From the Editor's Desk: Talking to happy BlackBerry Z10 owners

Happy BlackBerry Z10 Owners
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2013 01:15 pm EST

With a few exceptions, I have been a hermit the last 6 weeks. Coming home from CES in Las Vegas, there was a week of craziness packing things up and taking care of loose ends as I prepped to move to Toronto for a month. At Toronto's CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, we were pretty much heads down from early morning until late at night every single day. Returning home last Sunday, I have been glued to my office computer working on the CrackBerry website relaunch (still a lot of little things left to do, but aiming to be live later this week - stay tuned!).

Suffice to say, I really haven't had many opportunities lately to get out and talk to people In Real Life, but this weekend I managed to do just that. Lunch on Friday, a soiree on Saturday, and a wedding brunch on Sunday. Each time I left my home/office, I spotted BlackBerry Z10's in public and in talking to their owners, received nothing but glowing reviews. And yes, in case you're wondering, I do stop strangers in public to talk to them about their phones (drives my fiancée slightly crazy.. I do this way too often).

I also bumped into a few people I knew who were rocking the Z10 - not everybody was a stranger. Overall, I talked to a dozen people face to face in the last three days who owned Z10s. 9 black Z10s to three white. 10 guys. 2 ladies. 2 guys and 1 lady were on white Z10s like me.

All of the people I spoke with absolutely LOVED their Z10. I'm not exagerating the word love here. They didn't just like it or really like it - they were GUSHING with praise for the Z10. I was actually blown away by the overhwhelmingly postive nature of the feedback. Over the last couple of years I have become used to hearing people complain about their BlackBerry during these types of conversations - it was sort of a new experience for me to see and hear BlackBerry customers who were so damn happy with their new BlackBerry.

Looking online and in CrackBerry's BlackBerry Z10 forums, the Z10 has received a lot of positive reviews. Also some mixed ones. And even some bad ones. That's not a surprise to me - BB10 isn't for everyone. Even back in May when we first went hands-on with BlackBerry 10, we said this wasn't BlackBerry trying to build a phone for everyone. At least not initially, though this will likely change over time. This is BlackBerry building a phone for a specific segment of the global mobile phone market. It's a little more complicated to pick up and use than iOS. It doesn't have the flexibility of Android. If you're a BlackBerry type person -- you value communication, you want to keep moving -- it's a mobile experience that will resonate with you in a big way and it will grow on you fast. BlackBerry is once again carving out a niche for themselves, and I think it's a smart play. 

Tomorrow will be a month that I've been using the Z10, and I like it more and more each week. It's not perfect - there are some bugs to fix and features and design decisions i think will be improved on soon, but overall it is a great experience if your personality is a match to what the BlackBerry 10 experience is all about. And that's exactly the impression I walked away with in talking to Z10 owners this weekend. They fit the profile of who BlackBerry 10 is built for. And that personality matched to a phone catering to it is going to build real champions for BlackBerry 10 out there. In other words, I think you'll see a lot of Z10's get sold based on positive word of mouth.

Of the dozen new Z10 owners I spoke with, five were former BlackBerry owners who upgraded straight to the Z10. The other seven came over from iPhone and Android (three of which used to be on BB), wanting to try it out. Everybody LOVED the BlackBerry Hub and the keyboard and the Z10 in general (the look, feel and performance of the hardware). EVERYBODY was literally shocked at just how good the new touchscreen keyboard is - I think most bought it thinking they might try it out and take it back in order to wait for the Q10 with a keyboard, but now they're keeping the Z10.

I could keep going on here for another 2,000 words with the specifics of all the good things that were said... but I have to get back to work on the CrackBerry relaunch. I'll save it for our next podcast. But the bottom line and important take away here IMO is that Z10 / BlackBerry 10 customers are going to be far and away more satisifed with their BlackBerry than ever before in the past.

We have seen a lot of praise for BlackBerry 10 on CrackBerry, both in comments, in the forums and on twitter, but being able to hear that praise directly and see the passion from Z10 owners IRL is even better!

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From the Editor's Desk: Talking to happy BlackBerry Z10 owners


Good article. Although the phones aren't out where I am (US) hopefully the bugs will be largely worked out by the time I get one.

I hope so too. I really want  to do well here, but the US is a much harder market to please. When people in other countries find a few bugs, they think, "no big deal. They'll be fixed in the next update." We, here in the states, usually return the phone and tell everyone we know, "It's a piece of junk. Don't buy that crap."

If that were the case then the Iphone and Android devices never would have made it out of the gate

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

Enough there any news at all about when the US will get it? And which carrier will be first?

Enough there any news at all about when the us will get it? And which carrier will be first?

Enough there any news at all about when the us will get it? And which carrier will be first?

Enough there any news at all about when the US will get it? And which carrier will be first?

Me too, my Bold 9900 contract has several more months to go, then I upgrade to a white Z10. Right now I am playing around with my friends Z10, and yes I am jealous ;)

That kind of positive response if it is more than anecdotal, will only bode well for the USA release. Looking forward to getting my hands on a Z10 to give it a try and play with it before my upgrade.

This is great news Kevin. I thought as much, but you never really know until you talk to people on the streets. Thank You for all your dedication. Canada should be proud of you!

Don"t worry though as the bugs are relatively small and will be handled via software updates, I believe. I find most of the existing apps are just fine for what I need them for, but some of the bigger names have yet to put their apps in BlackBerry World. Aside from some notification issues, I love my new Z10 and would recommend it to anyone who asks. It is a good solid phone and surprisingly fast, especially the browser.

In the US and still patiently waiting as are the people are me so they can play with mine to see if switching is the thing to do like I've been preaching since january

Living Bold-ly!

Well, I love mine, too. I'm Canadian, but I can't wait for the US launch because it means that Skype will (most likely) finally be available.

I agree: it's not for everyone, and there are some rough edges to iron out, but I not only SEE the potential, I can FEEL it when I use apps that are optimized for the BB10 UX.

I've toyed with the idea of doing some Webworks development myself, and having hands on the device, getting into the UX paradigm (peek & flow) I think I will get in on the act... my mind swims with the potential, especially how the UX of apps on iOS and Android pale in comparison to "peek & flow" and, unfortunately, what software developers like Skype and Instagram are missing by not developing a fully BB10 UX for their app... but I will take what I can get until they come to their senses. Just goes to show you how smart the BB10 engineers were to support Android apps... we might not have a Skype and Instagram port otherwise, and the harmonic amplification of apps (even ports) luring customers which lures developers which lures more customers which will hopefully encourage developers of ported apps to undertake native app development.

While I absolutely LOVE mine, the experiences of the folks around me who've bought one vary quite a bit... One former 9900 owner is really not liking it - mostly to do with how it is syncing with their corporate outlook account. One iPhone 5 user likes it but has found it to be a bit flaky (sent an email out with No, instead of "No Problem" because the spell checker barfed on "problem" and didn't give him the "option to spell check before sending") to the point where he is carrying his iPhone 5 for the important stuff. One other very heavy 9900 user says it is "surprisingly good". None of them are Crackheads like me and they didn't even know about nifty things like the trick camera or the constantly updating address book. All agreed it was a very good first attempt and there is nothing standing in the way of it being at least equal to the competition (there was some discussion as to whether that's enough).

I have had one issue a few times with it that has me concerned... I got an email with 10 attachments but when it showed up on the Z10, it says it had 8 attachments (and only had 8 attachments inside it). When I forwarded it on, only 8 went with it. When I got back to my Thinkpad, I found out it really had 10 attachments. It's done this twice now. I am on a very early (alpha) pilot for BES10/Lotus Traveler/Notes so it could be some of that (one of the above users says that it may be an ActiveSync problem because iPhone used to do that quite a bit too). Needless to say, it's got me a little concerned because BES 5 was rock solid - however, my PlayBook is on a similar pilot and gets 10/10 for it's email abilities so I'm sure they can find/fix it. What worries me is that I can't fully trust it anymore (one of the challenges going with a new device without any legacy code).

Having said that, the device is wonderful. A few edges to be smoothed and I'm sure the next patch will clean up much of the issues people are having. I'm still strongly recommending it.

Great article, I find it interesting that your stats are 5 existing blackberry owners who upgraded and 10 new blackberry owners who came from IOS or android.

An early stat I heard was that 50% of the Z10 purchases were from new blackberry owners and your informal poll shows that it may in fact be the case. This is very good news.

Well done Kevin, though there is one little issue and that is people writing articles about BlackBerry 10 when they themselves have never tried the product.

Read this QUOTE:
"Most feel that the company was trying to do too little too late with a much delayed phone which is a little out of date."

Notice the last words in the sentence, Out of Date? BlackBerry 10 out of date? This is the type of nonsense that needs to be corrected by people that actually used the Z10, to put these writers in their place.


Blackberry and Us Carrier better get there shit together and start releasing the phone fast. is crazy to think about. that samsung realese the SII and there was no BB10 phone out.... They Release the S3... and no BB10 Phone out.... they Releasing the SIV and BB10 (Z10) will still not be out.... atleast for Tmobile. they miss the holiday season... they releasing the phone almost 2 months after annocement in the US... and now they even gonna let the Galaxy S4 get into peoples hands before we even try it.... and kevin writing everyday how great the phone is, while we the people in the US have to suffer waiting....

S4 is coming out in April, so Z10 will be out, and T-Mobile is aiming to be the first carrier if it can...

I just read in the WSJ today that the S4 is being announced/revealed on Mar 14th. That will cause some people to go into paralysis and bybass the Z10 launch.

Frankly, their gear is just way too big for my tastes. May as well bring my 46 inch Samsung with me. :)

People need to physically see it and try it to appreciate it.

I was reading all the posts on CB before I got mine on Friday...but it doesn't compare to actually using it. My wife likes it more than her iPhone 5. I was at Taco Bell and it sparked up a conversation (also helped that I looked cool & fancy having one in the US before it's even released). iPeople at work were impressed by its size and weight, while comparing it to their iPhones.

Word-of-mouth is going to be integral to BBRY's success in the US, and once the device launches and people can touch it, they'll quickly notice the difference.

BB10 ftw!

(wish this was)Posted using my Cando-American Z10 via CB10

I agree with you here. You really need to EXPERIENCE BlackBerry 10 to appreciate it. You can't just sum up features and specs and say if it's for you or not. It's once you start using it that you really start to appreciate it.

I also agree that you really need to experience the Z10 to appreciate it. If we just compare phone by specs, OK they will find that this phone is comparable or better ...but that's it.

But using it is where all the gain is.

Just to give an idea how good it is, I surprise myself prefering responding to emails and so using my Z10, even if I'm sitting at my desk. (Iphone users that I know, if they notice, rarely respond from their phone prefering returning to their desk to reply. They respond using their phone only when they are offsite).

If they could afford, a knock down competition marketing program from BlackBerry should be something like offer 1 free month try of the new Z10 smartphone. I'm quite sure, that most one that are wearing eyecup about their present phone and just bashing on the new Balckberry ...will find their phone quite primitive while returning to their previous phone. Guess what may append next.
Obviously Blackberry should wait to have most of the big missing apps prioir to do any such program.

-Kevin: "I do stop strangers in public to talk to them about their phones (drives my fiancée slightly crazy.. I do this way too often"

I bet 9/10 of those people must have been pretty ladies and Kevin's just flirting with them that's why his fiancée gets irritated ;)

I'm very happy with mine, the only sad thing about it is: I don't know how to post a comment on your post, using my Z10 and the CB App(the by the way it looks terrific)
another addict.


I Thought that the CB app hasn't been updated yet to allow us to post comments using our Z10. I thought I read a post that said next week a few days ago so we'll probably get the update soon.

I brought one down to US from Canada Koodo for 549 and I love the Hub but none of my apps are available which is a bit disappointing. Former Blackberry user that was running iPhone and Android (Galaxy S3). I am wondering if because I am in US the app world doesn't have some of the apps. Carrying around 2 phones sucks. I also notice that Facebook updates is so slow. Like 15-30 minutes later I get notified but on the other devices it is instant. Waiting for the following:

Lync or Enterprise IM
NHL Gamecenter
Bank of America

For TSN, try The Score or ESPN.
For NHL Gamecenter (Verizon?) try CBC Hockey Night in Canada.
For Bank of America goto and Add to Homescreen
For Yelp goto and Add to Homescreen
No idea for Pandora, Lync, or Whatsapp :)
And I can't wait for Skype as well!

I started using Blackberry from the original Bold 9000 -> Torch 9800 -> bold 9900 (conveniently died 2 days before the Z10 launch , might need a reflow) -> and the AWEPIC Z10 that I got on launch day in the UK, and nothing comes close to where the Z10 blew me away with the sheer AWEPICNESS of the BB10, the sexy design and the flair that it gives when rocking it.

Although I encountered a few bugs initially (an app was stuck on install mode for 2 whole weeks which drain the battery like crazy! , until I finally caved in and installed the leaked version which turned out better than I expected) , the weak Blackberry Link (which I'm sure it will,no,it MUST get better ASAP). Wasnt able to Backup my device for 2 weeks until I load up the leaked BB10 , and selected a few backup files) .

I was rocking a Bold 9900 and a jailbroken iPhone 4 (which was given to me and used it for 2 months , and got more attention than my bold ) before the Z10, and now my iPhone stays at home and only use it for the occasional Instagram editing and what not. =D

It will only get better from here on. So come sooner Skype, Whatsapp and Instagram !

I've been using my Z10 for a few weeks now and although it's driven me crazy at times, BlackBerry Link wouldn't fully switch devices from my 9860, a few calendar entries and some settings.absolutely no contacts details. And now my old calendar entries won't stay deleted. After a restart they're all back! Frustrating! But everyday my Z10 just feels better and better. Especially when multitasking. And although I'm not into stripping the thing down, metaphorically speaking, I know future updates will sort out these issues. And bb10 is still developing. I'm sure it will be amazing! I have not regretted buying mine. America! Enjoy!

A friend of mine got their first smartphone last week, and I was quite impressed to see that it was a Z10. So far he likes it.

I really like my Z10, and the coolest part is that right now is the WORST that it will ever be - it is only going to improve from here! :)

Lol. Possibly the best comment ever. It's true. If this is the worst it will be, just imagine how bright the future is.... gotta wear shades :)

We have the fortune of having an International office and I was able to get my hands on a couple to use for demos here in the US. We are using Verizon MIFI's with them so my users have a fair comparison. The over all response is unbelievable from iPhone users. Most iPhone users want to change the day we roll them out. They love the browser, keyboard and the device size. I was a little surprised by that. My one complaint is the screen rotation is a little sensitive. I just use the rotation lock and all is good for me but not everyone will want to do that. Another like by my users was Balance, the fact that they can do as the wish on one side and keep work on the other.

Yup, I've been saying from the start, that BB Balance is one of the most overlooked features by tech writers. As evidenced by the recent iOS issues with Outlook, you "don't send a CE gadget to do a business job". I guarantee 90+% of the BYOD isn't driven by IT, it's a PITA for us. So having a new BB with this option is a Godsend. To paraphrase, "Nobody got fired for buying Blackberry."

Yes! I just want one in the US I can check out. Bring it for me to play with even though it will be Jan 2014 before I can upgrade. By the way, i am with Sprint so this day may never come.

I've had my Z10 for about 2 weeks now and I LOVE it too, I'm an old blackberry user though (pearl, 9000, 9700, Playbook, 9930) so more important is that all my android friends like it too!!!

I like that the old blackberry issues are gone and their are so many new features (most of them never advertised). I find myself just going through the phone to discover new things.

I see lots of room for improvement but it will be simple software updates, that means it will only get better!!!

BB 9800 to Z10. So far so good. It will take a while to get used to touch keyboard but the extra screen size has been nice for my 49 year old eyes. IMO BB really nailed it out of the park with their font selection created by Canadian type designer Rod McDonald.

Great to hear Kevin! Over the past week or two I have been showing it off to my friends and family as well. I just love it and if you had run into me you would have received a glowing review as well!

You are absolutly right there, one thing that was keeping me away from Android (I dont like iPhone) was the fact that this is something not that easy with them. Then ...I was in the same situation with my new Z10 and never never expected that Blackberry did removed it (No more Desktop Manager), event if I have read a lot a review prior my purchase.
Fortunatly I was already looking to set my mail on an Exchange server which I did the day after I found that major issue.
Please Note the Blackberry annonced that they will bring that functionnality back ...

Well, somebody named Ty from BB supposedly is quoted as saying BB is doing something about it. I haven't seen anything more official than that though I could be wrong. But I am watching because I'm back to my old Torch and sitting on the fence now about where to go from here. Easy synch to Outlook is a must for me. This work-around is not for me. I got my Z10 on Day one and returned it Day three. As a looong-time BBer, this has been a disappointment for me thus far.

Love my new Z10, just not crazy about the battery life. 3 oclock and its pretty much used up, and thats from 7 in the morning. But a great phone otherwise.
Hope they come up with the paying feature that you dont need to ever use you credit card or bank card again.
i know the phone is capable, but no where i go is it used.

Turn off LTE and go to HSPA and see how it compares.

In Toronto my battery life wasn't as good... come back to Winnipeg, where we have no LTE service yet on Rogers, and my battery life lasts all day no problem. Better life than my Bold 9900 had.

Only really need LTE on when you're away from WiFi and need to download stuff fast.  

i've just got my Z10 yesterday evening (after having to wait for almost a month!!!) and yeah.. it is a COMPLETELY RE-DESIGNED, RE-ENGINEERED & RE-INVENTED, BUT 1 thing that is indifferent from my 9900 is the BB keyboard experience. even though i still sometimes do typo but the z10 keyboard is almost flawless, i only needed just couple of hours to familiarise myself and voila.. it goes!!

as for the OS itself, yeah sometimes there are minor bugs but overall, it is rock solid & the boot up time takes only 1 minute, THAT'S HEAVEN!!

now, BlackBerry, please release the software update, more updates, more optimized performance. BB10, built to keep you MOVING!

Got my wife and daughter Z10's the day they were released here in Canada. They both are very happy with their devices. They both were non smart phone users previously. I have a Torch 9800 but have had the luxury of using their devices ( and acting as their advisors) as they get used to them.
I am generally pleased with the devices and see quite a few similarities to the methodology of the Playbook which I also use.
However, I must say that I am finding that a lot of the little features that I use and really appreciate appear to be missing on the Z10. It may be more appropriate to say that they function differently. For example I miss:
the autos shut off feature,
the ability to set different volume levels for each notification,
the small selection of different notification tones available

I have noticed that the battery drain is much greater than my Torch, understanding that this could be improved by turning off the LTE radio but that kind of defeats the whole purpose doesn't it?
Also have noticed that they eat up much more data than my Torch.... that is a huge impact on whether I upgrade to the new BB's when I am eligible.

Don't get me wrong here..... I am a Huge BB fan and I lave my Torch and hope BB does well but some of these issues have me concerned.

Check the sync settings on Dropbox and Box to make sure sync only happens over wifi. Otherwise, there could be large amounts of data consumed if you have lots of large Dropbox/Box files.

I love the fact that you stop strangers!! haha that must be hilarious for the fiancee. She probably pretends she doesn't know you half the time!

I was also blown away using the phone, my gf who talked down about the z10, basically claimed mine after trying it for the day. Had to order another one, we both came from iPhones 5/4s

Funny that you mention that, because I have a suspicion that there might be a much greater number of people switching from the IPhone to the Z10 than anyone ever anticipated. I would not be surprised if a greater number of people come over to the Z10 from Apple than from Android devices. I guess time will tell.

Absolutely love my Z10, I recently converted a Samsung user to a Z10, he is now a huge advocate of his Z10. Once people start using this device they realize this is not your old BB. The UI works so well. I am faster now than I was on my 9700 and I get more done in less time.

Times are a changing folks...slow and steady rise for BB :-)

BlackBerry (and CrackBerry Kevin) keep saying things like: "If you're a BlackBerry type person -- you value communication, you want to keep moving."

I am not this type of person, I am chill and relaxed, I am not always on the move, and I bought the Z10 on the first day and LOVE it!!

Don't turn people like me off by implying BB10 is just for the hyper connected workaholic types!

Trust me, lazy people like it too!!


Sweet. I'm going to write that as an article... BlackBerry 10 is for Lazy People too!!! Can you email me a photo of you on a couch... eating a bag of chips.. rocking a z10 with a big smile! :)


I'm sure Kevin meant no harm, but the point I think he's trying to communicate is the fact that the BlackBerry users that chose to stick around are those that value communication as a number one priority over anything else. Not Netflix, Instagram, games, etc.....

Traditionally, BlackBerry smartphones were built with this in mind and not much else. However, the new Z10 is built to cater to both sides, work and play without abandoning their core users.

Anyway, it's okay to be lazy and like the Z10!! hahaha Glad you like the device and spread the word!

I got mine at the launch event in New York and I haven't used it in about two weeks. Feels very Beta to me, hopefully that will change over time.

Feeling beta seems to be a rather subjective experience, about as descriptive as 'feels very brown to me'. You've labeled a feeling, not described an experience of what the Z10 is like. Is something slow? Sluggish? Does it drop calls? What carrier are you using? etc. etc. etc.

got mine and i lv it, too bad the sales guys don,t know all the features ,or don,t know how to fix exposure on the camera ,i show them how to focus on the dark area and voila .thks for the tip and many others .i know yr time is precious ,but can u figure out a way to educate these sales people .there was even a guy hired by bb,sub contracted,at best buy that did,nt know this.we hv to b wise on how we spend our hard earned cash pile .we need more bang for the buck

I'm falling in love with small things like being able to delete contacts with 1) click-Contact, click -(More), click -Trashcan or 2) long-press Contact, click-Trashcan, or 3) long-press Contact, swipe-to-trashcan-without-lifting-finger.

Ok, I still have to 'click' confirm to delete in all 3 cases. But I can't help but think I was guided from #1 (how I 'intuitively' wanted to do it iPad-style) to #3 by the phone itself...although it's happy to accommodate me the 'hard' way, if that's how I want to do it.

I went to TELUS to check out the z10 plans the day before it came out and one of the clerks showed me the phone (how excited was I???). But anyway. All he did was praise his iPhone and bash the Blackberry. Mind you, I showed him the upside-down 'L' motion to get to the Blackberry Hub. I really think that people are just prejudging the phone, especially the iSheep! I will wait for my z10!

I really hope that Blackberry flourishes and has something even bigger up its sleeve. The Q10 also looks really good!

KEVIN - You are right on the money with this article. Everyone that I have spoken with who has switched to the new Z10 is absolutely floored with it. They are starting to tell their friend about it as well.

These phones will sell on word of mouth alone. ( So long as Eric from Forbes is not involved )

Andy here from the AT&T Fan Page on Facebook!! Many people here in the US and on AT&T are waiting for the BlackBerry Z10!! Myself included!! The WolfPack will pump this device hard and heavy when it hits AT&T!!! HOWL!!!! The BlackBerry Z10 is WolfPack Approved!!! Check it out!!!

I'm in love with my Z10~! I'm on Windmobile in Canada and I couldn't wait for Wind to come out with the phone so I bought it from a seller ^^; at first I thought that only the Z10 model STL100-3 FRK121LW would work on Wind/Mobilicity but the seller had STL100-3 RFF91LW and it also works on Wind but it says "Wind Home 4G" so I'm not sure about that since Wind doesnt have LTE o.o. I Didn't believe the guy until he showed me since he's also using Wind. So it looks like all STL100-3 models work on all networks.

So far I'm fairly slow at typing on an all touch interface because I'm so used to the physical keyboard on my BB curve but patience will speed up the typing experience =)

I have to admit I do love my Z10 - I would not go back to a Torch again, no way. The OS is amazing!

That said - I really do want to get some of my BB7 apps back. My banking app, E-bay, Paypal, MLB (I know this is coming), Tetris and Shazam.

Apps will come, have to be patient.

I love my Z10 too! I was one of those guys that picked it up as soon as it was out on Feb. 5th in Canada. I've showed it to all my friends and they all love it (after I teach them how to use it). I think I convinced some people that were planning to switch teams to stay on Team BlackBerry!!

Absolutely, positively in love with my Z10. Even areas that people complained about I have had no problems (I've taken great shots with the Z10, on par and sometimes better than my iPhone). The battery gets me the full day no problem.

Best phone decision I've made.

I am super happy with my Z10. I went and played with my Torch 9810 (I still use it to sync BlackBerry Travel... long story) and the device felt antiquated and so slow. Even the typing experience is not that good on my Torch, compared to the Z10.

However - I am in Brazil for work this week - and this sucker is THIRSTY for data. I bought a Rogers "50mb travel pack" and on the first day it had sucked up 12mb of it. WiFi here is hugely regulated and expensive, too. (At the airport you must provide a valid passport before you can use WiFi, for example).

I wish there was a way, like on the old devices, to see which applications were running and using data.

I would also echo all the positive comments. While I am not blind to its weaknesses which will be dealt with in time, more importantly my eyes are wide open to it's beauty, it's speed, it's potential now and into the future. BlackBerry has done a fantastic job with BB10. As my BBM profile says - BB10 - still delighting, still surprising every day. Ecstatic Z10 owner.

Great review guys.

I'll out myself right now. I work for *ahem* one of the Big 3 here in Canada. As soon as I heard about this phone, I was ecstatic. Not because it was a Blackberry but because of the sheer potential of the phone. In my time with cell phones, I can honestly say I've used every single brand and version of phones out there. To the first Nokia digital phone, to Motorola Startacs, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry Pearls/Curves/Bold9000, to every iteration of the iPhone (1 through 5 - yup i paid to stupidly upgrade every time too) finally stopped that when I changed over to the SGS2 and SGS3.
BB10 and Z10 is a fresh take on a cell phone OS and makes use of gestures. A brand new OS built from the ground up using a powerful new system. Every time I got on a computer, I always had to look up what was the next new tidbit about it. I was glued to finding out everything about the Z10 before release.
I preordered a Z10 when the reservation system was placed. First black but then when I heard that a white one was coming, quickly changed my device to the white (a decision that I am happy with)
As soon as 02/05 came around my phone was in my hands and I was quickly getting acclimated to the phone and the ease of use the Z10 was for navigating through what I wanted to get to. Email synching was a breeze (eerily too easy if you ask me), texting was amazing (comparable to my SGS3 and using Swype) and the predictive capabilities of it was second to none. I delved into learning this phone as much as I could so that I would be able to show customers the benefits of the phone when choosing between iOS, Android, WP8 or BB10. As a phone/tech nerd I had to show people that this was not the Blackberry of old, but a new beast.
Out of the 20+ people that I personally have upgraded to this phone, not ONE of them have said to me anything negative. I get emails stating "Wow I love this phone, thank you for showing it to me" or "This is completely something I did not expect from BB, its great" etc etc. I have heard nothing but praise so far from this phone.
Like Kevin said above, I also have seen many iPhone and Android users jump back to Z10 (myself included) and so far they are happy they did.
The biggest issue I have had so far was transferring contacts over from previous BBs to the new Z10. Especially if they arent linked to an email account (BIGGEST PAIN IN THE REAR END until Link was updated... THANK GOD) but other than that this phone I have to say is very good and should not be overlooked by people. There is still a lot of potential left for QNX and BB10 that we havent seen yet.
Of course this phone is not without bugs, but the minor issues they have been are nothing to deter people.
My only issue so far that I have come across is while transferring videos/pictures to Z10 by drag and drop, it became damaged or corrupted, but I am looking into what caused it. (maybe it was a faulty USB cable...gotta try the direct transfer to micro SD as Kevin suggested)
As someone who works in the industry, i have to be impartial to every phone. I have to be able to show the strengths and weakness of each to the customers. But when they ask me what phone I use and why. I bust out my phone and show them why. A lot of them are amazed.

I wish I were one of those lucky bb10 owners. KEvin, one day maybe we'll meet and have a real good discussion about Blackberry. Im very interested in what it is now, and their future in the industry.

You're very knowledgable in the industry

I've owned a torch2 prior to the Z10 and currently using a playbook for my tablet.
The Z10 is exactly what i need to continue to be organized and enhance communication.
the torch2 couldn't keep up with the updates and gradually slowed me down.
with the Z10, i'm back with the speed i always wanted.

well recommended device.

I've had my Z10 since it went on sale here in Canada and I can honestly say I do love this phone. I'm excited for future OS updates with new features such as the cinnamon toast, and possibly a better maps app. However I do have one massive complaint with the Flip Shell Case by BlackBerry. well 2 complaints. One functional and the other from a marketing point of view. Wish I could call someone at BBRY to get the changes made.