From the Editor's Desk: Let the Games Begin!

Mobile Nations at London 2012... sorta :)
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jul 2012 09:41 pm EDT

If drinking coffee were an Olympic relay event, the Mobile Nations EiC team would win Gold!

In last week's From the Editor's Desk post I gave the heads up that I would be busy this week hosting the EiCs of our other Mobile Nations sites. Making the trip into Winnipeg for our EiC Summit were Phil Nickinson of Android Central, Rene Ritchie of iMore and Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, who just this month further upped his committment and is now running that community around the clock.

To say the time was well spent would be a massive understatement. Fueled by passion (and shot after shot of my signature Espresso with an occasional Starbucks and food run in between), we got a LOT accomplished. We communicate face to face frequently as it is -- Skype and Google Hangouts make it so easy these days -- but there's an energy and magic that happens when you bring people together in a room that no virtual environment can duplicate. Plans have made and we're all ready to execute. We'll be pulling the trigger on a ton initatives over the weeks and months ahead and into 2013. Get ready for it. Awesome stuff is coming your way. It's funny. I've been at this game since 2006, yet it feels like we're in start up mode yet again. We have a vision and we're on a mission. So let the games begin!

Last week I promised we'd deliver our Jaguar story. I ran out of time to get it done before the guys got here, so I'm going to keep this week's FtED short so I can get back on that. Look for it soon. In the meantime, be sure to click back to and through the last few pages of posts. The team kept the site BUSY. 

Until next week... Keep Fit, and Have Fun!  (Ok, so that tag line is a rip off from Canada's Body Break commercials, but it feels fitting given the Olympics are on).

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From the Editor's Desk: Let the Games Begin!


Murst again. The whole past couple years seemes to be be a whole bit of resetting. Bring it on. Re-ignite the engine. Let's go.

High level of interest for that day. :)
Unrelated, I had a client just today that has been waiting for his contract to be up so he can get a (cough) iPhone. But hes been seeing me with my 9930 since Christmas while holding his Android in his hand told me "You know, your phone is pretty cool"
I love it when someone younger can admit that BlackBerry is still cool if they want one or not :)

Yep... BLACKBERRY BY CHOICE!!! Bold 9650 of 2 years and PlayBook user here. I have no problem with this so called waiting for BB10. Very excited! QNX BASED BB10! Brand new top of the line platform while the others are old and stale now. Poor other OS's.

You should know that I am joining you on the no haircut until I have a BB10 of my own in my hands. I have let it go since the end of May. Like you, I was particularly worried when I heard about the delay, but I never lost faith --can't wait for January!

Me too. My hair doesn't get longer - it gets BIGGER. So if BB X isn't on time I'm going to have to open the car windows to get all my hair in!

If you need a quick 2 shots of espresso, try an undertow.

I've never found a cafe that made it the same each time so it may vary but essential what I ask them to do if they are unfamiliar is as follows and in order:

In a espresso sized cup
2 pumps of classic or caramel
a splash of half and half
and 1 or 2 shots of espresso flared on top

Essentially its like a layered drink, and you take it like a shot, you'll taste the milk and classic/caramel, followed by the espresso, but it shouldn't be too hot where you burn yourself or have that warmth, should go down smooth.

If drinking coffee were an Olympic relay event, you'd be in trouble! Make me part of the team, or prepare to be embarrassed!

P.S. Starbucks is to coffee what Apple is to phones - sure people like it, but it's not really the best... and too expensive for the burnt crap they serve.

Hey Kevin ~ Gotta tell you. The CrackBerry website is looking great!!

And Team CrackBerry - Keep it coming.


- CB

i was hoping for that article sir, i was dissappointed.... well i was bored waiting for the read :P

its official...

Rene and Kev have the same clothing stylist...
ditto with Daniel and Phil...

the pic is worth a thousand words...