From the Editor's Desk: In regards to our ongoing Mission to Help ALL BlackBerry Users

Kevin Bench
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2014 09:13 am EST

If I had my way, we'd have a quality page up on the internet about every single topic and question you can imagine that's related to BlackBerry. So when you come to the site or hit up Google (even Bing!) and search for something BlackBerry related, the odds are high that you'll land on that quality page produced by the #1 destination for everything BlackBerry,

That's always been our goal since DAY #1, and it still is to this day. From our February 27th, 2007 press release:

"Our aim is simple," says Kevin Michaluk, CrackBerry's CEO. "We want to establish as the premier resource for anything and everything BlackBerry." Michaluk, and two fellow BlackBerry users, recognized the need for an end-user focused BlackBerry site. "The site is relevant and useful to those who have made the BlackBerry a part of their daily lives -from Wall Street financiers and business executives who use the device for professional use, to teenagers and socialites who use the device to stay connected." 

In reality, it's pretty hard goal to achieve but over the years we have done a pretty good job on getting there. A big part of that is the content we publish through the homepage every single day. The other BIG part of the equation is YOU. Our community. Our CrackBerry community is answering questions via the forums every single day, and inevitably the answers provided today go on to help BlackBerry users for months and even years to come. It's a beautiful thing. CrackBerry is a powerful help resource. And through the surveys we have conducted with our readers over the years, the responses show that most people first encounter while looking for help. 

Knowing this, when something BIG happens in the world of BlackBerry, like a new phone model is released or a new major OS update like BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry 10.2.1 is rolled out, our well-trained instinct is to go OVERBOARD NUTS on the content. And we're unapologetic in that endeavor.

For those who visit CrackBerry's homepage daily, it's easy to think of us as a news and rumor site and forget that's only 20% of what CrackBerry is all about. We're a massive help and how-to resource. We're the #1 store for BlackBerry cases and accessories. We're even a resource for free wallpapers and ringtones for your BlackBerry.

Throughout the year on a daily basis, we are definitely covering a lot of "news" on the homepage - device rumors, new app releases, etc. So when we crank up our help and how to engine for a few weeks following a big BlackBerry release, it can seem a little out of place for a bit. Especially if we got a bit overboard releasing a bunch of how to posts on how to install XXXX popular app on your BlackBerry.

We don't do this haphazardly though. We do it because it works, and it's helping BlackBerry users BIG TIME. Remember, your average person doesn't even know what an "APK" is. They do know that they want Instagram or Candy Crush or Snapchat on their BlackBerry. And our targeted content is exactly what they'll find when they look for it. 

For those of you who have been reading CrackBerry since our early years (wow, we have our 7th birthday coming up on February 27th... we'll need to do up a good contest to celebrate that!) none of this editorial is news. And for those of you who are newer to the site, I hope this gives you a bit better mandate.

Bottomline, I don't expect every post we publish to please everyone. It won't. That's why we publish a lot of stuff, knowing that between all of the different posts we make that we'll have a little something for everyone. We always strive to strike a happy balance, and occassionally we'll tip the scale in one direction or another so we can meet all of our objectives. When this happens, we know we're doing it, and we also know we'll soon bring it back to center. In the meantime, if you come across a post that doesn't appeal to you, good news, just keep scrolling or swiping and it'll be out of sight in less then a second. :)

Kevin Out!

Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: In regards to our ongoing Mission to Help ALL BlackBerry Users


First couple days I got pretty annoyed by it, even though I was scrolling, but figured this is for SEO purposes and looked up Google.

Sure enough, there you were. I came to CB from a search from the howardforums days. I think it's only natural on pulling people via search. With Google's new twist to give more sun to good content, you'll come out top.

Keep going CB.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, I have discovered CB a few years ago. I've been an avid reader since. I just started posting, and although I may not agree, it does challenges our thoughts. Keep on!!!

Posted via CB using my Q10

Kevin -

"Congratulations on 7 Years"!!! As an avid participant on CB, you guys do many things really well. You are second to none when it comes to BlackBerry Breaking News....and it is appreciated.

One area that has really slipped over time is the "Ringtones and Wallpaper" section.... why has that happened? I will cede that you have some Denise Milani pictures... but most of the content is "dated" to be kind and you don't even have a section for the Z30....

If it's not worth the effort .... dump it... if it is... a little care and feeding is in order.

Keep up the great work, Guys...

CB from the Z30

I've also noticed there has been no CrackBerry article on the newly released BlackBerry Community app.

Posted via CB10

wish there was still an unlocking section of CB. I had 3 phones unlocked here with no problems. Now with a new z10 i bought have been to two other companies that have given me wrong codes :(

Crackberry is great how it is :) Thanks for all the helpful information, news and entertainment you provide.

Keep on going!


My brother got me on to BlackBerry a few years ago and CB at the same time. Best thing that bro has ever done for me ;)

Thanks for all your hard work and passion!#infectious

Posted via Z10/ CB10

No complaints here, and your right, my very first search was how to put other apps on a blackberry. Thats how I found Crackberry, joined and happy to have found it! Great community, keep up the good work!

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

I've been a member of the world that is Crackberry for awhile now (ever since I discovered it) and the information I have garnered from its articles has helped immensely. Keep up the great work.

Posted via CB10

I understand your desire to help every user. However; Re writing the same tutorial again and again misses the mark.

Perhaps an faq,glossary, detailed guides and links to a process, some YouTube tutorials, and have it pinned to front page.

Currently CrackBerry is just diluting it's content.

Savy users recognize a weak attempt to drive traffic and clicks, when they see one.

Posted via CB10

Nope, it's just about making sure that that page which interests the user shows up first and foremost when he or she does a Google search...

Imagine an android user converted to BlackBerry looking to get candy crush on his new shiny Z30 and googling it, now he's sure to land on an easy step by step page to get that on his phone...

What they are doing is actually great propaganda.


Posted via CB10

Summer has it correct, as Kevin said most people stumble upon crackberry via a help search on google... that's how i discovered it a few years ago also

You want a one stop help tutorial for specific issues (how to install candy crush)... not several broken out into sub categories, (what is an APK, how to download an APK, how to install it on a blackberry, how to find a specific APK)

Crackberry crew, you guys are doing a great public service to the world, which is no small accomplishment

Keep moving and keep doing what you're doing and I'll stay locked to crackberry for another seven years or more!

Posted via CB10

That doesn't explain (or justify) why every one of those articles needs a separate entry on the *home* page. Have an APK installation "container" page with a list of all the apps, hyperlinked to their respective installation pages. Post an entry to this container page on the home page and call it a day. Make it "sticky" if you have to so it doesn't get shuffled off the home page over time.

Crackberry is fantastic. Your app is fantastic (aside from lack of hub notifications) your editorials, reviews and insights are fantastic. The only thing lacking is your bbm channel. Why does so little of your content make it to the channel? I'm really enjoying channels, but it's not a good sign if even Blackberry's biggest booster only puts some of their content on the application.

Here's hoping that Crackberry gives channels it's full attention, both by posting to it and through further editorial focus.

He posted from his sleek Z30.

I can't say for sure but I suspect that this is because content has to be added to Channels manually. Most of the posts you see on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are done automatically via a script. Kevin or someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Kevin, please keep doing what you are doing. BlackBerry is a strong community of prosumers because of you and CrackBerry!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I found CB in 2009 when I was looking for help with my BlackBerry. I love the content you guys post! I love the forums (minus trolls)!

Posted via Q10

hey kevin . I know this isn't the place to post this but I have been searching in the forums for about 3 days and couldn't find the solution. After the Update to 10.2.1 I cant even download apps from the appworld let alone apks , so please help

Your site was my sole source for information went making the decision to purchase my first BlackBerry/smartphone, I thank you for that. My bb10 is part of my life and connects me to my family and friends more so than any other media to date. Keep up the good work, I value your incite and that of the many contributors that make up our BlackBerry family.

Posted via CB10

CB is Special, Handy Sources for BlackBerry;I read News, download useful apps from here everyday,thanks your guys bring us together!!

Posted via CB10

Kevin. You and your crew do an awesome job managing CrackBerry.

You will always have those sad people that complain and are general miserable and unhappy but that has nothing to do with CrackBerry! No matter what you do this is the MO of these people.

Keep up the great work guys!!!

Thank you.

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

I think the help and tutorial posts are well done and informative. Thanks. Keep doing what you're doing.

Maybe to appease the grumpies a future CB update can add categories to articles and allow logged in users to set what categories appear on their front page.

Edit: Who am I kidding?... You'll never appease the grumpies.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10

while there are a few posts that come into regard of how to install app x or y, I generally look past them, I will read them and then go right for the comment section lol.

You know how many times I have ended up using the search function on the site to find something? When sideloading APK's back in June became public knowledge, I was on a business trip, and couldn't do anything with my phone out of country, and it took me about 2 weeks to get into finally being able to sideload and I had to refer back to the search function and find how to download APK's and convert them to bar files using the signing feature.

So I may not like some of the posts, but I generally do refer back to them at some point, either for myself or for someone that needs a hand on all things blackberry

Thanks very much for everything you do. It is much appreciated. I try to do my part to help with those things that I think I know something about. Don't always know as much as I think I do though. Glad there are so many others to help.

Posted via Verizon Official 10.2.1


I am looking for BlackBerry India Sales team contact information. Couldn't find it on their in. Website. You think you can help?

I am working on a proposal of BES10 for one of our offices and can't seem to figure out how do I contact BlackBerry India - the site is like fortress protecting contact information.

Posted via CB10

Have already emailed on that ID and I want to request for quote so I don't have subscription as of today to use that number. Have got some numbers from local directory search service so gonna try tomorrow. But the question is - why is it so HARD to contact BlackBerry? And that too Enterprise Sales?

Posted via CB10

I used to visit CrackBerry daily for all BB news but since its new design I find it to be very confusing and topics are not clearly laid out. The same topic is included under different section on the main page. It would be better to have a more clear cover page like MobileSyrup. I love CrackBerry but please redesign the cover page.

Also, I recently changed from Blackberry to Iphone and stayed with Iphone 5S for almost 6 months and tried really hard to like the phone but it is just not Blackberry. I don't know what the fuss is all about Iphone, but IOS is not as good as BB 10 OS - multi tasking, menu lay out, call quality, the ease of dragging and dropping files and much more. IMHO Blackberry is far more superior than iOS. I couldn't take it anymore, I gave my 5S to my 13 years old daughter and I bought a Z30 (and a Z10 for my wife) and I love it.

Use the awesome CrackBerry app and you will never need the website again. It is nicely organized and everything CrackBerry is at your fingertips. It is the most used app on my Z10!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I'd like to say CB has been a very big educational help when it comes to BB. From how to sideload,how to install bar files,to my first leak installation,to recover my files that i thot id lose forever. To all the men who makes CB as it is,a big thank you from me from the Philippines. :)

#TeamBlackBerry / Q10 / / If you want to get things done,swap to the black

And another thing that keeps me checking are the funny comments. CB is the holy grail for anything BB for me. :)

#TeamBlackBerry / Q10 / / If you want to get things done,swap to the black

New looked here and could not find here but found somewhere else. I have been a BB user for 6+ years and CB has always been the best resource, and news site.

Keep on Keepin' on. My first visit was to rebuild a trackball on a pearl that was defeated by extra buttery toast. Just hangin' out ever since.

Well said. I discovered Crackberry by searching some "how to do", "what to do" and was impressed at the quick responses. After that, I was hooked. A lot of the stuff doesn't interest me and I just slide past it. "If you have nothing good to say.." BUT when you have something that catches my eye, then I'll read the article and all the comments. Keep up the good work!


Thank You Kevin and the BlackBerry team, please keep on doing what you're doing. When my sister first introduced me to a BlackBerry I was always asking her for help. She then directed me to Crack Berry where I have found all the answers I I know more than her. Owning a BlackBerry has truly been an ongoing experience that I've enjoyed immensely. You give the community what we want, and let us know what we need...lets KEEP IT MOVING!!!!.

Posted from my FABULOUS Z10

My device is ooo no android app is working I try lots of method pls help me I m working in middle east I have to talk wid my family since new update skype is also not working

Posted via CB10

Now why is someone named naughry26 working in the middle east? Juss sayin!

As for your issue look at posts that came out day of and after latest version release. A few people posted some work arounds.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I found CB when I joined the good ship Blackberry and it has been my go to site when I need to know anything "how to" or "why" in the BB universe.

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

I have to admit that I'm getting addicted to the CrackBerry site. At least once a day I'm checking the news, the rumors and the life on the forum. Huge respect and thanks to Kevin and his team for having created and shaped this community. The last couple of days, when I was in trouble with the 10.2.1 update on my Q10, I was rescued by several BB users/experts/geeks/friends...! Please keep up the good work guys !

I come on crackberry for help... but lately just to read comments.. yall crazy ppl funny as hell!

Posted via CB10

Kevin, just continue what you've been doing. Crackberry is really the best resource when it comes to BlackBerry issues and news. Thank you very much!

Posted via CB10

I've been here since 2010 (I think) and it's been a wild ride ever since I got my hands on my 1st Nextel 8350i Curve. Loved that thing! So many BlackBerrys later, and after a short experiment with Android, I'm still here. You all do a great job with the content and even if a post isn't relevant to me, I still enjoy reading it and seeing what others think or are effected.

In a nut, keep up the good work. :-)

This should have been posted before the redundant articles were posted but thanks for clarifying this Kevin. I'm supportive of what the CB team is doing here, keep up the great work!

I'm just anxious, hopeful, excited and scared of what could and will happen to BlackBerry! Mr. Chen please do it to it my main man!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I have been a CB user since my first Curve - CB staff, and all the helpful contributing members and fellow users, provide the news we need and more importantly provide the product and technical help that we can't get from the carriers or BlackBerry themselves.

So please keep up the great work - I believe if it were not for CB and the entire CB community that BlackBerry would be in a worse state than they are now!

Posted via CB10

I got my Z 10 a few month ago and it was a Google search how to install Viber on my phone brought me to this site. I have learn a lot and continue to learn.

Posted via CB10

CrackBerry has been an in valuable resource and a great community. Keep up the great work!

Posted via CB10 on Z10


Don't you change a thing you guys are doing. You serve the BlackBerry community in every aspect and I don't want anything to change (unless you want to send me a new BlackBerry every time a new model comes out).

And happy early birthday to your gang! :)

I started lurking during the early days after finding CB while searching for help. Finally joined and now don't want to admit how often I visit. I would only get a fraction of the usefulness I get from my Berries if not for CB.
And thanks for the push to clean up the troll infestation. Now it is more like the old days. It has brought out more of the generosity and camaraderie that characterizes the "CrackBerry Nation."

Posted via CB10 with "Z" best

My first blackberry was the Torch 9800 and since then I've been visiting CrackBerry more than once every day. There's so much useful information. BUT what happened to the CONTESTS? There were like 6 in December but I don't think I have seen any in 2014. I'll just keep drink out of the CB mug I won every morning while I check in to CB for a new contest

Posted via CB10 on ZED10

Hey Kevin do you know why stl100-1 is the only model that's missing the white balance feature under display.

Posted via CB10

Thanks kevin! But honestly, real talk tho, I'd rather you guys post some sort of news artice, info on an update, or blow up the page with how to's and app info than not have anything new to read at all. I generally find myself reading articles on the site simply because they are tech related. I have been coming to crackberry since the iphone 3g came out because teh bold 9000 was teh SEXY! AND SINCE THEN I find that I only get upset when there hasn't been a new story of any sorts for a few days if not a few hrs, makes me think you guys are lazy, haha jk. But since I have been persuaded to the BlackBerry side, I have become a pretty good member I think, a few thousand comments, hundreds of likes and thanks in the forum because I have taken info I have learned from your guys' postings and been able to remember and share with others. So I'd ike to say thanks, keep up the great work and blow it up with news. Much appriciated

I don't want much APKs on my BB, so I am not exicited about these tutorials.
But hey, thats only me. Hope everyone else enjoys this new feature, and I can 100% understand that this focus for a few days.

I love CrackBerry. So much useful information and I appreciate all the steps you take to keep BlackBerry moving forward. I appreciate that the site is always has the latest information and how easy the the how tos are to follow. CrackBerry rocks and all the negative people I dare you to make a better one stop all BlackBerry site

Posted via CB10


I also started using CB when I got my Torch 9800 in October 2010. Your website has been a godsend for providing help when something wasn't working or needed tweaking.

You have made an awesome website & app combo that is ever so helpful and informative for us BlackBerry users. You & your team have a lot to be proud of. Well done.

I too noticed all the "How to Install XYZ android app" posts and thought, atta boy, this is just what the average person needs... a clear, simple explanation directed at exactly what they are looking for.

I've ordered stuff from your store and everything arrived quickly and worked no problem. I know that is not easy to do and you have executed well.

I used your unlocking service for my Z10 last spring before going to Turkey. It worked on the first try. I was surprised to see the comments above that unlocking is no longer offered on CB. Say it isn't so.

And primarily, it is the forums I enjoy reading cuz I often find little nuggets that have helped me get a lot more out of my phone. Thanks for all the effort you & your team have exerted over the years. If you ever need a typo editor, let me know... I'm retired and could use a sideline activity. Your tech savvy guys are sometimes just a tad off on spelling, punctuation and usage, and that doesn't bother me at all. Others seem to get their knickers in a twist over this issue, so if you want a seasoned business writing editor, you know how to reach me.

Posted via CB10

Love CrackBerry. Recommend it to every user / potential user I meet.


Posted via CB10

Well Kevin, I have an OS capable of running another one in a sandbox without compromising it's own operation and uptime. Where is the trouble ? I have 2 app stores at hand and 2 ways of satisfying my needs. Granted the built for BlackBerry is a way more polished experience. But frankly it's only an extension of the hub concept, did I say iOS next in line in the sandboxes ? Why not ! Look at AMD with mantle... way to go!

Posted via CB10

Congrats on 7 yrs...Crackberry is the best!

Hey Kevin, how about having a "I love Crackberry" contest to celebrate your success...we write a few words expressing our love for Crackberry and why...the winner gets an unlocked Z30...just sayin...

Posted via CB10

When searching google for blackberry information, instructions or troubleshooting the first keyword is "". Good results so far.

Posted via CB10

I got my first Blackberry at a customer's insistence --years ago--due to security issues (they were sending my fledgling little enterprise sensitive information). I haven't looked back. Can you spend a little more time on enterprise solutions for the micro-enterprise small business owner (0-10 employees). We are often lost in the weeds trying to find services like 123Together and are challenged to find alternatives when, like with 123, they opt not up upgrade their enterprise services from 7 to 10.

Posted via CB10

I think it would help for the blog page comments entries to coincide with the forums posts; maybe using a tag for the blog entry title that creates a respective thread in the appropriate field and our comments are searchable.

reason: sometimes helpful or insightful posts on the blog cannot be searched from the main forum area and it's a bit odd to find posts by a person via blog or forums. Has anyone tried this successfully for each type of post?

I've been using and enjoying Crackberry since sometime in 2012. I think you're doing an excellent job.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

Thank's for everything,there is so much about my Z that I would never have know if it wasn't for CB.I downloaded a bunch of android crap and deleted everything ,I just don't feel safe,visiting this site after a while you want to follow the nerds and try all kinds of stuff,I'll leave that to the boys and just try and get to know my Z10 as it is , pretty good phone just the way it is.

Lurking here before, but only been an active member for a short while.

Thanks Kevin for all the Berry-filled donut goodness.


My favourite summer treat? Homemade berry sorbet or icecream, been for years. And summer never stops where I live!

(If I can give something back, let me share it with you, totally easy: 500g of frozen mixed berries or blackberries, approx. half a cup of milk or soy milk to start, 2x heaped tablespoons of raw sugar or vanilla sugar, or raw sugar with scraped out natural vanilla stick; all in blender, hit the button and stir carefully pushing the berries down until smooth, keep adding milk or soy milk to achieve desired consistency while blending, ENJOY! Healthy and yummy)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

There is a reason I visit Crackberry everyday. I love it just the way it is.
Let's not forget:
You have a choice not to come to this site.
You have a choice to click on an article or not.
Crackberry has a right to post as many articles on a topic as they see fit.

Thanks to Kevin and the crew for seven years of amazing coverage.
I'd say "Keep it Just The Way It Is" and "Keep Moving "

Shawn, Toronto

Posted via CB10

Interesting editorial, Kevin.
I find more and more younger BlackBerry news sites often scoop you, sometimes by as much as a week.

As much as I like CB, most of the articles are ones I've already read somewhere else.

Hello blackberry addicts, since the major update we have, every time I restart my z10 foe what ever reason, app I have deleted will come in seems that j can not delete them. They are apps I got from 1mobile, as for Amazon app store. Is always closed...any suggestions my friends...!!! thank u..

Dear sir,
The best way to differentiate blackberry and bring into customer awareness is not that hard. We lack in marketing and our advertising are not up to a standard. For example : the porshe design p9981/2 the commercial describes what is the product and it does not go beyond that. If it was me my commercial will be like this:

Thank you

Posted via CB10

Android apps are not working on my BlackBerry 10. Even I downloaded the latest software. I need Viber urgently but I can't get it!! I am seriously angry on BlackBerry why this important app is not supported!!! How I can get this fu....g androids running on my phone??????

Posted via CB10

I thought for a moment it was "CrackBerry Kevin OVER and out." I am relieved to know that's not the case. I had three prior BlackBerry devices and did not discover CrackBerry forums until I got my fourth (Q10) and was searching the Internet for relief from track pad withdraw anxiety. CrackBerry has been a God-send! Love every bit of it, including the podcasts. Thank you!