From the Editor's Desk: Take this Mega BlackBerry survey and have your voice heard!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jul 2013 05:04 pm EDT

For my From the Editor's Desk post this week, I've prepped a 41 Question Mega BlackBerry survey and I WANT YOU TO TAKE IT! Do it. Do it now!!

Here's the deal. Next week I'm making my annual pilgrimage to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada -- the birthplace and hometown of BlackBerry -- to visit BlackBerry HQ and attend their Annual General Meeting of shareholders. 

In making a trip like this, I really go with the mindset that I'm representing CrackBerry Nation. All. Of. You.

I want to make the trip next week well armed, both with good questions and constructive thoughts and ideas and the responses to this survey will do just that in a way that represents the current state of our community (and no, I probably won't take to the microphone during the AGM itself - I prefer to leave it for other investors in the room who I'm sure will have lots of questions too... as CrackBerry Kevin I have other means to asking our questions).

Following last Friday's earnings announcement and investor call, things have been a little CRAZY around CrackBerry, with the forums and article commentary buzzing even more than usual. Many of you have vented and blown off some steam (especially understandable for the PlayBook owners and BBRY investors out there). Others have expressed concern over various parts of BlackBerry's business actions and progress. Some of you have lost faith. Others have plenty of it left in the tank. Some great things have been said. Some not so great things have been said too.

To me, the only thing to do is Keep Moving and that's what the goal of this survey is. It's broken down into sections and is a mix of multiple choice and open ended questions. I want to bring the collective state of CrackBerry together in one spot, so we more accurately can see where things are at (and yes, we'll share many of the responses as it makes sense to) with an honest look at the challenges, opportunities and ideas on how we best keep pushing ahead.

Ok, that's it for now. Quit reading and take the survey!! THANK YOU!

Take the Mega BlackBerry Survey!

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From the Editor's Desk: Take this Mega BlackBerry survey and have your voice heard!



LOL... i'll try to be honest too...

btw, Kev.. no rewards? too much sugar coated candies and we're expecting more candies everytime something comes up from CB.

10.1??? [From an American on A(lways) T(rageic) and T(tossed). We also have; "Can you hear nothing on the (H)Verizon?"

F.k those bastards. I paid $10 and got a Canadian SIM card, unprovisioned, and have been enjoying 10.1 for a while now. Can't wait until Rogers gets 10.2 so I can upgrade. I hate AT&T but not as much as I hated Verizon (which is why I switched to AT&T...the slightly lesser of two evils in my case)

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Awesome thought .. hope you mentioned it to Blackberry (seriously - I drop comments there all the time), and on the survey :)

Spend the marketing budget to get the 10 most wanted apps developed. BlackBerry needs to make this investment now.

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As a large portion of the business community is still loyal to BlackBerry, headquarters needs to also start looking after us as well as strive for new customers. There's a large number of users that travel for business and a Dual Sim BlackBerry would a lot of sense for someone that takes their BlackBerry overseas on business.

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Get two phones man. That would be a feature none would use and would cost a lot to put in. Waste of money.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

Speak for yourself -- you wouldn't use it, so it must stand to reason 'none' would use it.

I would use it! Makes it easier to secure my main SIM when travelling with a Roam SIM for 5 days a year.

In my country interconnection fees between carriers are so high that a lot of people has two phones, one of each carrier off course, so maybe a mid tier to lower tier Blackberry with the capability of two sims may have market (the one that buys a high tier phone doesn't care about paying more bill). Is a guess, I don't know with a market expirience background. Off course those phones couldn't be sold through the carriers, should be sold factory unlocked through an independent distribution channel and again, I don't know how possible is that.

Good idea. I had thought about that a few years ago to consolidate my cells. Shouldn't be too hard to do and there are other cell companies in Asia that was doing this a few years ago.

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Done. Through your BB10 app - there was no confirmation it had submitted properly so hope it's received.

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I went ahead and completed the survey. I did go hard but that was because I love this brand. I just want it to be successful.

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Ditto that. Felt like I was piling on at times but I want BlackBerry to be the best product and experience possible to entice more users. I am tired of hearing how BB has become irrelevant.

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What does it show when you're done? Does it just brings you back to the news feed? If it doesn't, something went wrong and I lost everything I typed :(

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One thing I forgot to put in the survey is that BB should think a way to stop been bullied by the carriers in the US and the press. I watch CNN en español (the latin american version of CNN) and their tech spot in the morning is all iPhone publicity, they also make their way to get some media to support BB.

I haven't lost faith in BB or QNX but I am a tablet centric person. I may be a unique user but as it stands right now I really have no choice but to look to other sources for my future mobile experience. I will enjoy my current set up for as long as possible but the writing is on the wall. BB and I are headed in different directions.

They need us to be harsh. If we stood by and smiled and said everything was kosher we'd be doing BlackBerry and we'll as its users an injustice. They need someone to crack the whip.

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Just wanna say to applejuiceq87. Your comment is bang on - they really need someone to crack the whip right now and demand blackberry be the best it can be, they don't need fanboys they need an awesome operating system and best of breed apps. They have to be better than the competition. Someone should have cracked the whip when they came out with the storm and thrown it against a wall shattering it into a million pieces and then made them do it right. That's the attitude they need now.

I was harsh, Heins needs to have what it takes to turn this around within 3 months with vision, honesty and integrity or get out. If this ship can't turn around in 3 months then sell off assets and become a services company.

Done with the survey. I know in the end it won't matter very much but it felt great to get all that off my chest

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Completed the survey with my lovely Z10. I still believe in what TH has for a vision for BlackBerry and that will take time!

Let's make that happen. I for one do not want to use another mobile device. Always loved BlackBerry.

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I hear you loud and clear here. I too care not for any other platform. It would be a crying shame if blackberry nation brought this on themselves. STAND UP or fall down.

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One of RIM's big problems actually is stuck in the mindset of existing BlackBerry users, in other words, BlackBerry fans.

I am afraid the survey result in this place will harm BB and make it fall faster.

I think you would be surprised. There are a LOT of fanboys who are hurting and feel quite betrayed. A LOT of people who stuck their neck out and did peer-to-peer recommendations for BB...told friends to get Playbooks...told friends "oh the apps are coming" and on and on and on....I think what you are seeing at CB for the last week, is a very large group of people who feel as if their messiahs have turned out to be cheap street magicians....shame is a powerful emotion

That's exactly my feelings and what I posted on the survey. I don't think of myself as a "Fan boy" but when a good product gets slighted I'll get to stand up for them. I told them the triplicates would be fixed and the reboots would be solved (come on ATT its happening more frequently now) These past few weeks feel like I took a stone cold stunner and finish off with a swift kick to the a

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That was a lot of work for a $100 gift card compared to all the "leave a comment, win a Z10"-type contest. I'm glad to add to the conversation and hopefully give Thor et al something to respond to.

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Ok, just finished. Pretty good serve. It was broken down well so you should get a lot of stats from it. I'm curious to know what others said on their survey compared to my answeres.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

I agree it would be great if the responses could be compiled so that way, we know what the bulk of the users are looking for.

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Completed. Added my laundry list of technical gripes (Imap, html sigs, disabling sms, landscape mode for main screen, tap/click-to-join bbm groups, and some other stuff).

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Great questions in the survey.

Kevin must live in all of our heads, he always knows what we're wondering.

Get rid of Frank Boulben - the guy did authorise that terrible super bowl ad!!! Talk about a waste of money...also, wherever I look I see Apple and Samsung adverts everywhere...not one BlackBerry 10 one anywhere! I find BlackBerry advertising extremely boring, no wonder people aren't buying the phones!

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Can BBRY get Alicia Keys all sexied up to do a damn infomercial? Time to start using the lady for her star power!

Absolutely. Where is her BlackBerry-logo inspired dress? Where is she spreading the word about BlackBerry? What is she doing to spread the word about BlackBerry?

I absolutely agree. So far, the commercials have been very passive, which may be good when you have a product that is already selling great. But with all of the Samsung, Windows Phone, and iPhone commercials out there (iPhone can afford to be passive with their ads right now), it's time for aggressive ads. Show off the device. Show what it can do. Actually show off the features rather than just gloss over them for 2 seconds. Tailor commercials for specific markets. USA needs commercials that people will talk about the next day - have something that can go viral. Sponsor a car in NASCAR (maybe Danika Patrick's #10) since there are easily more NASCAR fans in the USA than F-1 fans. Bring in someone who isn't afraid to go to the mattresses.

I spent 20 minutes there and hope that you can get the message to Thorsten et al.
They're doing well. 10.2 looks really cool.
Messaging is super important and whatever-it-takes to get American Carriers to shape up and start supporting their customers would be nice!

Filled out with a good amount of detail. Kevin, I hope you get a chance to read my answers. I'm also happy to chat with you at anytime. Thanks and good luck!

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Could we have access to the data once the survey will be finished please ?
Removing the names of course bit J would like to know what are the concerns of my fellows BlackBerry users friends.

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I was on Page 2 and wrote many things in the Wishlist. Then i clicked next and was send back to Page 1. Clicked again next and was back to Page 2. But everything I wrote is gone. F*ck it

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Exactly what happened to me. Oh well. I might try again but will quick short answers and very little detail which doesn't help as much but clearly something wrong with the survey.

That happened to me too so I hit the back button on the browser and it brought me back to the page where I thought I lost all my answers.

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Will do it now.

Can't believe the useful things out of OS 7 are still missing - like being able to create distribution lists / groups so only needing to select that group to send text too rather than having to seach/select each person eachvtome. (thus wouldn't be so painful if you could search by say company name and multi select from the results!). For example.

Oh and no bb10 on the pb. So here's what rim should do.

1 knock out a patch with tons of performance fixes and and features
2. Invest in giving away tons if decent free stuff from BBW
3. Each current PB owner to get a 50% discount on the next ph/tablet rim produce (can be identified by PIN yes?)

That all fir now, time for the questionnaire

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Done! Good luck data mining all the results, Kevin. Hopefully you won't have to dredge through too much trolling in all of the free form questions!

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Fantastic idea and great questions Kevin. I know they are working hard but these times require fresh thinking and work around the clock to get their issues and updates released ASAP. Fall will be here shortly and we need to position ourselves hopefully overshadow the competition in a positive way.

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Kevin, there is no person that best represents the interests of the blackberry user community. As a very long time blackberry user, you have my proxy.

I'm sure that most of us are feeling the same about BlackBerry! I really HOPE that the good folks at BlackBerry are ready to make things right and get to work.

Finished,now to put the contents in a format that will have an impact on the board from the user base

I forgot to comment in the survey, to make BIS available to OS10. I would be pleased to continue paying for push email and heightened security.

Done from my device. Thor needs to keep his word and watch what he says at earning calls. No more mixed messages and get BB10 on PlayBook to salvage brand credibility. Put out focused market ads that show the differentiators. Start by marketing heavily in thé USA and get spiffs to retail sales associates to start selling BBRY. Call me and I can deliver sales. PFC Systems, Inc.

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Kevin, I have to say that I amexcited to see you go to Waterloo. I have seen tremendous growth in you this year. I think you have really stepped up as king of the CrackBerry Nation and your ambassadorship holds more influence this year. Thank you for the survey! It was well thought out and gave me a chance to have a voice. I really do believe it will be listened to.

Awesome, I just took it.. add text message to hub... i hate having to hit the text message icon every time

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Text messages are in the hub? There really is no need to click the icon .. unless it's quicker for you.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

Done, Kev pls print all these surveys out, walk it over to Thor and stand there while he reads every page. Also please make sure he recycles it after its no longer needed and the stock hits $100. Also tell Thor he can pay us all for the valuable feedback in A10s. That is all.

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I did the survey and forgot to mention this: When I email/text a picture, I used to be able to choose what size image to send. PLEASE add in this feature to BB10. I hate sending 1 to 2MB pictures all the time and it is a pain to have to re-size them every time. This is my #1 gripe about BB10

Just took the survey. Please take the microphone while there. Thanks for all of your help. Keep it up.

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Done. I hope Kevin gets an audience and the results can be presented.
Only time will tell if the overall results will be taken constructively.
Good luck Kevin.

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Did it - is it normal I get bounced back to the home page? Never got a 'thank you for taking the time...'

Of forget it, this is normal, got my answer.

I don't like surveys and rarely take the, but I took this one. Nice job Kevin. I hope BlackBerry is listening.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

I did mine. Like others have said, I hope crackberry sends every comment, word for word, to Thorsten. Let him hear directly from consumers what we really think.

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You know what the best thing that BlackBerry can do for us CrackBerry faithful BlackBerry users and investors? Thorsten Heins can sit down with Kevin after he personally has seen the results of the survey and thank us and the CrackBerry team for our passionate responses and ask for our continued support.

Just him acknowledging that he's seen the results and thanks for the feedback would go a long way towards encouraging us to hang in there during this transition.

Get huluplus and amazon instant video or Verizon red box, vudu, cinemax, if Netflix won't bend to reason. Be imaginative on video content from streaming movie or TV series providers.

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Apple did a great job marketing against vista. Now ms is using the same strategy to compare the Surface to the iPad.

I personally find this type of advertising compelling and motivation am to check out the competition. Maybe BBRY could use a similar approach.

Was very affective for appl and suspect it is likely had a positive affect for MS.

It has to be a better approach than what Frank has come up with. His approach might work in France but not in North America.

Windows tablets are obscenely overpriced, to compete with the top vendor, you have to offer an advantage in price. Following this logic, the Z10 should have cost $400 like the Nexus, and the Q10 $500 respectively.

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Phewf that took a while, but I was able to do it single handed on my Q10.

Come on, BlackBerry, you still have time to make this right!

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When I saw Blackberry, I started the survey. When I found out it was for BB10 I quit. I have two each Torches and Playbooks. Comments would not have been complementary.

I put my "2 cents" in! Kinda feel that "2 cents" is what's going to happen to the stock price if nothing doesn't happen

I just completed the survey and included my thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to create it Kevin. A lot of thought obviously went into it. I am hoping that BlackBerry takes our feedback very seriously.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

Excellent survey Kevin. Exactly the questions I wanted to answer. So many times I am left with things to say after doing a survey, but you got the questions and options just right.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10 root device!

Thanks Kevin, God speed and I hope they listen to the voice of Blackberry fans. Feed back when you return.

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Just finished the survey. Go get 'em, Kevin. I understand the reluctance to implement BB10 for PlayBook if the performance was not up to scratch and concentrating on BB10 devices, but planning to introduce a new bb7 device after saying that bb7 and earlier devices are legacy devices makes me question the judgment of people who are expected to know better.

Actually TH has always maintained that bb7 will be supported for a while and the service revenue from BIS will decline gradually over time (2 years?) to allow new service revenue streams from BB10 to be developed and ramped up. A new bb7 device for emerging markets is at least consistent with that strategy to slow the migration away from BIS. Hopefully they can price it correctly so they don't continue to lose subscribers to cheaper Android phones.

Thank you Kevin for taking our voices to BlackBerry directly.
I know all members are wanting BB to succeed in all it's glory.

I completed the survey but failed to mention a key point. I am a small business person interacting with many other small business people. Just a few years ago we were predominantly BB users. Most have grudgingly changed to more modern platforms but miss our Blackberrys. We are, collectively, a very large market and we execute more quickly than large corporate customers. We are a market that can be lured back if you play to us, treat us as an important market and prioritize support of our needs.

Great idea... but. But I really think you need to take the microphone - Crackberry will be considered an important voice and if I've taken the trouble to fill out a long survey, I'd like to think there's some chance that the data you compile does get fed into the BB machine. Indeed, part of my survey mentioned (in the comment elaboration boxes) that BB needs to listen to its customers, and be more aware of their wants and needs.

Thanks Kevin for driving this initiative. I sincerely hope that our comments will be delivered to Blackberry without edits and any associated price tag :)

Done. At least I got to end and pressed done. Don't know if you got it. Get a meetup going here in Waterloo

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Goodluck. I answered it except the parts that didn't apply to me! if any of our suggestions come true thank you kevin for your hard work!

Just answered the survey.

Kevin, please would you ask whether BlackBerry will support OPEN VPN?

And be brutally honest in your dealings with them.

Good luck!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

No apologies for being critical at this juncture. BlackBerry needs to wake up and move forward aggressively. Would however like to see a summary of, or top 10/20 concerns expressed in this survey.

Free crowd sourcing of ideas at its finest from the ideal focus group.
I certainly hope they get the message.
Thank you Kevin!

It took me almost one hour bit I did it.... I really hope that all survey results are considered by the company.

Posted via CB10

So Kevin how do you know I did the survey to enter me in the draw for the $100 gift card? If I have a chance to win $100 then how do you know I filled out the survey? There is no contact information asked for nor did i have to log into my CrackBerry account?

Did someone mess up?

This is an awesome idea Kevin. is Thor going to be there? he should really hear some of the comments from the survey!

Nice survey. I just completed it. I hope they give you a chance to speak on it. Thanx Kevin

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T

Like others I would be very interested to see what the common issues ate that come out of the survey.

Posted via CB10

This is awesome. Thanks for doing this!

And for people asking for a prize or reward, knock it off. This is your chance to express your opinion to a major company and say exactly how you feel. Isn't that reward enough? What do you want, a participation ribbon like they give in elementary school?

Kevin you have to be firm and aggressive at the same time. It is time for them to realize that the CB nation desires favorable responses and not just more broken promises. They have to understand that the core basis cracking under the failures of the US carriers and the broken promises. They have to repair these cracks or there will not be a CB nation for long.

Great survey...wish I could go back and the phone, but there are a couple of things that annoy me that I forgot to mention...when making calls, have the speakerphone "button" and the end call button be more responsive...i hate having to press them multiple times, not knowing if they have functioned and are lagging or if they did not work.

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Finished the Survey. This is what I want from BlackBerry!
1) get back in front of the media and sell BlackBerry Heins!
2) a glass tablet. Say 125 bucks. Or turn my PB into a glass tablet. That way I have one device, one set of apps, one storage location and a bigger screen when i need it. The z10 is awesome, but doing work requires a bigger screen. Honestly I could use my z10 for almost all my work and I do, but I need the bigger screen and not a big stupid phablet!
3) BlackBerry computer perhaps?
4) a bb10 app that can take an android app, convert and install automatically. Just as if you had an android phone. Bingo sales through the roof! App issue solved!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Great survey Kevin!
It was therapeutic to say the least. Let off a lot of steam. Hopefully a bit of constructive criticism managed to get through, especially the last part.

I'm sure that you guys plan to already, but I hope you send all this info to Blackberry. Specifically, submit a "report" for Heins and the rest of the senior staff of all the responses for the last "Ask head-honcho" question. They need to see what we all have to say, and respond.

Will you post a list of the best questions/thoughts/ideas? I'd love to know what CB community is thinking. Even if all of the best questions don't get answered in some capacity by BB, do you think you could tackle some of the harder ones on a podcast?

I just completed the survey. I look forward to Kevin's write up after he returns from this trip. Fingers crossed for legitimate answers from the AGM.

Just voted.

Voted for directors: Dattels, Lynch, Nordberg, Stymiest, Watsa.

Voted for all other measures except executive Compensation. Unfortunately, you can't break that measure up. I would otherwise, vote for the compensation increase for CFO and the Chief Lawyer from Verizon.

I understand the votes don't really count. All will be approved. Just so let them know they made mistakes, like the blind decision to promote keyboard while putting Z10 aside. Here is an evidence from this very web site:

Done! The biggest obstacle is to overcome the public's negative perception of the brand. It's difficult to support the company when you are constantly the joke of the office because you use a Blackberry.

Oh CrackBerry Kevin! (that sounds like I am addressing a King :P)

Thanks for being the voice of CrackBerry.

One thing: I don't care about what reaches BlackBerry, but I do really want the last page to reach Thorsten or his secretary at the least!
And oops I jumped straight away to the questions, i missed on my CB username!
I put it in the last page note to Thorsten when I realised I didn't really put in my name :P

The CB10 Experience

You know I forgot to add something in the survey. My work is BYOD but I am literally the only one that uses blackberry so no BES. I'd really like to see a consumer version of this. I love the idea and if this was available that would be amazing. Or something like it where we can have two separate sets that the end user can set up instead of having it through BES. By IT administrators. Coincidentally, I'm an IT administrator LOL.

Posted via CB10

Animations and menus on the Android ports are smoother and slicker than bb10 os equivalents. If you want to grab that market, give people a similar experience. 10.3 really needs to be slickened and polished.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, I forgot to mention this in my response: an area where I'd like to see some improvements made is in regards to calendar/reminder notifications. They seem to be almost random, working at times (mostly after a restart for a short while) and then cut out. I'm sure you can understand how frustrating this is when you're trying to set appointments and reminders throughout your day... Anyway, this is one thing I need to work flawlessly... thanks for being the messenger.

Kevin, ask this question: Blackberry spent a fortune as part of the consortium buying into Nortel's (and Kodak's) patent portfolio. If Blackberry were to be acquired, would the rights to these patents convey to the acquirer, or would they be non-transferrable (as this would have considerable bearing on the company's inherent worth, as well as on its value as an acquisition)?

Thanks for all you do for this community Kevin, it is greatly appreciated. Dont forget to tell them about a call manager function that would allow us to block specific numbers during desired periods of time. ;)

Posted via CB10

Kevin, I filled out the survey - one thing I missed mentioning is that I wonder if BB's market research team is doing a good job? - In the past (2008-2010) , I don't think they were, and this may have been a factor as to why RIM got into the mess they did. I'm not sure about now, so it remains a bit of a question.

Can you please tell me if my survey went through? I spent about 35 mins on it. I clicked the link while using the CB app and can't remember if it confirmed or not! Thanks :D

Posted via CB10

I had all the intention to take the survey but, surprisingly, when I clicked on the link it didn't work.
Kevin, next time you ask us to take a survey, please make sure the link works.

Posted via CB10