From the Editor's Desk: Take this Mega BlackBerry survey and have your voice heard!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jul 2013 05:04 pm EDT

For my From the Editor's Desk post this week, I've prepped a 41 Question Mega BlackBerry survey and I WANT YOU TO TAKE IT! Do it. Do it now!!

Here's the deal. Next week I'm making my annual pilgrimage to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada -- the birthplace and hometown of BlackBerry -- to visit BlackBerry HQ and attend their Annual General Meeting of shareholders. 

In making a trip like this, I really go with the mindset that I'm representing CrackBerry Nation. All. Of. You.

I want to make the trip next week well armed, both with good questions and constructive thoughts and ideas and the responses to this survey will do just that in a way that represents the current state of our community (and no, I probably won't take to the microphone during the AGM itself - I prefer to leave it for other investors in the room who I'm sure will have lots of questions too... as CrackBerry Kevin I have other means to asking our questions).

Following last Friday's earnings announcement and investor call, things have been a little CRAZY around CrackBerry, with the forums and article commentary buzzing even more than usual. Many of you have vented and blown off some steam (especially understandable for the PlayBook owners and BBRY investors out there). Others have expressed concern over various parts of BlackBerry's business actions and progress. Some of you have lost faith. Others have plenty of it left in the tank. Some great things have been said. Some not so great things have been said too.

To me, the only thing to do is Keep Moving and that's what the goal of this survey is. It's broken down into sections and is a mix of multiple choice and open ended questions. I want to bring the collective state of CrackBerry together in one spot, so we more accurately can see where things are at (and yes, we'll share many of the responses as it makes sense to) with an honest look at the challenges, opportunities and ideas on how we best keep pushing ahead.

Ok, that's it for now. Quit reading and take the survey!! THANK YOU!

Take the Mega BlackBerry Survey!

Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: Take this Mega BlackBerry survey and have your voice heard!


Well I did the survey this morning on my Z10 while at Starbucks. I hope the Crackberry Team has some kind of program to compile the results, at least the tick boxes. The comments will have to be summarized manually I guess. Thanks for all the work putting this together and for the work to come. Let Thor know we all want BlackBerry to be a winner and a leader. Fight on!!

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Bbry knows what questions are going to be asked at calls.

Did they actually answer any questions? Pathetic.

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I appreciate the effort you made in capturing the issues & concerns of the Crackberry community for the AGM. Please pass on to the company from an investor and very longtime customer, that I will never buy another device from Blackberry until they provide BB10 for the PB and full bridge functionality between the Z10 and Playbook. I realize they didn't sell enough Playbooks to realize a profit on their investment and continued investment in the Playbook will only cost the company money with no return. However, I would not be a Z10 owner if Blackberry had told me up front that the Playbook and Z10 would not have the same functionality of the Bold 9900.

On a positive note, I did earn a substantial amount of money on their stock. So, I can't complain to much. :) The up's and down's kept me quite busy buying and selling. I had hoped to see RIM/BBRY climb its way back, but no such luck. Thankfully, I was able to sell having turned a profit.


I posted my honest feedback as well. I hope BlackBerry is listening to us because we obviously want them to succeed.

Done! As a less than impressed shareholder, and a regular customer since the 7230, I hope some of it is heard. If releasing a new device and OS was thought to bring customers back in droves, perhaps the recent quarter results will be the wake up call. Marketing, powerful Ad campaigns, incentives and creativity, have all been missing from this product launch. I hardly see anything, let alone captivating, compared to other smartphone companies, and their ecosystems. I think it's long overdue to start thinking "survival" and not just, we're back and we think our device is worth the money. Be brutality honest Kevin, ......time is running out!


One last comment:

As I look back at a disappointing ad campaign for BB10 and the Z10, I can't help but think about all the money flushed down the toilet at the Superbowl. That money could have been spent paying for the Playbook BB10 OS development and migration.

OK, two comments: I am pissed that us Playbook owners/early adopters were used by RIM and now thrown by the wayside despite helping to develop BB10. We helped make BB10 what it is today! What do we get for spending a lot of money and wasting so much time working with an OS (QNX) that wasn't ready.? NOTHING AT ALL!


BBM cross platform will make more and more people to leave BlackBerry.
I already know 2 corporate massive buyers who will leave BB in September, less 8.000 BB costumers.
"If BBM will be available on iPhone, no reason to continue with BlackBerry."

So the meeting is over and? Any insights beyond the "be patient" "Internet of things". Any tangible goodies for shareholders and bb10 users?

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Just completed the survey over CB10 on my Q10, the difficulty with which doing so is apropos of the work BB still has ahead of it.

Many captive BB users still in my office; all I hear is how many of them can't wait 'til they have option for iPhone. I see a lot of people at work with company issued BB's carrying a second device. On my commute I see mostly iPhone and Samsung phablets. I'm staying with BB until the bitter end but not optimistic about its long term viability. So bummed right now.

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