release to file judgment as this will be the turning point. They'll either win big time, or fade away.

Oh and please, please, please RIM, outsource your marketing efforts. Seriously.

I so agree with you. A person can't turn a company around overnight that two people almost ran into the ground. Rome wasn't built in a day. People are so quick to claim dead dead. We have to wait and see if BlackBerry 10 actually ships and what it does. The only problem i have ever had with RIM is that their screens are to small. I love my BlackBerry Bold 9930 but wish it had a bigger screen.

Don't flame me for saying this but when Apple brought back Steve Jobs when they were on their last legs and he turned around the company, maybe it would make sense if RIM brought back Mike Lasaridis. Mr. Lasaridis is a genius who truly cares, understands and loves BlackBerry devices so I think if he would come back, like Steve Jobs did, he would be the one to save RIM from dying a slow and painful death.

One can only hope.

- CB

You are correct but as I stated in an earlier comment, if the RIM Shareholders bring Mr. Lazaridis back in an ACTIVE role, I feel that with his ingenuity and know how, RIM will be able to produce a BlackBerry device that one and all will want to have!


Lazaridis is actually more of RIM's version of Steve Wozniak. RIM needs a head coach and strategist, not so much an Engineer.

Steve Jobs was booted because Apple wouldn't listen to him about the future.

Lazaridus was booted because he stubbornly resisted the future.

If you want the patient to live, you don't bring back the guy who was squeezing his oxygen tube.

There is a simple solution: release an Android phone with BlackBerry exclusives. Android user wants to communicate through BBM? The recipient has to purchase a BB Android device. They could also interact with the existing BBM subscriber base.

What a fucking mess!!! God damn it RIM!!!

Ok I feel I don't. Guess its windows phone for me :(

I don't get it..... what's wrong with OS 7.1 on my 9900? What can't it do? It's slicker, faster and more effective in every way than that stupid toy iPhone crap.

Thanks for your opinion Thorsten. Now get back to finding a buyer for the company. The AGM is in 8 days and the shareholders want some good news! You aren't getting 20 mil for nothing!!

I used to love reading the comments from informed people on the CrackBerry articles. They were mainly all from a good place and informative for a tech ametaur like me. But, this last week has made me fucking sick..... I get it!!! You believe RIM to be dead..... BB's are crap and have nothing to offer..... I hear you, now please fuck off CrackBerry and leave us to lick our wounds. It's all us pathetic, hopelessly romantic, hoping against all hope, never say die, BlackBerry lovers have left. Your entitled to your opinion and mainly I have to concede and agree your points, but please, stop taking the last little bit of hope I have left away from me, leave our forum and go to wherever it is you call home...... Now, I am off to cry myself to sleep and wish I had the ability to hibernate so BB10 might only be one sleep away...... LONG LIVE RIM

life protip: don't attach your sense of self worth to an inanimate object that doesn't give a shit about you. Save your tears for things that are meaningful.

Exactly!!! I am so irritated and sickened by the comments section that I wish CrackBerry would just disable the comments altogether. I understand people are angry but there are those of us that actually hope that RIM sticks around and are excited for BB10. If you hate BlackBerry so much then go bitch about it at imore or androidcentral.

Lots of people still in denial. The writing was on the wall for the past 2 years and still there were those that didn't see anything wrong. Fast forward to today and you still have those that claim RIM isn't experiencing financial hardship. 2.2 billion is poverty compared to a financially heathy company. If you think RIM's 2.2 billion is going to last them past 6 more months I have some nice profitable RIMM stock to sell you. I'm sure there are many investors here that will tell you it's a sure money maker.

If the writing's on the wall why do you and people of your mind set come to CB and post comments? Just take your friends with you, close your CB accounts and don't look back. In other words... Piss off

I was just watching CNBC who had an analyst on with a buy recommendation of RIM @ $ 10.00 per share on pure speculation that the company will be bought out. When questioned about BB10 the analyst stated that he does not expect BB10 to ever materialize before the company is sold off and that being said stated there is no need for a 4th O.S. in the minds of top tier corporate I.T. managers looking to place new / replacement devices into the workplace. Time will tell but I certainly wouldn't bet the farm either way.

Excellent points; however, I really believe with the right buyer (AMZN), BB10 can easily be the 3rd OS. I think Android is highly vulnerable.

I hope the drinking started before you shot the Google I/O Debrief....cause I was getting motion sickness trying to watch

Kevin, I've seen the commercials for that headband crappie a year ago here in NYC. It looks ridiculous. But instead of using it as a handsfree, how about using it as a hairfree headband till bb10 comes out?

Good write up Kevin. It is a hard pill to take when that sinking feeling hits
the back of your stomach. When the relazation hits you. RIM might die.

Something to think about:

"CEO Thorsten Heins has said before that "failure is not an option"

Maybe they ought to have a little fear put into them. If they do not have
it already.

They must claw and scratch their way backup or loose their grip and
fall into the deep dark hole of dead inovators.

Maybe the gang at RIM needs to understand that this slow motion train wreck could and odds are
will end with the end of RIM. (sold, broken up, sold for parts, left to die, history)

I hope not. But man that pit in my stomach....


Aw, MAN! I would be all over that store.

RIM needs to stay on the ball, we all know that. Because I know for a fact, if they do fail, or someone buys out the company, all the designs and awesome ideas they have will be thrown out the window for the macho moving in so he can make things his way.

I am gutted that RIM are going to fall behind in the smartphone game. I love my 9900 and my PlayBook. But I have had the Samsung S3 for a week or two. I am finding it difficult to use my BB now, and the reason? Simple, it's to far behind with what the phone can do above calls and texts. I can only assume that the reason apple wanted to stop the S3 train was because they intend bringing out some of the technology on there new iphone. I really do feel that with these 2 giants going at it there will be very little room, or interest in BB10. By the time it comes out I fear that it will have missed out. I remember Sony Ericsson keep delaying there products before they went android, and we all know what's happened to them. RIM can't even rely on the business sector as more and more are turning to Apple. This is a sign, in my opinion that if RIM where a boxer they would be on the ropes and taking a 10 count.

I've given RIMM a lot of heat and I also do believe that BB10 will never make it out. 2 billion dollars won't be enough to either support the company or they will burn through it too quickly and RIM will either be sold or insolvent.

However, people are talking about the job cuts, the CEO covered this, they are letting people go who do not support BB10 in any way, there just isn't a need for 5,000 BB7 and below employees (obviously). But what I don't get is wouldn't it be possible to either continue to hire folks or to offer OT to people so they can speed up the release? Why not spend some of that 2 billion on staffing for BB10 so they can get it out quicker?

I have SERIOUS questions as to whether "code" is the actual root of the problem for the delay. I am concerned that while it is code, they are discovering that what they have written for the platform was written wrong and that they either are stuck in how to convert this to a non tablet device, or they simply can't figure it out at all. I really think they are at a loss and are either SEVERELY behind because they are having to recode everything, or they are trying to work through this and can't to this point. This is BAD for RIM.

That BB10 was going to be the future RIM OS was known for a long time, at least since late 2010. Why suddenly dismiss 5000 employees now, along with the 2000 last quarter? That is terrible for morale as employees will live in a state of constant fear about losing their jobs. Management must know this, so I think the only likely explanation for the layoffs is slashing the wage bill in order to make the company more attractive for a takeover.

Serves RIM right. This is what you get when you release a product (PlayBook) with a 1/2 ready OS at top dollar. And a year and two months later it is still incomplete. Still no DLNA, bluetooth still not 100%, browser is crappy (checkerboard, still crashes though not as often) I know the fanboys will say the PB browser is the best on the market, but if this is the best I don't want to experience the others. All videos get dropped into one folder, same for pics, cannot send pic from camera app or picture folder, on and on and on. These are all basic stuff. Now you can't find people to take the PB off your hands for free even under the guise of developing apps. Now you are faced with empty stores. Great work RIM.

Some of you may not be old enough to remember the birth of the Mac. Steve Jobs and his team basically became a rebel company within Apple, and worked themselves to the breaking point to create the "insanely great" Mac OS which was a financial flop and led to Jobs being fired by his own company. Of course that seminal moment would flower into the basis of the GUI which we all use to this day and eventually would be the basis of Jobs "visionary and genius" status.

The point is this - Jobs and his team were driven, in an all or nothing campaign to create greatness, working to the breaking point and that mindset has been at the core of Apple's success. But what is the company culture at RIM? Let's cancel summer vacations? You mean to tell me that the employees at RIM don't even see themselves circling the drain? What RIM needs is an outside team to come in and find those managers and engineers from the top down that are driven to succeed and show the others the door. Short of that, RIM deserves to fail.

People are clearly very emotional about their BB's, so they should be really, having now used them all, nothing else matches my impatience, stuff gets done fast! Notwithstanding, no point living in denial, we hope for the best and love to believe that there might just be a turnaround ahead, its called hope, this is a good thing. What doesn't help is people trying to ignore the facts, i'm a hardcore BB dood but, fact is I could well be painfully BB-less quite soon, its a possibility, but not definite, we need to be awake to both these facts.

That's a really nice looking store, I would've browsed around in there. I kinda find the apple store a little insulting, This Store has that "we know you're intelligent and we won't try to bullshit you" vibe, at least to me.

If that is the impression you get from a completely empty store, you are exactly what RIM's marketing department is looking for. Oh wait, sorry, it's already full of people who think like you.

All you that are exhalting the greatness of the iphone and holding it as a standard to what BlackBerry should be, should understand this. Steve Jobs is gone. Iphone has the oldest os right now and the small increments it makes to each new os would be just another reason to crucify RIM if they did that on a new release of a phone. If RIM released a new Bold with a better camera and a voice "assistant"- the same people who think so highly of Apple for doing it, would be bashing RIM for once again missing the boat.
I personally think RIM CAN pull this off if they get everyone working on this from now till Q1. I even think they could end up getting it done a little earlier if they put their minds to it.
I think with Android being all over the place- and Apple doing the bare minimum to their upgrades, that RIM does have a chance.
I am getting a 9930 to tide me over. I have 2 upgrades available now- so I can get BOTH versions of BB10 when they come out!

I agree that Apple's not really doing much with iOS these days, but why fix what's not broken? The 3rd party developers are driving innovation by making cool apps for iOS and Android. That said, if Apple does try to change it up drastically in the future, they do have some margin for error with $100 billion in the bank.

They are in survival mode and cannot worry about what reviewers say. Either release a new phone with the old OS or release a new phone with a stripped down version of the new OS with promises in both cases of free upgrades when newer software is available.

That store at that airport has not much advertising, I'd be plastering the windows with 'The Most Advanced Messaging System' 'The Fastest and Most Reliable Messaging System', etc etc.

At this point I believe there is no BB10, and what we were shown is just mock up animations of what would BB10 be. This is what Palm did when they demoed one of their last handsets. I hope I am wrong.

Honestly, that just looks desperate. What they should have are attractive posters featuring new phones that actually get people to stop in and check them out. Blasting something like 'Reliable Messaging' makes RIM sound like they sell telegraph services, which honestly is how the market perceives them these days.

One reason no one is in the store is cuz of the stupid bbm "chat bubble" on the screen in the background. This would have been enticing about 10 years ago. All BBM is is a glorified text message. If RIM really thinks BBM is their focal value proposition, it's no wonder they are tanking.

I would love to work in one of those stores if we had those here in The Netherlands (where BlackBerry is the #1 os of choise). Hell Id love to work for RIM. I'm even gonna get me some shares, just to show support :)
I know, sounds crazy but hey, aren't we all a bit crazy?

Well, things are certainly gloomy at RIM but as the article states, time to buckle down. They need to focus and execute. They also need to set a date for the BB10 launch. No more wishy washy nonsense. Break your balls and GET IN DONE!

If there is one ray of hope, it is that android devices are really no better than last year. Likewise, it doesn't look like Apple is doing anything all that innovative other than expanding screen size. So there is sort of a steady as she goes feel to the smartphone field. Prime for a new product. Let us hope it is RIM.

I love my BB PlayBook and 9900. I even own some shares in RIM. That said, I'm amazed at the lack of marketing Rim is doing! The 9900 is a great device! Where I live in the United States, there is no sign of BlackBerry anywhere. Walmart, tmobile, att, Verizon, no one carries blackberry. You have to drive 250 miles to get to the big phone stores to even see blackberry products, and then the sales staff tries to steer you away to an android device. I have a coworker who loved her BB torch from att until it kept freezing all the time. After two replacement phones, she switched to iphone. What's up with no 7.1 with att?

Still, I'm sticking with my 9900. I just hope the bb10 comes out by March, 2013!

If an blackberry crash down all the world goes crazy, if an iphone crashes no problem is an iphone like in the stores , if one client say blackberry is bad then 50 people say that too ..if 10 say is good then only one believe is more easy to put down a label then put it up...and sale woman or man they onky sale where the get bonus money..

RIM is in a bad place with its fundamentals deteriorating. I believe management's strategy of focusing solely on BB10 is too risky. With no one to bail it out, RIM appears to be headed towards a slow but sure death. This may be the end of the days of the famous Blackberry Boys.

I had BB 9700 and was waiting for a BB10. I got tired f waiting and purchased a 9860. What Rim needs to do, is satisfy it's loyal customers and release a upgraded OS for its existing customers. I remember my 9700 had the crappiest browser, and then they released OS-6. So come on Blackberry, you can still release a OS-8 or OS-9 while loyalty awaits.

your next BB devices, will be running windows 8....look at wot happened to Nokia.... even the godz must bow down to a great power ..... the impatient .. i want it now with every fuckin pimple poping freckle thing device.... and it's got to be cheap...


>> Research In Motion’s $5 PRICE TARGET, I'm hope around $4.50 .... even in a bear market someone has to make it
>> Mergers and Acquisitions Recap: RIM Yelled At By ACTIVIST
>> What Options are Left for RIM? ...hmmm.... accessories... that's all I ever see for sell on
>> Firefox Pounds Another Nail Into RIM's Coffin
>> Nokia And RIM: Death By Drowning, Death By Fire
>> RIM: The Next Palm? ... more like a hand job by top executives

I usually take my own advice and stay off the other competitor phone sites if I don't have anything positive to say. But, this delay has got me surfing the Android and Iphone sites trying to decide whether to change or not.

When you get over "the physical keyboard is great" mentality and embrace touch and voice control Ala Siri, S-Voice then you can say you're a company that is groundbreaking and game changing or you could just stick with the physical keyboard and go the way of the typewriter.

BB will survive not because of BB10. It will because of security and cost to switch to a new platform.
I work for a major Canadian bank. Ipad testing was abandoned for Playbook due to security reasons. We still run Windows XP and Office 2003. So as long as RIM keeps the lights on, my employer, and every other Canadian financial institution will keep on using BB.

I have to admit that I lost heart on the delay announcement and was trying to get a RAZR Maxx to fill the gap so I don't feel left behind do between now and March 2013. My 9930 is having horrible battery life and it freezes too much, otherwise I have really enjoyed it. Maxx has super battery life from what I read and my first phone ever was the StarTAC. Turns out it can be a real hassle in my company to go from corporate to BYOD and they allow only $25/month expense reimbursement for BYOD vs. full reimbursement on the corporate plan which is BlackBerry only. I am switching from a 9930 to a 4G Torch on AT&T for the bigger screen and faster data so maybe that will hold me until we see what happens with BB10. Free data bridge for my $700 PlayBook was a factor also. I saw the following summary from a stock analyst recently and trust they are wrong. We can switch devices every year and it usually takes a while for a new device to be approved so I should be ready to upgrade to BB10 next summer, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

Fundamentals remain in precipitous decline
RIM's prospects appear to be turning from bad to worse. This by itself is not a surprise to us, but greater than expected losses, and our growing disbelief in the company's ability to find strategic alternatives swing us from being on the sidelines to lowering our rating to Underperform. In our view, the risk of total value destruction over the next few years is possible as at this point we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. The 1Q EPS loss of $0.37 was worse than consensus of ($0.07), with negative handset gross margins and the announced delay of BB10 launch leaving RIM with a substantial product gap until 1Q2013, continued pricing pressure and pressure on EPS, despite cost cuts. We are reducing our FY13/14 EPS estimates from $0.72/1.69 to losses of $2.07/$1.66, driving our PO from $13.50 to $6.00, based on 0.3x EV/FY13 Sales.

Service revenue coming under more pressure
Not only RIM is losing share with consumers, we also see share loss with enterprises. We expect service revenues to decline substantially over the coming quarters due to several factors. First, declines in the subscriber base from the reported 78mn users in 1Q. Second, high churn rates of high ARPU corporate users, given growing adoption of BOYD. Lastly, promotional discounts on the service fee for low ARPU users. These elements are not new, however, the product gap that RIM has currently is forcing the company to use drastic measures to prevent rapid declines in the subscriber base.

No room for another ecosystem in our view
We do not believe RIM will be able to build its own ecosystem and think this opportunity has passed. In our view the reality is challenging and Microsoft's entry into this market is only likely to make things worse for RIM given MSFT's strong enterprise position. As noted above, we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel at this point of time and the company's latest efforts are unlikely to be successful in our view.