From the Editor's Desk: So I finally watched the Apple WWDC iOS 7 keynote...

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jun 2013 04:09 pm EDT

I have been a little quiet on the good 'ol CrackBerry blogs the past couple of weeks, ever since I went to NYC to interview Kristian Tear two weeks ago (almost to the hour!) for the launch of the BlackBerry Q10 in the USA. The following day was the amazing Talk Mobile Launch Party, upon which I pulled an all-nighter to catch my early Friday morning flight into Montreal for a weekend of awesome Formula 1 action. Coming home from Montreal on the Monday night, I promptly got sick, and last week turned into one of those useless weeks for getting work done.

I'm back on track once again and will be playing catch up this week on a long list of stories I want to get written for CrackBerry. And for this week's From the Editor's Desk, I want to focus by sounding off on Apple's WWDC keynote last week. A lot of you have been asking me for my thoughts on the keynote and Apple's announcements. I missed the keynote as it was broadcast live, but I **finally** dedicated two hours to watching it. There's lots to talk about today, so let's get to it!

Thinking back to a wonderful weekend of Formula 1

Before we get to the Apple stuff, I just had to share a few select photos from my weekend of BlackBerry and F1 in Montreal. Long time readers of CrackBerry will know that I'm a HUGE fan of F1 and I've been wanting to see BlackBerry sponsor a team for years. Going back to March 2007, literally just days after officially launched as a website, I wrote this editorial suggesting BlackBerry should sponsor an F1 team. It just made sense. It took a few years and a change in the management team, but it finally happened!

And I still think it was a great decision. On the world stage Formula 1 is massive, and BlackBerry did well in choosing Mercedes as a team. Looking at all the teams in F1 right now, it's just a logical fit on a brand level (it's aspirational, but still mass market - unlike Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren, etc.). Plus with drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Ross Brawn as team principle, you just know the Mercedes car and drivers will show up on the camera a lot, and they certainly have this year.

With Montreal as BlackBerry's "home grand prix" of sorts, the company had a great presence in Montreal beyond the race track. On Rue Peel (aka. Peel Street), BlackBerry was out in full force, with lots of Z10 and Q10 demos being given. The awesome BlackBerry van was out on the street getting attention, as was a pop-up BlackBerry 10 trailer/kiosk. Mercedes and BlackBerry also setup a wicked exhibit on one street, where you could get in on the pit stop action and race the clock on a tire change. It was great to see. 

While Saturday's qualifying session was rainy and wet, the weather was beautiful for Sunday's race. Sitting in Grand Stand 11, I recorded the first corner on my Q10 (see video above). Talk about LOUD. The audio recording actually overwhelmed the Q10's audio recording capabilities. I guess this is the ultimate audio recording test. Still some work to be done!

At the end of the race, Lewis Hamilton took the third step on the podium. Overall, another solid showing for Mercedes and BlackBerry, and the weekend was a whole lot of fun. Be sure to hit up the photo gallery.

iOS 7 and Apple's WWDC Keynote

When Apple takes to the stage, the whole tech industry pauses to watch what they've been up to. Adam already summed up where Apple swiped a thing or two from BlackBerry, and our sibling site iMore has been covering every bit of iOS 7 news coming out of WWDC in detail, so here I'm just going to throw out some of my random reactions, thoughts and takeaways after watching the event:

  • Apple slights BlackBerry: And if not intentionally a slight, Apple at least proved they are lazy. This came later in the keynote, but I'm going to address it first since CrackBerry is a BlackBerry site. While Apple CEO Tim Cook was beginning to talk about the success of the iPhone, he addressed the slide above showing the % of Very satisfied users across mobile platforms. Apple gave BlackBerry the shaft here, not only spelling BlackBerry wrong -- I WANT TO SEE TWO CAPITAL B'S THE NEXT TIME! -- but they also neglected to mention that the 32% rating (the lowest of the bunch) was in regards to older BlackBerry 7 Smartphones and did not include BlackBerry's newest BlackBerry 10 phones. There's a reason BlackBerry needed to build a new mobile platform, so these numbers are not surprising. But they're also not reflective of the current state of BlackBerry. I'm going to remember this transgression... 
  • Bring on Mavericks and the new Mac Pro: Honestly, what excited me most from the keynote were the Desktop announcements. I switched from PC to Mac just over five years ago, and finally OS X Mavericks is going to fix what has been pissing me off for five years... giving me proper support for multiple displays. I've also been waiting on a new Mac Pro for years now, so I'll definitely be picking the new one up. When I asked my fiancee what she thought of the look of it, she proclaimed it looks like a garbage can, which I can't really argue with. Personally, I couldn't care less what the Mac Pro looked like - on a desktop machine I'm going to thrown down thousands of dollars for, what I care about is PERFORMANCE. This isn't the type of hardware where Apple should be sacrificing any function for fashion, and it appears like they have. It will be a great machine for a lot of people, but for many others it's going to lack the flexibility and expandability they were expecting to have in their next Mac Pro, and that's a bit of a problem.
  • Siri going Bing instead of Google Results: Interesting. I remember when Steve Ballmer showed up on stage at a BlackBerry keynote and announced a deeper partnership with BlackBerry. We cringed. Then we wrote tutorials on how to change your default web browser search engine back to Google from Bing. Look, I'm sure Bing is pretty good these days (Dan Rubino tells me it is), but I still the vast majority of customers out there would prefer Google-powered Siri results on this one (at least the web browser is still defaulting to Google). For a company like Apple that keeps repeating the message that they want to build products that delight their customers, I found this move curious to say the least.
  • BlackBerry could have (and should have?) unleashed the Tribe: The Astonishing Tribe that is. While watching the keynote and seeing the unveiling of iOS 7, I couldn't help but think about TAT and all of the awesome demos we saw for the year + leading up to the launch of BlackBerry 10. Specifically, I thought... BlackBerry could have done this if they wanted to. A lot of the hype around iOS 7 was around its updated lipstick, or eye candy if you will. I know the reviews to the new look of iOS 7 have been mixed following the launch. I'll reserve full judgment until it's out and I can try it, but in general I think I'm liking the direction Apple has taken here to freshen up the aging iOS platform (remember, iOS is literally the oldest mobile OS on the market now). It's clean, it's bright, it's fun. When BlackBerry made the jump from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10, it was a prime opportunity for the company to really overhaul the visual identity of the BlackBerry OS. And while BlackBerry did make plenty of changes to the user experience (gestures, hub, peek, flow), for the most part I'd argue they have been quite conservative on the visuals, keeping a similar visual identity. Thinking back to before BB10 launched, you may remember how we vented about the homescreen icons looking "old" instead of looking cutting edge as they should on a new OS. We couldn't help but feel that somehow the TAT guys were reigned in a little bit one what they really wanted to do. Ultimately, the BB10 homescreen did see a second revision of icons and I do really like the look of BB10, but watching the keynote just reminded me that BlackBerry needs to not be afraid to let go of some things in order to push forward. The competition isn't standing still.
  • iOS in Car: With QNX (and now BlackBerry) being entrenched in the automotive industry, the announcement of iOS in Car definitely caught my attention. The immediate question was if the relationship here was an either or, or in addition to kind of thing. In other words, was this announcement directly cutting into BlackBerry's opportunity in automotive, or not. From what I have gathered so far, I don't think it is an either or. With iOS in car, Apple will essentially be projecting from the mobile device onto the car's display (similar to Airplay). The mobile device is still doing the heavy lifting.

Watching the reactions across the internet after the keynote, and in talking to guy's like iMore's Rene Ritchie, it's been interesting to see how the people who follow Apple closely have responded to the show and the announcements. For the last few years it has almost felt like Apple could do no wrong, but with this keynote it's feeling like Apple is a little more human once again. With iOS 7 being developed in the wake of Scott Forstall's departure, it's clear that the company is hustling like mad to get it finished (building the plane while they fly it). Part of it feels polished. Other parts are untouched. The tablet version wasn't shown yet, etc. etc. It just goes to show that this is a hard business and it's always moving. This stuff isn't magic. Mobile tech takes a lot of hard work by a lot of smart people to make happen, whether it's BlackBerry, Apple or any other company in the space.

As the keynote relates to BlackBerry, I'll say again what I've said before. The opportunities and challenges for BlackBerry are the same in an iOS 7 world as they were in an iOS 6 world. BlackBerry has their loyal core user base and its on them to keep innovating, keep executing and putting out products that excite people.

Where the Fu?! is 10.1 for the Z10 on AT&T and Verizon?

I want to finish my post today with a rant on 10.1 STILL not being on AT&T and Verizon. Wait. You know what?! I'm going to dedicate a whole new post to that. This fragmented OS rollout stuff needs more attention and really needs to be addressed by BlackBerry. It's driving me nuts!

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From the Editor's Desk: So I finally watched the Apple WWDC iOS 7 keynote...


Well, i don't think people who say "first" are assholes. That's a little harsh. I think if anything, people who say first are passionate, enthusiastic, and live on CrackBerry... which makes them OK in my book as PEOPLE.

However, I think the action of saying "first" just isn't very useful. It doesn't further the conversation. The energy that goes into firsting (and replying to the firsts) could be better served by reading the full article, contemplating what it says, and that saying something really thought provoking and meaningful 

Clearly the firsties out there have passion... it just needs to be channeled. 

I guess just seeing people curse a lot about it got me to hate it also lol. Definitely hear what you are saying though, great article!

Posted via CB10


I understand you don't want to offend any CB readers, but honestly, the "firsties" are not passionate, they are desperate for attention. That's why they do it. But yah, I don't mind because it's my opportunity to make fun of their desperation for attention. But I agree, I don't think they are a-holes for it, that is a bit much of an insult for something so minor...

Nah, it's completely misunderstood. It's a bloody competition about who got to post first. Some people just enjoy those things, and throwing a tantrum because of it, only gives an impression of being a bad looser. A bad looser is fuel on the bonfire for a bad winner.

Posted via CB10

I've been saying BlackBerry needs to unleash TAT for a while now. When BB10 first came out, I ask if it was "flashy" enough. I hope when the A10 comes out, TAT redid everything, and also that you brought it up to your contacts at BlackBerry.

Excellent notes:)

You remember when the cars went normally aspirated after the turbo era you literally could have easily blown an ear drum.

Posted via CB10

This definitely needs to be addressed in its own post. Its getting ridiculous for US owners. I'm starting to think its almost like they want bb10 to fail.

I think it's a good idea for BB to be more like Apple in this sense, lock down the OS so the carriers cannot put their bloatware on it, and at the same time, roll out the updates all at the same time for everyone...

I wish it were more simple than that. If BlackBerry were to restrict the carriers, the carriers may not support BlackBerry 10 devices because their influence in the device is less. I don't know whether BlackBerry is in a position to demand this or even pay the carriers to allow BlackBerry to control the OS updates. Apple seems to be the only one that is afforded this privilege. Maybe there is a price BlackBerry can pay, though. Hopefully sometime soon!

Posted via CB10

Well how did apple get so powerful and do it? At one point apple was a minority and considered "nerdy" but somewhere along the line they changed it up. I feel like this topic could be someone's IT masters thesis or something.

I'm not sure carriers care about their influence on a device, all they care about is how much money they make off a device.

That's what I'm wondering as well. I speculate that either one of two things happened when Apple presented the original iPhone to the carriers (purely speculation):

1.) AT&T (the original carrier of the iPhone) saw the potential for the device and was so convinced that it was going to be a hit that it accepted whatever terms Apple had set in order to carry the device. Seeing as AT&T was the only carrier at the time to have the device in the U.S., it was too good of a chance to pass off.

2.) Apple and AT&T entered into a contract where Apple would pay AT&T to retain total control over the device, preventing AT&T (and subsequent carriers) from adding their branding or preloaded apps onto the device and also allowing Apple to control the software entirely.

Once the iPhone gained traction and attracted the attention of Verizon and the other carriers, they were forced to agree to Apple's terms because, at the time, Apple held all the cards. People were willing to switch carriers just to buy the iPhone and, despite having the most extensive wireless network in the nation, Verizon couldn't deny the influence the iPhone was having on its bottom line.

It's difficult for me to determine which it was (or if either were actually the reasoning behind it). For instance, if it truly were due to a payment, why isn't Microsoft doing the same thing for its Windows Phone devices? Surely it can afford to pay whatever Apple's paying, at least on the software-side of things (my guess is that Nokia would have to petition for the hardware-side). It's because of this that I'm leaning towards reason #1. AT&T, in a desperate attempt to gain the upper-hand against Verizon, took Apple up on its offer and made, what eventually turned out to be, a good bet.

My guess is that neither BlackBerry or Microsoft have been able to convince the carriers that they have such a product.

I left Android out of this because its popularity is almost entirely built upon the carriers' support. The carriers were willing to do this because they were given quite a bit of control over what software is loaded onto their Android devices and when updates are pushed to users.

Don't blame the US carriers. They are probably waiting for approval by NSA,which have been busy lately.

Posted via CB10

Lol at the comment. Although you know BlackBerry is doing well when people take shots at them like every arm chair Gordon Gekko these days.

Posted via CB10

iOS in the car is nothing, they still need QNX for it to run on. Apple is and has been for a while, a QNX partner. QNX stuff can work alongside Apple. e.g. You can have Siri in a vehicle that works off of QNX internals. It wouldn't exactly be smart of a company who integrates with vehicles to shut out other OEM's that add advantages to their system overall.

Grandstand 11, nice Kevin! Definitely my favourite grandstand. We had it last year (probably 2 or 3 sections to the right of you) and loved it, but decided to try Grandstand 12 this year. 11 is definitely where it's at. Also saw you and Miss CrackBerry walk by at one point, but decided I shouldn't chase you down like a crazy fan :)

IOS did steal some concepts from BB10.

I believe Bing is the best search engine. Blackberry Maps is run by Bing Maps. Google just isn't secure and the results aren't nearly as accurate as Bing. You're getting scroogled if you're using Google.

".... we relied on the Blackberry Z10 to direct us around in the city of Amsterdam using the handset's built-in custom Bing Maps application."

Posted via CB10

I agree that it seems that way, however many of these concepts existed in the Apple jailbreak community that Apple has been known to look for inspiration.

I jailbroke my previous iPhone4 and downloaded a bunch of tweaks that were very much like bb10 even before the Dev alpha was handed out.

Zephyr - gesture based multitasking including swiping between apps.

Octopus keyboard - similar to the bb10 keyboard with swipable words.

Sbs settings + activator - shortcuts to certain defined features like wifi and blue tooth that is gesture based to bring down the menu.

Lockscreen clock hide + tweaks - allows you to change up the default lock screen.

I have no doubt about that whatsoever.

However, it was available in the underground apple jailbreak community BEFORE anything public was released by BBRY. That does not mean that apple has any rights to it; it was put together by an independent developer. The point I'm trying to make is that apple didn't necessarily copy BBRY for all these things that we are accusing them for. Some things came up through the jailbreak community which is strictly ios - oriented. They stole / borrowed it from those developers.

You are making it sound as if developers in the jailbreak community don't seek inspiration from other platforms. Prime example; the octopus keyboard didnt show up in the jail break community until after it was shown off at BBJam. So whether it be Apple or the developers, the point is those features exist on commercially available devices (BB10, Windows phone 8, Android)

I personally wouldn't be able to sit through something from apple like that.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden. BlackBerry makes the best computers I've ever used!

Been saying the same thing about TAT for a long time. I know BlackBerry wants to have a balance of business and casual user but a little bit of flair never hurt anybody. Speaking of "balance" a smart way to address the need to please these two main demographics of users on BlackBerry 10 is BlackBerry Balance. Letting the user have a "no-nonsense" profile for work and a profile that has all the flashy stuff enabled. If I were a suit I wouldn't want say, the parallax effect when working or presenting things from my phone to my co-workers or clients. But once I'm off work it's play time!

Maybe that can be a solution to one of the possible reasons BlackBerry is hesitant to add more eye candy.

Now that many IOS fans maybe waking up from their iComa. If bbry unleashes the full potential of TAT on BB10, we would have a new innovation king!

Hurry up and write the fragmented os roll out post...I really need to vent about it.

Posted via CB10

I'm on Rogers in Canada, so I have had access to 10.1 since it was released, but this **** with the American carriers is totally out of control!

It's absolutely inexcusable!

Posted via CB10

Couldn't agree more! I'm on Bell and people were losing their shit because the very first update we got for the Z10, was a week behind Rogers and Telus. But Bell must of heard something because I believe they were the first in Canada to deliver 10.1.

Imagine being on one of these US carriers right now! I don't think I could do it, I'd be installing a leak ASAP!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

All I really saw was Apple on stage showing off a wine cooling bucket as a new Mac Pro and then feeling the need to mention that they are innovating...

I also saw Apple demonstrating features they pulled from other platforms... yes that's innovation...

The world's most advanced mobile operating system - my ar*e!

Posted via CB10

Upgrades take eternally to roll out in my carrier... I just install leaked... It takes me some time... but I have a Updated Z10... :)))

Terrific photos and video of the Formula 1 experience. I enjoy the race atmosphere when I get the opportunity and grew up on the open wheel style in Indianapolis, but always wanted there to be more than just four left hand turns. Thanks for adding that to the post.

yea i agree , 10.1 one need to roll out a lot , its not like os10 is perfect , its good but sure needs rapid updates in order to keep people interested....i just think blackberry should be more aggressive on every level possible to beat other platforms :(

Here, here! On the 10.1 Z10 on att rant. Looking forward to the full write up.

Personally, I would like to know of there is any viable way to take the carrier's out of the equation without having to stick with installing leaks.

Posted via CB10

Kevin. BlackBerry listens to you and you talk to them! I really hope they are listening to you when it comes to tat! This is an amazing acquisition for BlackBerry and they have been working hard on the foundation of bb10, but now have to work on the externals! We need tat inspired apps and os integration! I hope now that the bb10 sdk is well underway they are moving tat employees back into developing and innovating like they can!

Posted via CB10

Maybe the bit of the O/S that deals with radios and cellular activity can remain unchanged and BlackBerry can stream out updates to the rest of the O/S without carrier approval?

Just a thought, box up the part that the carriers are bothered about and change that part when it's approved.

Posted via CB10

Just a thought Kevin - why not build your own Mac Pro - as in a "hackintosh". There's plenty of evidence the ivy bridge rigs you can build would be awesome. Haswell - well it'll be better...

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

It's time for the eye candy. Time for some wow. Time to get the attention of the fickle reviewers and the twittersphere. I vowed not to look at any TAT demos until we see something come to fruition from the demos. BlackBerry, I really want to see some more TAT demos. Get onto implementation.

All of us Verizon users should call at once and complain and demand 10.1 or threat to cancel our contracts....

Posted via CB10

I am saying its a conspiracy.They want Blackberry to fail so that the spy tool of Apple be the dominant product of the world.

"This fragmented OS rollout stuff needs more attention and really needs to be addressed by BlackBerry. It's driving me nuts!"

111% agree with you on this one Kevin.
Basically BlackBerry should roll out OS versions World Wide. The carriers should be given a notification in due time so they can allocate resources for testing etc. After the OS has been released for testing the carriers have maybe 2-3 weeks to perform tests and give their TA (Technical Acceptance) and/or provide bugs and feedbacks. BlackBerry may then - based on the feedback - release the OS or do another round to fix bugs etc.

Furthermore they should allow users of the BlackBerry Betazone to test OS versions also :-)

I have to be blatantly honest about a few things, 1st the anxiety and stress of BB10's launch has gotten to me. I cannot speak for anybody but BlackBerry peeps are very passionate about our choice of os and I believe I'm not the only person to feel this way. I am a little disappointed in several key reasons why I don't have a BB0 device yet. Please bring the os upgrades, I will be holding onto my 9930 until I feel comfortable with the features that are available. 2nd I have and may still have quite a bit of resentment toward CrackBerry and as a man I have to say I'm glad you got some much needed rest Kevin, whether it was intended or not.

I think you should learn some relaxation techniques or something.....resentment for a forum?! What's that all about?

And if you're comfortable with your 9930 then by all means carry on but like I say to my wife, your going to have to update at some point, you might as well come along for the ride! Might I suggest the Q10 to help with the transition.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

How many of you went back to the picture to confirm after reading

"Apple gave BlackBerry the shaft here, not only spelling BlackBerry wrong"

I can't understand why Thor and his crew don't make it a priority to have the carriers committed to rolling out updates promptly before allowing them to sell the product.

Posted via CB10

I have saying about the eye candy tat for a long time. Kevin even told me in a post that tat was part of BlackBerry and that their stuff we're subtly in bb10 but I see now that he is calling for more fancy stuff...finally!

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know where Heins went? He needs to get busy and start showing himself again like on the news etc.

Posted via CB10

Rogers rollout for our Samsung Galaxy Note took well over six months for Jelly Bean so I hear those poor souls waiting for 10.1. BlackBerry stock price back over $15 today...keep it on the rise now with new innovation BB.

Posted via CB10

Kevin - I hope the rant on AT&T and Verizon (and to the extent BB's fault, them) comes soon. I cannot take not having the 10.1 update anymore. I just called and let AT&T have it, and it didn't make me feel any better. I am getting more furious by the minute ) - Please save the day.

Kevin this comment seems like you're pissed off at BlackBerry for this single day or the time of post for some reason, normally you're more truthful and non biased in your threads. Bare in mind BlackBerry is trying to keep up but they don't exactly have a multiple platform business meaning... Samsung have everything from phones to tvs to construction companies with some of the biggest projects in the World, and apple too minus the construction.

BlackBerry is the underdog, they don't really have much else of a product except for the BlackBerry phone etc, but still they are doing amazingly and keeping in the top 3! I think when BlackBerry gets more of a budget and profit. And starts to expand, we will see them victor quickly if they keep up their amazing determination. It's shocking how they've done so well so far against these super mega giant companies. Not to mention apple has once again copied the fuck out of the new BlackBerry OS and the retarded thing is most people who haven't or won't try the new BlackBerry 10 won't ever even know they copied it.. they might even think vice versa when it's out.

BlackBerry for life.

Posted via CB10

Am I the only one that thinks we won't see 10.1 on ATT until the new iPhone is released? That they will hold it just to ensure the iPhone is unbeatable? Anyone remember the wait for the 9900? Or am I just becoming a conspiracy theorist?

Posted via CB10

I've think Google and Apple definitely have a stranglehold on American carriers and who knows how they use that power against BlackBerry and Microsoft.

Posted via CB10

Are you serious? You honestly believe that even if AT&T released the update that Z10/Q10 sales would adversely affect iPhone or GS4 sales?

Geez! Z10/Q10 sales combined will never outsell an iPhone; so yes, you are being a conspiracy theorist and an unrealistic one at that.

Did I say they would beat them? Nope. But my thoughts are based on what ATT did with the Bold, where they held off for the iPhone when everyone else had it. So obviously ATT knew there would be an impact no matter how small.

When I went in to buy my Z10 off contract I didn't get my usual salesperson, and I had my salesperson for the day, another salesperson and a manager come out and try to talk me in to an iPhone. Offered me an early upgrade for iPhone but not for BlackBerry. So yeah, as long as these tactics are in place, no one will beat iPhone. At least at ATT.

Posted via CB10

Hey Kevin. In reference to the 10.1 fragmentation, is that not a carrier issue? I always hear people smack-talking BlackBerry, while I'm over here on T-Mobile enjoying my 10.1. Idk, food for thought.

Posted via CB10

Kevin should discuss that Mercedes is on hot water right now. They maybe banned after testing pirelli tyre with 2013 cars. Hope this will not happen.

Posted via CB10

I agree on the TAT comment made by Kevin. We are loving our Q10 and Z10 but have to say the home screen is somewhat dull. I need "headless apps" now and would love to be able to hold the open frames I want to stay open - OPEN - forever - instead of getting knocked off by the next most recent app. There is so much more dynamic content that could be displayed on the home screen and my fear is Apple will do a better job of that while Blackberry sits still. I had thought Yahoo was king of not knowing what to do w/ great products/acquisitions (Delicious, Flickr etc.) but have to ask what was then RIM thinking w/ Viigo (could have been so great updated to OS 7 and now BB10) and GIST - granted we see some content brought into the contacts app but it's nowhere near what GIST was and could be inside BB10. And the same for TAT.

THANKS for addressing the update fragmentation! I was going to start a rant but you seem to rant more elegantly than I. So rant away!

Kevin, I look forward to reading your dissertation on the very serious and frustrating issue. I have personally reached out to the highest technical support tier supervision for BlackBerry and Verizon, expressing my extreme ire and utter disappointment with the lack of an OS software update. I feel totally disenfranchised by this experience and I must question Verizon motives, which appear to be "SUSPECT " bordering on an intentional diversion from the reinvented, reengineered, platform. The simple logic is this, how is it possible to launch the Q10 which is running OS10.1 but there are testing "Issues" which are being worked out for the update on the Z10.... We're being bamboozled, hoodwinked, and blatantly lied to.

Posted via CB10

10.1 hasn't been pushed out in Denmark either (maybe even the entire scandinavia?). You probably don't care, but it still reflects on the whole organisation.

Posted via CB10

Science or technology is about evolving. You can see that with Apple. Hopefully, Blackberry learns something.


You need to roll out the post ASAP BlackBerry's inability to get this out is even causing an app fragmentation BlackBerry maps, Facebook, and foursquare just to name a few.

Posted via CB10

I can buy the whole theory of keeping blackberry Z10 and Q10 professional looking with the OS but then release TAT and let them flex their muscle on the Q5 which was designed for the younger and not yet professional group. I wonder what TAT is thinking about their role with BlackBerry now a days!!

Swiped from the Links amazing Z10

I just checked out the TAT website..OMG so freaking awesome. BlackBerry has a shining star under there belt.

Posted via CB10

"(remember, iOS is literally the oldest mobile OS on the market now)."

What ? I guess you never heard of Windows Mobile, Palm OS, BlackBerry OS (quite ironic, considering this is crackberry), Meego, Maemo.

Of the current major Mobile operating systems that are selling obviously. I use this "line" a lot. iOS oldest, then android, the windows phone and BB10 is newest. In terms of the platform. Old stuff is irrelevant now.

Posted via CB10

Just a quick comment on your end note. I'm in Canada on Bell with my Z10 and Q10 we just got the official 10.1 update this week (Sunday to be exact) .
Long wait since I started to see the leaked versions.

Posted via CB10

IOS will fit in GREAT come Easter time...

Check out "Wii U For the Win!" C000D1048 - I did this with my Z10! -

Wow is all I can say of the possibilities if BlackBerry summons up the guts to unleash TAT capabilities in BB10 platform. "A10" would be a mind blowing product if "TAT" features are used extensively!!

I tweeted Verizon Support the other day asking where 10.1 was. They replied (paraphrased), "Upgrades can be exciting. We have nothing to announce." Thanks A-holes.

Reading this eloquent editorial, I just started thinking that I don't really give a s*it on what Apple has to say, show, promote or anything else for that matter. I got a brand new IPod Touch for my birthday and it is still there, unopened, six months later ...I have too much respect for my friend who gave it to me, to take it back to the Apple store and tell them to cram it where the sun don't shine...

I'm soo tired of the cult of Apple and their bulls*it...

Posted via CB10

BB10 definitely needs more eye candy. That was my complaint about it when I tried out a pre-production Z10, and it's still my complaint now as an user.

Give me moar TAT!!

Posted via CB10

This is why Kevin is our fearless leader.

P.s I knew he would catch the Blackberry!!

Corky Notes for bb10 developer

Bombards the att and verizon on twitter. The more tweets about the update showing on their feeds will let them feel the pressure It's a bad PR.

Posted via CB10

The iOS car integration thing seems to be a layer on top of QNX. Looking at BMW's recent launch of the new 4 Series Coupe with iDrive 4.2 it seems they are supporting both iOS and Samsung integration as the system will work with both Siri and sVoice audio commands along with an entire host of media applications. If anything, this is good for BlackBerry as it shows how versatile the platform is, being able to handle its own business AND run the competition's layer on top

Posted via CB10

It seems to me that BlackBerry is a bit frustrated by the lack of the US update. Michael Clewey tweeted that he felt the US pain and was working on trying to change it and maybe its a bit better. Seemed like he was a bit frustrated as well.

I have to think that TAT is going to become a bigger player for BlackBerry in the next updates and devices. There is so much talent and imagination there. It's interesting that Gary Klassen is relocating to Sweden to work with TAT there. Kevin, it would be great to find out more about this move.

With regard to the lateness of updates for US and other users, I think Crackberry needs to do a little more journalism here. CB needs to do more and yell and scream about this. It has to try to find out WHY. Not only why the 10.1 update is late but WHY the big delay in the release of BlackBerry devices in the US. Make a few calls, talk to a few people. We can rant but CB needs to do some investigation here. Is it a carrier problem? Does it show a lack of enthusiasm for BlackBerry among American carriers? Why hasn't Boulben's touted clout with carriers produced a smoother launch for BB10s in the US? There are plenty of questions to ask. Crackberry Kevin, I'm sure you can get some answers.

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Wow, Kevin sure gets sick a lot. And talking about 10.1, I totally agree that BlackBerry NEEDS to be more assertive and take control of OS updates. Don't the carriers only care about the radio stack and whatever bloatware they load. And it looks like the lack of 10.1 is keeping us from using Blaq's latest update.

Oh yes!!!! Kevin you have made me the happiest person. I feel like jumping off a roof today (just kidding). Finally someone who shares the same views as i do.

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All I have to say about the 10.1 update in the USA, well if you were on T Mobile you would have it. Verizon & AT&T do have great coverage, but just wait & watch, T Mobile is coming, & coming strong. I love their coverage, & mostly their price, now customer service can use some improvement, but I'll take 2 out of 3 lol.

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honestly what the hell is going on with the US carriers. Theyre behind on EVERYTHING blackberry. Its so bad blackberry is even making press releasing to inform people of security threats in outdated software. Along with a headache for developers rolling out updates for their apps. (which are the good developers spending time to roll out updates fast)

Does blackberry just have ZERO leverage against these guys, time to step it up and ttell them how its goona have to go down.

PS: Im on telus, had the Z10 since feb 5th and didnt have to wait longer then 24 hours for a full software update to show up on my device after the initial "global" launch.

I will never, ever buy, use, or have in my house, an apple product. I don't care about their so called productivity on their desktops and I especially hate their phones. I loathe apple and I think lowly of anyone who uses them. The company should be penalized as criminals for their tax envision policies.

I also don't care to see some fancy flashy os. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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BlackBerry might be holding back TAT for the official BB10.2 release. A slew of updates adding more features, bug fixes and an improved UI experience is exactly what's needed ASAP! Add to that the A10, an upgraded PlayBook and in car intergration and BlackBerry will be smelling like a rose.

BlackBerry might be holding back TAT for the official BB10.2 release. A slew of updates adding more features, bug fixes and a heavily influenced TAT UI experience is exactly what's needed ASAP! Add to that the A10, an upgraded PlayBook and in car intergration and BlackBerry will be smelling like a rose.

The first bs do I say this, I guess I used to like to read all the comments but my time is valuable, to me, I'm not the president or anything, but like to learn new things be part of a discussion, get help, give help, and so on. Sure they are passionate, but they are slowly driving me to skip the comments.

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I agree so much with the TAT portion of this article. BB10 has only been on the market for a few months but its already trailing behind the current competition and iOS7 in my opinion. BB10 in its current state absolutely won't be able to fend anybody off for the next 12 or so months. I honestly hope to see a revamp of BB10 with strong TAT influence sometime this year.

Kevin -- time to ditch the overrated MBP and get a Win 7 box :-D
Agree about unleashing the Tribe!
And, down with fragmentation. If I was a Verizon customer, I'm not sure I'd have the patience to wait out the updates and probably would not load a leak on my daily driver.


There is no expandability issues with the new R2D2 Pro.

Thunderbolt 2:
Daisy chain 6 devices with the 6th being a monitor:

5 HDD/SSDD externals X 6 slots = 30 drives. Add 4 USB3 34 drives. Previous was 4 internal 3 external, add 3 pcIe to the mix that gives you 10. If you had a PCIe for thunderbolt 1 (2 not possible) you'd have 14 max.

Ram is twice as fast, ssd default on all orders, dual 6GB memory on 1 of the two video cards! 6 GBDUDE. 6GB!!!!!!!

That is NOT compromising!

G5 was released took Intel 3 yes to match the bus for cache and ram and to Southbridge.

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Google in the UK is full of adverts, you have to scroll to find search results. So it's Bing all the way for me!

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"There's a reason BlackBerry needed to build a new mobile platform, so these numbers are not surprising. But they're also not reflective of the current state of BlackBerry."

While BB10 is the future of BB.... and a big change. The FACT are that as a company BBRY release BB7 devices, and they are STILL selling them, and it appears they will be selling them for a while. SO the fact that they receive such a low satisfaction rating is relevant and will proable continue to drag the BB name down for a while.

If you want performance in a desktop, you don't get a Mac, unless you've got money to throw down the toilet. People used to get Apple gear because they were doing the best dual-boot laptops, but you can get the same hardware today and just run Windows, which will cover 99% of the needs of most users.

"remember, iOS is literally the oldest mobile OS on the market now"
What have you been smoking?!?

Agreed on the waste of TAT talent. They're probably too busy working on Cascades or something, because even the PlayBook apps were more appealing that the BB10 apps.

iOS7 feels a lot like the launch of BB10, except that the underlying OS hasn't changed much and it's why they can do it in a year.

10.2 needs to be a great update to keep BB10 in the race or eBay will start overflowing with BB10 devices.

@Kevin nicely put.

Always looking forward to your keen observations. Although some of the guys above make a point. We watched the keynote and we weren't blown away at all as we expected to be!

Anyhow, waiting patiently for 10.2!

Kevin I hope your doing all you can to enlighten blackberry alil bit about TAT and other things and features we all want. I emailed vivek about TAT and their work/demoes not being utilized and pushed to its potential in blackberry 10. His response was quote "What may often look incredible by TAT is often no usable by general public and can even lead to a device return in some cases". So I told him that they should at least take what they can from TAT apply it see how far they can take it. I'm still waiting on a response so when I get feedback I'll shoot it on here. I'm pretty sure your hand can reach out further than mine so plzzz do what you can and tell who you know so blackberry can ramp things up.

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while i agree with you and understand you have been busy, dude what is up with BB? 10 is still at 10.1. no news at all on PB front (where is 10)... have not heard from you (on CB)... sorry for my rant. please the forums are need some of your insight...

I love BlackBerry and I think your system will always be one of the best and it showed with the OS10 but people who even does not know the definition of Operating System do not think I should be commenting so much bullshit'll take the idea to other pages spoke recently, many of the programmers say that definitely the future of mobile systems could be only for Windows and BlackBerry, is it possible?, and the "new" iOS think finally something NEW since their previous systems are the same shit and well you copied in many things BlackBerry I hope you are too scared to California with the new BlackBerry ... by the way I really liked your post Kevin good contribution.

"For the last few years it has almost felt like Apple could do no wrong, but with this keynote it's feeling like Apple is a little more human once again."

That's awesome. For years now BlackBerry, Android users, even Apple fans have complained that Apple was boring, and needed to update the look and feel of iOS. Now that they do, they seem 'more human'. Can't win, I guess?

Here's the deal. They needed to do this, and change makes people feel uncomfortable. Some people will love it, some will hate it, but it's a step in the right direction. And many of the complaints will be nullified by final shipping.

You're the worst kind of critic. You're complaining to complain. If Apple had just kept the current design, you would have ripped them for that.

Bottom line, and one that you seem incapable of understanding, is that a moving Apple is dangerous. Staying still, complacent, was the best thing that could happen for BlackBerry. It didn't happen.

Funny how the Crackberry team were uninterested when it was those countries outside North America not getting rim's apps, os upgrades etc despite being asked to bring this up with BlackBerry themselves through the forum. If you had represented the whole community earlier rather than a Norh American bias, this issue may have been resolved already.

Kevin, before I read about Apple, I have a question about your Q10 video. It looks remarkably good! I have tried to answer it myself, but the demo Q10s I have seen so far at TMobile & Best Buy weren't fully functional. (My AT&T store is OUT OF STOCK- never was in stock). When you take a video like that, which I see is in landscape, what does it look like on the square Q screen? Are there black bars on top & bottom? Would a YouTube video have black bars or would the sides of the video be cut off? Thanks!